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LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 



Kent State University, Kent, Ohio 



John Logan— Editor 

Ken Hochstetler— Photo Editor 

B. J. Williams— Copy Editor 

Charles Brill— Advisor 


. . .4 

Organizations . 

. . 100 

Sports . 

. 152 

Greeks . 

. 204 

Residence Halls . , 

. 266 

Seniors . , 

. 208 

Index . . 

. 346 

Staff . , 

. 356 

These people are new freshmen. They arrive bearing a re- 
markable amount of innocence which they wear like a coat 
of thin gray fog. Scott Fitzgerald could write a history of 
what will happen in the next four years: new habits of 
smoking and drinking that are timed like internal clocks, 
the growth of a hard outer shell that prevents another 
"hurt," the assumption of new (to them) ideas and people, 
and other experiences too numerous to mention. The new 
will greet the old with less jaundiced eyes and a slow re- 
laxing movement. 

They will learn in off moments. 


It is well known that nothing can be "done" around 
here without first getting approval from a mach- 
ine of one sort or another. To officially enroll in 
classes a myriad of I.B.M. cards must be filled out— 
thus preventing any secrets from escaping. These 
long, narrow, paper minds will serve as a sort of 
metaphysical identity, complete with a personal 

And the damn things have to be filled out every 



■.** - ^" 

*» '*• 


. -V 



ifm ., » 

A ^1 Elk. 11 KJS 

B l^ ilk wl 

k Zjr 


Necessity is half a reason 

Don't protest the little blue hats 

That you have to wear as a badge of 


Informally you are addressing 

A triped habit begun at a time past 

The older the better and it was. 


J 'V 

<\ « 

Manilla tonus I Os 



** 1 

W • * A 


\ t 

.^fl BBS B^B^bV 



31 M&\ 

B\ ^Bl 

I wJ Bft ^H^ 
j ^H B\ A^ 

■ 1H I^bV ^H 2 ^b1 BIT ^bb 

Bv'AtiriBf'flpH H _H bII 
" # ST 

*^ .'B^B 


^^ BlVv% 

f ^BV^Bj 



| >■'>«*. ^ 


_^bH bf Br ^r^^H 


*- ^ — - U 





The 1965-66 season began with the produc- 
tion of "Squaring the Circle," a farce on life 
in the Soviet Russia of the 1 920's, directed 
by Prof. William Zucherro. 

Prof. Bedford Thurman's production of 
Sophocles' "Oedipus the King" was an exer- 
cise in historical drama which utilized an all 
male cast and chorus. The eight major roles 
were performed by three actors to music 
specially composed for the production. The 
chorus sang their responses to the dialogue 
and, through choreography, presented as 
nearly as possible the flavor of the original 
Greek Theatre. 

The Cellar Theatre presented works by 
George Bernard Shaw, Samuel Becket, and 
J. M. Synge. Phil Robb's productions of "Don 
Juan in Hell" and "Krapp's Last Tape" were 
well received. Carol Coleman presented 
"Playboy of the Western World," while 
James Atwood produced "Under Milkwood" 
by Dylan Thomas which presented the lyric 
poetry of Thomas in a very able and enjoy-' 
able manner. 

For the High School Drama Clinic, Dr. Wil- 
liam Zucherro directed a cast of forty-eight 
players in an exciting production of Shake- 
speare's "Richard III." Ed Kelly as Richard 
gave one of the best performances in recent 


, . 7t>fi 6 



T T**< 








Mourw The Death of 

Olsom R/UL 

We Have Been 
/Assassinated BX 


Deb^ of Men "*-Wonf n 


Freshman Halls. Coed Complex. Upperclass 60—40 ratio. These "new changes 
to be implemented this fall" provoked an issue that sparked the student 
body to stand in force behind their leaders ... for a few days. 

The command issued from the Dean of Men's and Women's Offices was 
given as a finished product to the residence hall government leaders 
who had been given no voice in the major changes . . . had not even heard 
of their existence. Residents revolted in a fury of protest signs and threat- 
ened marches . . . while student government sought some compromises from 
student affairs council . . . and won some. 

Perhaps the administration learned something ... as did the student leaders 
. . . but the students . . . well, it was fun to raise a commotion ... for a 
few days. 

S^^E^^E^^ES^^^i^^M^^iBagMiiMm ■■■■■■ M«Bfl '-MM'lflH BBMB BB 

HiflHVflMBMHV' i BJBH BPBWy Hfww - •■■■ 

"tmS mSSSS m 5"[ ?K 


Veht to sea 
t hey'r e mcick better 
off thau w£// 



STOf * OP, 



Listening to and weighing the opinions of others. 
Acting upon beliefs. Such activities are necessary 
in the development of any mature human mind. And 
therefore they are a part of— and a need of— the 
students of Kent State University. 

Demonstrations serve to fulfill this need. Opinions 
are formed— through reading, discussion, and reflec- 
tion. They are then acted upon some (hopefully) 
sunny day in front of Bowman Hall or the Adminis- 
tration Building. They are transmitted to other stu- 
dents, the number of whom is often dependent upon 
the degree of that solar exposure, and whose re- 
actions often seem dependent upon forces unbecom- 
ing to the mature level of the college student. The 
recipients of the opinions either reflect and accept, 
or reflect and retaliate with a demonstration favor- 
ing the opposite viewpoint a few days later. Hope- 
fully the process will go on and on. 

^*itl gj le ^^T*, Vietnai 

lfe*fc-..«. APn '' '^ ,965 

!*• Ik. '** » ""vrh v " N " "•' ""•* "•««•* "><"* (1>« mmit bt naled h. i 



V£R5£/* 5 





W A M 

^ ^^ 





» 4* 


.\v" ■■ 



, - * .♦. V 

' . i 

f * 



by** * 

"- / 





Kent tried on culture and it fit— pretty well at least. John Ciardi 
on poetry, Grace Hartigan on art, Roscoe Lee Brown on theatre 
and Dr. Harold Taylor showing his versatility by weaving it all 

You may not have agreed. Alright, that was up to you. Maybe 
Dante wasn't your favorite poet and maybe you thought that 
there was a label, a tag for abstract impressionism and maybe 
you didn't like the theatre much and maybe you weren't sold on 
a liberal approach to education, but you had to admit to the 
vocality and lucid views of the people who spoke. You found 
vital, incisive people, not without a sense of humor. They spoke, 
and you listened. And you were probably impressed. 

A panel discussion, a coffee hour, and an evening lecture 
from Wednesday through Friday and then, on Saturday, one 
really creative boy, Erroll Garner, wound it up. It was a great 
week and Sharry Graves and SAB are surely to be congratu- 

You were let in on Wednesday, and you just got further and 
further in until Saturday night— then you were back out again. 
May it happen again soon. 


52 dta^t^ii 

HP' "^^ s 




tffe ^"•S 





» at 


^- ' f * j 

... v^ MfiTS. JIP^ _ , » ^ 





Weeks and weeks of decisions, end- 
less talks, grueling schedules. Will 
he oppose me? Should I play up the 
housing situation— or stick with food 
service? Are the posters ready? Who's 
going to put them up? Who's getting 
the Greek support? Can I attract the 

I must be calm— but I can't be. I've 
got 15 minutes to get to Johnson. 
Then to Lowry at 9 and WKSU at 
9:20. Oh, that psych test is tomor- 
row. Have to cut. This is more impor- 

The Stater is supporting who? But 
she said she'd support me! Now 
what'll I do? Oh, no, I'm going to be 
late to the panel at Terrace. 

The returns are coming in. But, all of 
a sudden, I realize I don't care. All 
I can ask is, Was it worth it? 




Hut one! 
Hut two! 

"It's a wide sweep right. The right half has the ball 
with plenty of blocking ahead of her. The left line- 
backer is blitzing on the play. She throws a beautiful 
fake— but wait! she is going to pass— there's a man? 
Wide open on the fifty— but it's overthrown and out- 
of-bounds. Hold everything! There's a flag on the 
play! Blue is called for illegal use of hands and arms 
and illegal procedure. Who would close-line a 



Well, for a change it snowed for Winter 
Weekend, and it was cold enough all right. 
Let's see, Friday night the Four Seasons sang 
it, Frankie baby dropped the dirty lip on 
Sherry baby and later you could hear 
Georgie Jessel rolling over— if not in his 
grave, at least over— and there was this 
dance afterwards 

each of us worked in his own way to make 
the weekend a success 

that's Sir Galahad in the yarn helmet 

and there's man's best friend . . . with a big 

dog to carry it . . . 

dog sled races— a campus first — 

and Stan Getz walked in with his shirt open 
at the collar and spun a fine gold thread 
that snared you quickly and drew you in and 
in and you've gotta agree, even with the 
wind solidifying your ears and snow every- 
where it was a great weekend. 






■ " 

A J 

OP jj 

l» /^fl 

4| P5 

L V* ^"T-fV' 






•^ • *- » 


i .%.. A* 

■ ... > . .. • « -jt 

2B& > ' * 

% *>o< 

»( . * 


» > » 


. "■*«*. 


4'- * 








. . . showing only hours of light, our minds are 
sundials . . . Campus Day had that feeling, full of 
light, light to bathe the college time ... in gold 
and green they crowned queen Sheree Saiani 
and children did the maypole up . . . but we were 
late for the parade, had to spread our blanket on 
the libe lawn beneath a tree in fragrant spring- 
time blossom . . . well, how much can you remem- 
ber when her dress is pink and suddenly there is 
this huge panther leeringly above ... a flurry of 
imagination and lack of it flung before you ... a 
hurried lunch at the Brady when both of you are 
hungry but neither can eat ... a songfest, men's 
voices walking through a storm (you would have 
been disappointed if it hadn't been sung) and the 
women's like the wind, crying Mariah . . . youth- 
ful, ragged but spirited, intent . . . and over it all 
the light . . . which fades and you are in a line of 
four abreast, a quarter mile long . . . and voices 
again, this time professional, a late supper followed 
by a long morning in reawakening light (until four 
I think) of whispers face to face . . . the light back 
from the dark which was light, and will be light, 
light to last, from a weekend in May, 1 965. 




W -v 


The winners of the May Day Relays do not travel to the National 
Championships. None of the events are sanctioned by either the 
AAU or the NCAA. The whole thing is a sort of small-scale tribute 
to Soupy Sales. Participation is limited to members of the Greek 
social groups. 

For about two hours boys and girls together toss loaded eggs at 
each other, stumble to tight finishes in potato sacks and furiously 
race their chariots. 

If it all seems frivolous, and silly— it is. But the inhabitants of any 
campus need an escape from the deadly seriousness of routine 
academic life. Besides, a good portion of everyday existence after 
graduation (or surrender) is made up of just such sport. 





For long weeks members of the cost and crew had No Time 
For Classes. When that rainy opening night arrived, the stu- 
dents of K.S.U. apparently had no time to acknowledge the 
highly successful production of Take Me Along. The campus 
sat in dormitories, afraid of the rain, afraid to sit once 
more in the venerable University Auditorium, while the 
sparse audience watched one of the best productions of the 

Take Me Along dazzled from the first appearance of the 
ingeniously lighted sky to the final close of the curtain,- 
from the quiet scenes of first love to the rowdy "well-spirited" 
scenes of over-indulgence. 

The obvious intensity of the cast quickly penetrated the au- 
dience who rose to their feet acclaiming a job tremendous- 
ly executed. 

Where were you? 

The day was a study in rain and mud, a glimpse of 
water-logged displays and a field of mud with green 
end zones. Because we hadn't seen the sun for days, 
we threw our raincoats under the bleachers of the sta- 
dium, and, with blue and red plastic horns uplifted, 
hailed the glow which for a few pre-game seconds 
brightened our Homecoming. Soon we celebrated a 
great moral victory, and the sky opened up to drench 
the B.G. giants who only thought they had won. 

Later, with wilted hairdos and rain-spotted suit coats, 
we cursed the rain and automatically formed neat, long 
lines to enter Memorial Gym. Beneath the dangling 
basketball nets we sat radiating the mad spirit of the 
weekend, absorbing music and song . . . finished too 
soon. Unable to ignore the thunder of the chairs hitting 
the tarp-covered floor, we fled to crowded hallways 
while the gym became our ballroom. 

To conclude the metamorphosis, we, who short hours 
ago had screamed and pounded backs in front of us, 
danced the last seconds of the vanishing weekend into 

Excitement. Tension. Call to order. Debate. Confer. Con- 
ciliate. "Condemnation of Discrimination of Minorities." 
PASSED. Discord. Negotiation. Rapport. "Denuclearization 
of Latin America and Africa." PASSED. Dissent. Plead. 
Cajole. "Restoration of Order and Tranquility in the Congo." 
DEFEATED. Present. Persuade. Align. "Financing Peace- 
Keeping Operations." PASSED. 

Recess. Relax. Reflect. Call to order. Floor debate. Point of 
Order. Overrule. Appeal decision of the Chair. Division of 
assembly. DEFEATED. Discuss. Reconsider. "Birth Control." 
PASSED. Speak. Question. Settle. "Independence of Southern 
Rhodesia." PASSED. Disagree. Plead. Split. Bloc vote. "Ad- 
mission of the People's Republic of China." DEFEATED. Dis- 
appointment. Satisfaction. Fatigue. Adjourn. 


The 1965 Little United Nations Assembly— an experience in 
research, conviction, debate, parliamentary procedure, con- 
ciliation, and diplomacy. A chance to meet fellow students, 
to discuss ideas, to formulate opinions— to relish success or 
accept defeat. An opportunity to contribute to one's own 
social and intellectual growth. A place to cultivate the desire 
to learn. 


It's not exactly pitching pennies, it's 
just pitching a penny's worth . . . 
But the pennies add up, which is 
why Penny Carnival has become a 
yearly tradition co-sponsored by 
Cardinal Key and Blue Key. Totaled, 
the coppers became nickels and 
dollars enough to provide a KSU 
student scholarship each year. 




A cold drizzle initiated Rowboat Regatta as the 
small groups of fans, at first optimistic about a 
weather change, dribbled in slowly. After the 
rowboats were lost in the fog and the swimming 
meets cancelled, the fierce tug-of-war with its 
slipping opponents was the most exciting strug- 
gle of the day. The traditional dunking of 
Queen Sandy Allenby lightened the atmosphere 
for a moment, but, still too miserable to be 
enthusiastic, the onlookers huddled in wet rain- 
coats under dripping umbrellas silently wishing 
to be anywhere else. 


"Progress, Therefore, Is 
Not an Accident, but a 
Necessity . . ." 









Are Sha 

Up the Downtown People 

You know how it is— 

It comes up Friday and 

You've got nothing lined up— 

Thursday night you put out an all-nighter 

And you've maybe had a pop quiz 

In 341. 

The paper is in and you want action, 


You've wanted to bust out, but there was the paper, 

The topic that was wild some weeks ago 

Went stale as crap the last three days 

And you pressed it out, hating "correct footnote form" 

And you're maybe free now. 

A break before finals. 

You've maybe got a buddy with a '57 Chevy 

Running three deuces and no hubcaps, 

Jacked for weight transfer and spinning cheaters 

And there's some chick in an automatic GTO 

Who wants to run but doesn't know really how, 

And she's got a load of friends with her 

Laughing and waving and they trail you 

Down to the Kove where you stand in line with 'em 

And they're from a school you played football against 

When you were in high school, and you stand 

In line, waiting for entrance to the crazy catacombs 

Disgrace to your parents, but you can holler and kick 

With all your might and let off steam and get bombed by good 

Fortune and dance and maybe line up that chick 

And next week you'll see her again 

Mens' room's crowded, smelling and the smoke is getting to your 

Eyes now. The room is tilting a tad to the left 

the right? You hustle her for a walk home 

And she's willing so you attempt the stairs 

and the night 
helps a lot and you laugh and sing your way back to her 

You make out till closing hours, then head back to your 

For a kick you penny in the crud next door and laughing 
go to bed. You know how it is 

Friday, nothing to do, get a little 
sopped, some small action 
Swing and have a blast. 
Finals are coming, and they're hard 
to forget. 





M I l l 

t. I, I . . li fc to I 


M IftJffe Mk '.Jifil 

•a. . 


* ^ nmwfii**** 

jf&MZte &L>. / : «,• ' * : ' 

i i f -. 



1 _^^ -- 

■1 >I ilri 

*■ ■■■) iM-.XV 


1' ti 




* _ »: 

V " 


v srr% 

' V 







•-v ,» 



' » 




« « 






New Tradition! 

Willie Asbury 

Sharon Saiani 

Marsha Davis 

Cherie Smith 

George Telisman 


Joyce Bukowski 


Tom Ral 

Jan Lane 

Thomas Carlyle, that most UnVictorian of Victorians, 
said: "Fame is no sure test of merit, but only a prob- 
ability of such: it is an accident, not a property of 
man." The students nominated and accepted for in- 
clusion in Who's Who In American Universities and 
Colleges have received a certain degree of fame on 
their respective campuses. 

Usually the student's scholarship, leadership, and co- 
operation in educational and extracurricular activi- 
ties, general citizenship, and his or her promise of 
future usefulness serve as the basis for selection. 
Selection of nominees is conducted by campus com- 
mittees and usually involves student-faculty-adminis- 
tration participation. The main office of Who's Who 
sets no strict requirements for acceptance. They feel 
the above mentioned committees can best make 
their own selections. 

After notification of acceptance each member is ex- 
pected to submit his own biographical material to be 
used in the Who's Who book published in July. In 
addition each member receives a certificate of rec- 
ognition which is presented to him by his university 
or college. 


* '\ : 





wr / 


Linda Gimbel 

Judy Barrett 


Marilyn Pickton 

Duane Hartzel 

Jack Cantwel 

Sally Dyke 

Bill Sargeant 

Pam Clift 

Kent Wolcott 

96 Ken Hartman 

Tony Walsh 

Corinne LeMoine 

Buz Wilson 

Judy Kennedy 

Kris Flocken 


Carol Pearsal 

Pat Nurmi 


■..' ?' 




1 \ 

y. ' /■■" . i & ■- • ■-. 


Kent State University 

Marching Band 

Edward L. Masters, director 

unffcf > 

I -\\ 



ROW 1 Jan Keim, executive secretary to student body president; Sandy Smith, secretary on communica- 
tions; Jerry Figurski, student body treasurer ROW 2 Buz Wilson, student body president; James Hamilton, 
department of student activities; Ron Kreitner, secretary of the department on organizations; Linda 
Griffin, executive secretary 

For the second year in a row, change has been the 
key word in Student Government. Student Senate 
has changed the number of standing committees 
from six to ten. Even the meeting place has been 
changed from Student Activities Center to Lecture 
Hall B in Bowman Hall. Legislation which Senate 
has enacted includes: the recommendation to lower 
the unapproved off-campus housing age limit from 
23 to 21; the creation of an ad-hoc commission to 
conduct a survey of the student activities in schools 
throughout the country; the extension of library 
hours from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Friday evenings; and 
the firm establishment of the right of graduate stu- 
dents, married students, and commuters to serve 
actively in Student Government. Senate has recog- 
nized the need for adequate representation of all 

segments of the student body and is moving quickly 
to meet it. 

Student rights received yet another impetus when 
High Court became a reality this past year. Last 
spring, Student Body President Buz Wilson appointed 
14 student justices to serve on the Court and Stu- 
dent Senate passed legislation specifying its powers. 
The court has the power to hear impeachments, con- 
flicts between two student organizations, issues aris- 
ing from Student Senate legislation, and appeals 
from all inferior courts, including traffic court and 
AWS Judicial Board. The court has also been em- 
powered to issue supoenas to student witnesses and 
to issue fines for contempt, perjury, and attempts to 
improperly influence the decisions of the court. 



ROW 1 Tom Rail, vice president; Matthew Bufwack, parliamen- 
tarian,- Barb Hille, recording secretary; William Akerstrom, 
treasurer; Linda Drullard, corresponding secretary 

ROW 1 Barbara Hille, Suzan Butterfield, Nancy Ebling, Tony Mussari, Mary Smith ROW 2 Tom Rail, Barbara Hamilton, Linda Spiesman, Patricia Nurmi, Pat 
Arredondo, Leni Ede, Jan Lane, Sandi Cain, Linda Drullard ROW 3 Douglas Copeland, Gerald Graham, John Hawkins, James Hess, Susan Pratt, John Hoffman, 
Nadya Zaitzew, Matthew Bufwack, William Akerstrom 


ROW 1 Janice Trickett, Carole Hurst, Jan HefFner, Diane Pargot, Bethann Thornburgh, Kathleen Scheible, Marlene Hazlett, Linda Weider ROW 2 Marilyn Mahon, Ellen Nil- 
sen, Pat Neuter, Karen Troiano, Gloria Tisci, Mary Hearrell, Cricket Crawford, Kathy Sabol, Dolores Richey, Chris Fetterman, Cathy Kline, Donna Campbell, Judy Sullivan, Nancy 
George ROW 3 Al Grywalski, Chuck Spetz, Anne Cowan, Cheryl Shank, Barry Broot, Diane Slavick, Pat Wade, Alice Pavelka, Terry Decker, Pat McMahon, Helene Smith, 
Karen Kackstetter, Deedee Heinaman ROW 4 Dennis Snyder, Andrew Deiderich, Frank Metz, Chick Hammett, Joseph Peoples, Mark Kain, Marie Gallina, Bill Bartley, Anne Batinchok, 
Tom Har.rod 

ROW 1 Judith Tishko, Sue Matthews, Barbara Terek, Deya Gelini, Leslie Wiener, Susan Hackett, Roselyn Cheraso, Kathy Karpi ROW 2 Suzanne Herrington, Janice Colangelo, 
Pat Carter, Susan Hoffman, Carol Denlinger, Peggy Unroe, Judy Lohr, Joyce Whitehouse, Sherrill Gall, Laurie Petri, Deborah Misevic, Marty Sample, Karen Gerny, Barbara Kaszei 
ROW 3 Marcia Pickett, Sandi Silenius, David McCrail, Karen Barrett, JoAnne Urdzik, Darlene Perko, Susan Wilkie, Nancy Reyroad, Linda SherrifF, Richard Treleven, Robert 
Hedges, Linda Jeidel, Myra Patterson, Cheryl Rentschler, Pat Komjati, Laura Lake ROW 4 Robert Borza, Cheryl Miklos, Terry Quinn, Dale Landefeld, Gerry Colavecchio, John Clark, 

Anne Millar, Sandy Kirtland, Gabrielle Peiler, Karen Janson, Linda Latessa, Terry Jacobs, Elaine Geary 



The largest and also the fastest growing group on campus is the close to 
two-hundred member Student Activities Board. 

The "Creative Arts Festival" held during Winter quarter, the first of its kind 
on Kent State's campus, featured poet John Ciardi, dramatist Rosco Lee 
Brown, jazz musician Erroll Garner, and artist Grace Hardigan. An innova- 
tion by SAB is the Frog Leap featured at the "Rowboat Regatta" and the 
special films during "Holiday Hello" and "Winter Weekend." 

You can hardly say the word "weekend" without thinking of the flicks or the 
TGIF dances. Other representative events are the "Rowboat Regatta," film 
classics, Sports Car Rally, Viet Nam exhibit, billiards and bowling tourna- 
ments, the Bride's Fashion Show, and the Christmas beard-growing contest. 

Composed of nine committees which try to reach all interests on campus, 
SAB gives students a chance to express and broaden their interests while 
helping the university. 

Bill Eagle 

Heather Wiseman 

Judy Barrett 

Jerry Palmer 

Linda Hazlett 


Laura McNeill 

Chuck Huebner 

Sharry Graves 

Kay Barnes 

Bill Schwarzwalder 

Ruth Glowacki 

Howard Unger 

Lori Thomas 

Carol Smith 

Major Events Committee 

Top-notch entertainment and exciting, fun-filled week-ends for the 
students are the goals of Major Events Committee. The ten-student 
group plans one major week-end each quarter including Homecom- 
ing, a winter week end, and Campus Day. 

During the past year they have brought to the campus such enter- 
tainers as Julie London, Connie Francis, The Brothers Four, Nancy 
Wilson, and Robert Goulet. The committee is constantly attempting 
to revise their events to meet the needs and wishes of the expanding 
student body. 

The chairman of each event is appointed approximately one year 
in advance from the committee itself. All sub-chairmen and committee 
members are chosen by screening of applications. The planning and 
effort for each event is monumental, but the returns— a Songfest with 
an audience of 15,000, or the sight of a Campus Day parade— make 
it well worthwhile. 

ROW 1 Kris Flocken, Kathy Gilmore, Jackie Weygandt, Jane Molnar, Dan Kibler ROW 2 Ed Obreza, Duane Herchler, Marilyn 
Picton, Jim Taylor, Dennie Smith 


Alpha Phi Omega 

Alpha Phi Omega is based on the principles of Leadership, Friend- 
ship and Service. Service projects include working on the New Student 
Program, carrying baggage for residents at the halls in September, 
conducting a career conference for area high school students, super- 
vising the quarterly visit of the Bloodmobile, helping at student elec- 
tions, and presenting of the Alpha Phi Omega Scholarship Award 
each winter quarter. While Alpha Phi Omega is primarily a service 
fraternity, they have numerous social events throughout the quarter. 
Open Smokers are held at the beginning of each quarter and mem- 
bership is open to any full-time male student. 

ROW 1 Lelond Kanuckel, Dick Schell, Mel Shichtman, Bob Durst ROW 2 Patrick McMahon, president; Ned Brown, Henry Bunting, Gary Gezann, Jim Francis, 
1st vice president; Mark Anthony, advisor ROW 3 Boris Bubnow, Don Finzer, alumni secretary; Fred Oswald, recording secretary; Ben Banks, 2nd vice pres- 
ident; Tom Lower, Tom Caruth, Bob Eichel, treasurer 


ROW 1 Sally Dyke, Steve Pavelka, Harvey Eger, Diane Buck ROW 2 Betsey DeCorps, Sid Henkin, treasurer,- Karen Elsom, Elaine Tomko, 
George Winkleman, president; Patricia Daily, secretary; Cherie Jacobs, George Telisman, vice president 


Chestnut League 

Blue Key 

"Serving I live," interpreted to mean "I ex- 
press my own life and character in what I am 
able to accomplish for my fellow man," is the 
motto of Blue Key, a national scholastic 
honorary. The fraternity strives to promote 
service and scholarship and to recognize men 
who have given outstanding service to the 

Members are required to have a 2.7 accumu- 
lative average, leadership qualities, and ac- 
complishments in many fields of endeavor. 
The local chapter co-sponsors Penny Carnival 
with Cardinal Key to raise funds for scholar- 
ships for deserving Kent students. 

ROW 1 Kent Wolcott, vice president; Henry Hill, president; Steve Owendoff, corresponding secretary; Ken Hartman, recording secretory ROW 2 William 
Sargeant, Michael Kelly, John Hoffman, Matthew Bufwack, Donald Huston, Dr. Benjamin McGinnis, advisor 


ROW 1 Judy Sollberger, treasurer,- Jackie Weygandt, Sally Dyke, president; Mary Gibbons ROW 2 B-J Williams, Sharry Graves, Linda 

Gimbel, Marilyn Picton, Pam Cleft, Sandra Marco 

Cardinal Key 

Cardinal Key National Honor Sorority is an organiza- 
tion for women students of at least junior status in 
American colleges and universities who are leaders 
in the college community and who are deemed 
potential leaders in their future life. The purpose of 
Cardinal Key is to honor these women, inspire leader- 
ship in others, and utilize leadership capabilities in 
an active program of service to the school and com- 

The Kent State Chapter of Cardinal Key serves the 
campus by co-sponsoring Penny Carnival with Blue 
Key each year. The profits are donated in the form 
of scholarships to deserving students. Other activities 
include participation in Campus Day festivities and 
ushering at various university events throughout the 

ROW 1: Cherie Smith, Margaret Phelan, Leslie Horton ROW 2: B-J Williams, Linda Gimbel, Jeanne 
Scharf, Linda McKinney, treasurer; Jan Lane, Secretary. 

ROW 1: Robert Booth, Mine Arslani, David Stoll. ROW 2: David Anthony, president; William Doll, 
John Harris, Bert Cook, Hersel Hudson, Fred Martin ROW 3: William J. Weiskopf, adviser,- John Gyse- 
gen, James Dunn, Rich Seman, Frank Hawk, secretary. 

Omicron Delta 

Founded in 1963, Omicron Delta Epsilon 
is an honorary fraternity of students in- 
terested in professional careers in the 
field of economics and business. 

Omicron Delta Epsilon maintains high 
standards of humanitarianism and aca- 
demic excellence: no students are ex- 
cluded from membership on grounds of 
sex, race, creed, or color; all members 
must maintain an academic standing in 
the top 35 percent of their class. 

The primary purpose of Omicron Delta 
Epsilon is to unite students, professors, 
and professional men in the field of busi- 
ness and economics. The fraternity attends 
the annual gathering of the American 
Economic Association where selected 
papers are read by aspiring young 
economists and the annual John R. Com- 
mons award is presented to a distin- 
guished American economist. 


Dressed in white with a small green 
wreath made of laurel leaves pinned on 
her left shoulder— the woman tapped for 
membership in Laurels on Honors Day 
during Spring Quarter. The name of the 
Senior Women's Honorary is symbolic, as 
it dates back to ancient Greece when a 
crown of laurel leaves was awarded as 
an indication of honor and distinction. 
Junior women with a minimum accumula- 
tive average of 3.00 are recommended 
for membership in the group by faculty 
members; the final selections are then 
made by the active members of Laurels. 
Chosen because of their high scholarship, 
leadership, ability, sound character, and 
service to the university, the women strive 
to promote these qualities throughout the 
university community. Concerned wtih a 
constant responsibility to work for world 
peace, Laurels would practice the ideal of 
"in place of words let us have thoughts 
and actions always." 

ROW 1: Gerald Brezina, Louie Mahony, Cherie Smith, Pat Frye, Carolyn Weber ROW 2: Julian Rosenman, Gay Sherry, Karen Mclntire, Elaine Mountz, 
Pat Lukosavich, Virginia Blaney, Jeanne Vitina, John Cipriano, Beth Horkay, H. E. Robertson ROW 3: Edward Bean, Neal Raber, David Ogilvie, Jack 
Wilkin, Robert Marx, Rodney Hannah, Wesley Tolle, Robert Moore, John Seachrist, Duane Shie, Kenneth Cummins, advisor. 

Pi Mu Epsilon 

Kappa Omicron Phi 

"To promote scholarship and mathematics" is 
the goal of Pi Mu Epsilon, national mathe- 
matics honorary. The Ohio Epsilon chapter 
sponsors several distinguished speakers 
throughout the year as well as a student- 
faculty tea which is held each spring. The 
annual initiation dinner is another of the high- 
lights. All mathematics majors who have com- 
pleted the calculus sequence, have main- 
tained a 3.0 accumulative average and a 3.25 
accumulative average in mathematics are 
eligible for membership. 

As a member of a national professional 
home economics organization, the 
Alpha Nu Chapter of Kappa Omicron 
Phi has re-evaluated its goals to 
strengthen its foundations of service as 
well as personal professional growth. 

Continuing support is given to the na- 
tional project, Crossnore School, which 
is located in the mountains of North 
Carolina. Selling UNICEF cards initi- 
ated fall pledges into the chapter's 
spirit. Other activities included spon- 
soring a Freshman Tea, executing an 
inspiring Founder's Day Banquet, help- 
ing a needy family, and hostessing a 
Senior Brunch. 

ROW 1: Barbara lizak, Karen O'Leary, secretary; Elaine Snelling, president; Barbara Leedy; treas- 
urer ROW 2: JudyAnn DeForest, Kathleen Bauers, Carol Knowles, 2nd vice president, Dena Vessels, 
Kristin Fitzgerald, Kathy Karpi. 

Pi Omega Pi 

Pi Omega Pi is a national honorary business 
education fraternity. In striving toward the 
motto of "loyalty, service, progress," the 
members participate in numerous activities 
and service projects. This past year the group 
monitored for the state scholarship tests and 
also published the "Crutch", a handbook 
which is available to students enrolled in 
office administration courses. As evidence of 
its achievements, the Gamma Pi Chapter at 
Kent State was honored as one of the top 
ten chapters in the National Chapter Award 
Competition during the 1964-1965 school 

Sigma Alpha Eta 

ROW 1: Rose Miller, Betsy Downs ROW 2: Margaret Phelan, Patricia 
LaFountaine, Marjorie Walt, treasurer, Linda Simmons, recording sec- 

To create and stimulate an interest among 
college students in the field of speech pa- 
thology and audiology; 

To encourage professional growth by provid- 
ing learning experiences not offered in the 
formal course structure,- 

To foster spirit of unity by co-ordinating the 
interests and efforts of persons with a common 
goal, by offering opportunities for social and 
professional fellowship, and by providing sit- 
uations in which students and faculty may 

work together as a team to advance the pro- 
fession as a whole,- 

To inspire high planes of achievement in 
academic and clinical activities; 

To aid in building wholesome public relations 
with other college departments and with local 
organizations interested in knowing about 
the field of speech and hearing rehabilita- 
tion . . . these are the aspirations of the Alpha 
Eta Chapter of Sigma Alpha Eta. 

ROW 1: Jeanne Scharf, president; Connie Hobbs, treasurer; Barbara Anthony, vice president; Marianne McKeon, secretary ROW 2: Kay Barnes, Marie 
Rizzi, Linda Gimbel, Janet Gabert, Jane Biddlestone, Betty Ferko, Sue Blakely, Margaret Berry, Maggie Lindsay, Kathie Romigh ROW 3: Eilene Grabiak, 
Dianne Both, Janis Susdorf, Marilyn Pickton, Joanne Seimetz, James Svoboda, Samuel Polen, Marilee Scott, Marilyn Zallar, Cheryl Kramer, Sandra 
Schlegel, Joan Hoke. 

Kappa Kappa 

Kappa Kappa Psi, honorary fraternity for col- 
lege bandsmen, is a national organization 
dedicated to promoting the existence and 
welfare of college bands. The motto of the 
Kappa Kappa Psi is: "It's an honor to be 
selected to serve". 

The men of the Beta Psi chapter serve the 
Kent State bands in various ways. All are 
members of the marching, symphony or var- 
sity bands. The chapter sponsors several so- 
cial events for all band members throughout 
the year. Members of Beta Psi act as hosts to 
visiting high school and college bands at 
football games. This year they have estab- 
lished a scholarship program for talented 
freshman band members. 

Because of this scholarship program the Beta 
Psi Chapter received the William S. Arm- 
strong Award for service projects at the 1965 
National Convention. They were also dis- 
tinguished as being one of the top ten chap- 
ters in the nation. 

In April 1966 the chapter will have the honor 
of sponsoring the District VII Convention 
which includes Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and 

ROW 1: Allan Kelley, John Zipay, Dean Eschliman ROW 2: William Moats, John Bair. 
Bob DeMoss, treasurer, Edward Hoffee ROW 3: Brent Gardner, Roy Truby, Jerrel Morgan, 
president, Robert Heiser, Richard Eley. 

Phi Alpha 

ROW 1: William Skidmore, vice president; Patricia Skidmore, secretary; Jan Lane, Harry 
Heisler ROW 2: William Ott, president; Brian Johnson, treasurer,- Timothy Whitman, 
Sherman Barnes, advisor. 

Phi Alpha Theta is an international 
honor society in history. The Psi Chapter 
of Kent was founded in 1 938. The group 
sponsors trips and lectures that are de- 
signed to promote a deeper interest in 
the field of history. Some of the fall 
quarter excursions were to the Hale 
Homestead, to Stan Hywet Hall, and to 
the Western Reserve Historical Society 
Museum. Discussion of information 
gathered during these trips was dis- 
cussed at a picnic or informal gathering 
completing the day. Future plans in- 
clude a visit to John Brown's home, 
Kingswood's Gardens, the Maple Sugar 
Festival in Burton and a tour of area 

Requirements for the honorary are a 
3.00 accumulative average in 1 9 hours of 
history, and the same in two-thirds of all 
other academic work. 

ROW 1: Sandy Bailey, Nina llitzky, secretary; Linda Hart, vice president; Kathy Ulle, president; Cindy Laine, treasurer; Cheryl Loree ROW 2: Karen Fisher, Geri- 
anne Lively, Susan Hackett, Karen Dauer, Theresa Recchio, Jeri Lynne Moran, Patricia Madden, Kathy Layer, Sue Merrill, Betsey Chandler, Jean Titus, Jill Jones, 
Janice Hunt ROW 3: Janet Bell, Dorothy Thompson, Judy Hocevar, Eileen Shannon, Pam Conley, Kathy Green, Carol Bartram, Sharon Wiese, Dorothy Daly, 
Judith Batinchok, Lawrette Goodman, Nancy Henry, Jacqueline Markiewicz, Darla Slabe, Joan Skelton. 

Alpha Lambda Delta 

You could call them a bunch of eggheads, because their 
main purpose is to honor and encourage high scholastic 
achievement, and they do need a 3.5 or better to be eligible 
for membership. But that's not all they are. They contribute 
to the various other activities of Alpha Lambda Delta, 
freshman women's honorary. Services to the university include 
baby sitting at commencements, annually donating a rare 
book to the library and helping the Laurels with the sale 
of mums for Mothers' Weekend. Well-attended discussions, 
interesting guest speakers, and reports on projects of other 
Alpha Lambda Delta chapters around the country are among 
the programs presented by the women. 

"Tau Beta Sigma for Better Bands" reads the 
motto of the national honorary for women 
band members. Promoting the existence of 
college and university bands is the group's 
chief aim. 

Membership requirements include a 3.5 ac- 
cumulative average in band and a 2.5 over- 
all accumulative average. Coeds must also 
have been enrolled in band for two consecu- 
tive quarters before pledging. 
Tau Beta Sigma sponsored the National 
Convention this spring. 

Tau, Beta Sigma 

ROW 1: Linda Merrick, president; Marsha Harris, vice president; Lynne Foster, secretary,- Connie Masquelier, treasurer ROW 2: Mary-Jo Conna- 
vino, Susan Kannel, Mary Luther, Lydene Hovance, Nancy McConaugha, Barbara Baker, Beth Johnson ROW 3: Carol Stafmski, Kathleen Garms, 
Rachelle DeHofr, Linda Jancura, Caroline Parks, Sherrill Adams, Nancy Custead, Tn'sh Phillips, Patricia Lorah. 

Phi Epsilon 

ROW 1: Vince Calo, president; Robert Gendler, David Wise, vice president; Dave Rude, 
secretary-treasurer ROW 2: Bruce Clark, Craig Garbarini, Fred Albrecht, Don Wendel, 
Dr. Roger Bishop, advisor. 

A national honorary for health, physi- 
cal education, and recreation majors 
and minors with a 3.00 accumulative 
average in HPER and a 2.5 total ac- 
cumulative average, Phi Epsilon Kappa 
promotes high standards among fu- 
ture teachers of HPER. 

Major activities are service to the HPER 
department and special projects such 
as the Toys-for-Tots program in affilia- 
tion with the United States Marine 

Phi Gamma Nu 

Let us investigate the day of a Rho Chapter pledge of Phi 
Gamma Nu, professional women's sorority in commerce. 

Early morning hours find her studying, trying to uphold 
Rho Chapter's third place in the national Phi Gamma Nu 
scholarship rank. She attends the awards Assembly later 
where the annual Phi Gamma Nu scholarship key is pre- 
sented to the senior woman in commerce with the highest 
accumulative average. Dinner hour finds her eating with 
the entire sorority in honor of Founder's Day, where the 
custom of all active Phi Gamma Nu chapters, that of con- 
tributing pennies to the national project of caring for and 
educating a Korean orphan, Jung Sun takes place. 

ROW 1: Louise H. Wheeler, adviser; Barbara Schultz, vice president; Margaret Phelan, president; Mrs. Linda Simmons, recording secretary; Marjorie Walt, cor- 
responding secretary; Mary Drew, scribe ROW 2: Rose Miller, Carol Drayer, Anne Bajkovec, Karen Erwin, Patricia Lutz, Susan Oliver, Cheryl Cook, Joni Muth, 
Linda Harbart, Pat Cocuzzi, Barbara Sper, Lynn Borsuk ROW 3: Sandra Marco, Susan Robison, Dorothy Miller, Jan Yukevich, Sandra Price, Joan Skelton, Carol 
Takacs, Linda Melichar, Sue Merrill. 

ROW 1 : Marsha Harris, vice president; Mary Alice Savory, musical director,- Janice Smith, Velma 
Turner ROW 2: Connie Masquelier, treasurer, Susan Kannel, Marie Motis, Trish Phillips, president, 
Carole Kulikowski, Mrs. John Ayers, advisor. 


Delta Psi Kappa 

This was a big year for Delta Psi Kappa, for 
it marked the fiftieth anniversary of this pro- 
fessional Health, Physical Education, and Rec- 
reation fraternity. The local affiliate, Alpha 
Omicron Chapter, joined with the national in 

Established to promote scholarship and pro- 
fessional growth, the fraternity assists in 
sponsoring the required departmental meet- 
ings which introduce the freshmen to the de- 
partment, supervising open gym, providing 
secretarial services, and pledging associate 

ROW 1: Joyce Klauka, Mary Ann Tripodi, treasurer; Pam Parfitt, Janice Cook, secretary; Connie Cowan, 
vice president ROW 2: Michele Hornyak, chaplain; Lois Watts, president; Mary Ganbol, Dorothy Reicosky, 
Judi Ferko, Cheryl Whitney, Lin Mast, Joan Tassile. 

Omicron Delta Kappa 

Kent State University's Bowman Society, formed in 1958, was granted a 
charter on October 22, 1965, as a circle of Omicron Delta Kappa, the 
National Leadership Society for College Men. 

Due to the unending efforts of Dr. Lester Brailey, Professor Clyde Patterson, 
Dr. Ronald Roskins, and several students, Kent State University's petition was 
unanimously approved. President Robert I. White, President Emeritus George 
Bowman, and Dr. Roskins were among the nineteen charter members. 

Membership is open to all Bowman Society members and to all under- 
graduate junior and senior men who have made meritorious contributions 
to university life. 

ROW 1: Dorothy Daly, secretary-treasurer; Jan Collins, president; Janis Shutts, Janet Bell, Arleen Billante ROW 2: 
Nancy Davis, Pete Morkovich, Linda Byers, Constance Kotun, Susan Cook, Elaine Gary, Barbara Beller, Barbara 
C. Tener, advisor. 


Epsilon Nu 

Mostly through the efforts of 
Mrs. Barbara Tener, Dr. Edgar 
McCormick, and Dr. Kenneth 
Pringle, the establishment of 
an English honorary at Kent 
State was finally realized in 
the spring of 1965. With the 
induction of thirteen charter 
members at an initiation ban- 
quet, Epsilon Nu Gamma came 
to life. Members are rec- 
ognized for general academic 
excellence and for their supe- 
rior achievements in the study 
of English. Eligibility demands 
a 2.8 accumulative average 
and a 3.4 in English. By fall 
the membership had grown to 
25 and through quarterly ini- 
tiations is expected to increase 
even more. 

ROW 1: Fredrick Morrison, treasurer; Richard Carleton, secretary; Jerry Holt, vice president; Steven Szabo, president; Henry Paulin, co-trustee ROW 2: John Lawrence, 
Dale McCoy, Wilfred Lena, Wayne Douglas, Thomas Tercek, Bill Burns, James Roth, Michael Miller, Burchard Sheehy, LaVerne Ketchum, Jack Young, Robert Huf- 
nagle ROW 3: David Shively, Neil Fassinger, James Eldon, Charles Campbell, Walter Van Orman, Jerome Shumyla, Roger Burgess, Joseph Shurilla, Hope Gooden, 
Timothy Karda, Roy King, Richard Matos. 

Epsilon Pi Tau was founded on the Kent State campus 
in 1949. As an international honorary of industrial 
arts, the chapter promotes skill and professional 
efficiency, as well as research among members. Pro- 
grams include movies, field trips, lectures, and dem- 
onstrations involving material related to various fields 
of interest. 

This year a seminar devoted to Research and De- 
velopment and a seminar concerning industrial arts 
and general education led the list of activities. 

Epsilon Pi Tau 

Beta Alpha Psi 

ROW 1: Patrick Cavanagh, president; James Francis, secretary; Gail Cornelius, John Ulrich, 
Jay Brixey ROW 2: Ken Hartman, vice president; Doug Marianek, treasurer; Rick Smith. 

Beta Alpha Psi is known as the National Ac- 
counting Fraternity. The national organization 
was founded at the University of Illinois in 1919. 
Kent State's Beta Psi chapter was formally in- 
stalled on November 20, 1964 with a member- 
ship of fourteen; membership now stands at 

The fraternity is open to accounting majors pos- 
sessing an accumulative average of B in ac- 
counting and an overall accumulative average 

To encourage and foster the ideal of service as 
the basis of the accounting profession,- to pro- 
mote accountancy; to act as a medium between 
men in the profession and the students,- to de- 
velop high morale, scholastic and professional 
attainments in its members,- to encourage cordial 
relationships between members and the profes- 
sion of accountancy— these are the purposes of 
the fraternity. 

Kent State's chapter sponsors guest speakers in 
all areas of accounting and frequently engages 
in field trips to industrial plants or public ac- 
counting firms. 

The functions of the fraternity on campus are 
coordinated by the usual complement of organi- 
zational officers and a faculty vice president. 

ROW 1: Ken Hartman, president; Pat Cavanagh, treasurer; Margaret Phelan, secretary,- Donald Fraenkel, vice president; Bill Bartel ROW 2: Edward Leszynski, 
Garry Patla, Bert Cook, Patricia Strausser, Rose Miller, Gail Cornelius, Richard Weaver, Ric Caldwell ROW 3: Paul Halter, William Doll, Richard Sabados, James 
Whitmire, Gregory Price, Donald Shaffer, Bruce Colbow. 

Business Students Association 

The Business Students Association is a representative body of 
the students in the Business Administration College. It has as 
its main purpose the coordination and development of pro- 
fessional activities relating to business for the benefit of stu- 
dents and faculty within the college. To promote and im- 
prove public relations between the college and the business 
world and to encourage better relations between faculty 
members and students are particular goals of the organiza- 

Several changes were made this year in respect to member- 
ship by lowering the accumulative grade requirement to 2.25 
and raising the number of representatives from each depart- 
ment and organization to five persons. 

As in the past, Business Students Association sponsored a tea 
for business alumni at Homecoming, aided in the annual 
lecture series, sponsored coffee hours, edited the Student 
Handbook, sponsored Recognition Day, and helped pro- 
mote the activities of all other organizations within the Col- 
lege of Business. 


ROW 1: Kathleen Scheible, Karen Kalter, Marie Gallina, Elaine Miedi, Marilyn McCain, Mary Hearrell ROW 2: Carol Lyn Johnson, Laraine Canzonetta, Karen Erwin, 
Kathleen Kubach, Carroll Quinn, Alice Kay Kalonick, Barbara Johnson, Sally Beckwith, Elizabeth Wettach, Patricia Petrik, Barbara Orr, Jacquie Roach, Vivian Kanemori 
ROW 3: Sandi Silenius, Bonnie Nedved, Marjorie Ash, Suzanne Alves, Malonn Mertz, Carol Cogan, Mary Prisrilla Greene, Janie Pyle, Pat Klohr, Martha Hemker, William 
A. Patti, Dolores Koss, Janet Reppart. 


To understand the goals of the teaching pro- 
fession through understanding of educational 
associations at all levels, to interest young 
men and women in education as a career, 
and to experience the values of working to- 
gether are the goals of Kent's Student Educa- 
tion Association. Any student preparing to 
teach is eligible for membership in this stu- 

dent division of the National Education Association. 

The activities of S.E.A. are closely related to its purposes. 
The organization sponsors speakers, films, and conferences 
with other branches of the S.E.A.; in November an F.T.A. 
workshop was held for 250 area high school students. The 
social picture of S.E.A. is completed with the realization 
that S.E.A. operates at many levels of the fun-study con- 
tinuum, from participation in many social functions to the 
presentation of the annual scholarship award. 

ROW 1: Susan Bobka, Jeanne Raub, Mary Beth Ross, president; Walter Brown, vice president; Margaret Drda, secretary; Richard Uthe, treasurer ROW 2: Gretchen 
Fisher, Karen Ramsier, Kathleen Benya, Bonnie Cox, Amelia Petry, Patty Hudcck, Linda Berry, Pat Locurto, Kenneth Olecki, Marva Trotter, Rity Lisy, Sally Stone, Arleen 
Billonte ROW 3; John Moenk, Louis Santangelo, Leila Jones, Lois Everett, Virginia Stewart, Judy Giudici, June Eschenauer, Sharon Gray, Cheryl Ann Gibbs, 'Diane Abbott, 
Connie Bretton, Susan Witherstine, Elizabeth Jenkins, Margaret Phelan, Nodyne Macejko, Nancy Kason. 


ROW 1: Kenneth Corbusier, vice chairman-secretary,- Christopher Anderson, treasurer; James Nehrer, chairman,- John Phillips, advisor 
ROW 2: Robert Shufelt, Richard Swasey, Frederic Peiffer, Gilbert Jaffe, Scott Henninger, William Dedrick, Ira Kamm, Robert Kragel, 
John Klingensmith. 


The largest and most active chapter in Ohio, the 
Kent State branch of the American Institute of 
Aeronautics and Astronautics Student Chapter is a 
professional organization for those who wish to keep 
abreast of the latest developments in the Aerospace 
field. The organization maintains a tracking station 
capable of receiving signals from the latest satellites. 
The Kent branch also attends lecture-dinners and 
conferences in the Akron-Cleveland area. The AIAA 
is currently working on a smoke tunnel to demon- 
strate the flow of air over geometric objects. When 
completed, the smoke tunnel will be donated to the 
Aerospace Technology department for demonstration 

Student Affiliates of the American Chemical 
Society affords an opportunity for the stu- 
dents of chemistry and chemical engineering 
to become better acquainted. The programs, 
which include lectures by visiting and local 
scientists, field trips, and films, are planned 
to secure the intellectual stimulation that 
arises from professional association, and to 
foster a professional spirit among the mem- 
bers. Each spring, the club sponsors the 
Chemistry Honors Banquet. The social activi- 
ties consist of a party each quarter and the 
annual Chemistry Department picnic. 

American Chemical 

ROW 1: Elliott Liggett, president; Kathy Smith, secretary,- Thomas Kowar, vice president ROW 2: Marty Davis, David Mainwaring, Sandra Lucas, Tom Fuhrig, Judy 
Kijek, Jim Kovolyan, Lena Jackson, Floyd McCleary, RaeEllen Hughes ROW 3: Donald Popp, Howard Eyman, S. Lee Easterdoy, John Stars, Ron Deibel, Dick Schroer, 
Rudy Champa, Barb Walker, John Stolfo, Bob Nixon, Barry Boone, Kenneth Cuppet, Diane Morris, Dr. R. O. Buttlar, advisor. 





ROW 1: Carol Cobb, secretary; Leila Jones, Carol Pietila, vice president; Mrs. Kathleen Bayless, advisor; Bonnie Mitchell, president; Judy Hocevar, treasurer; Jean Jacobs, 
Marcia Bailey ROW 2: Barbara Turinsky, Carol Trapnell, Barbara Smith, Sheron Cozine, Sue Matthews, Nancy Bortner, Margaret Adie, Anne McKee, Joan Zeeb, Karen Papp, 
Anne Marie Beaudry, Cheryl Akins ROW 3: Dorothy Tidrick, Malonn Mertz, Nancy Stirgwolt, Pat Hopkins, Myrna Mehaffey, Joana Fry, Jean Slicker, Joy Theis, Pat Corso, Karen 
Stansbery, Sandra Yablonsky, Suzanne Alves, Elizabeth A. Jenkins. 

ROW 1: Donna Ingold, Eileen Brock, Marcia Watts, Pat Locurto, Darlene Burton, Parti Brown, Vicki Brown ROW 2: Joan Cadez, Susan Davis, Nancy Smith, Diane Lee, Patricia 
Corrigan, Debbie Vuhas, Marilyn Shankman, Carolyn Willey, Patricia Freel, Charlene Kucyk, Barbara Feigum, Judy Jameson, Grayce Lewis, Diane Olson ROW 3: Regina Mu- 
ren, Carroll Quinn, Lois Everett, Judy Eisenhardt, Renee Svleski, Carol Cogan, Leatha Smith, Ron Ignac, Frances Lepo, Linda Messam, Martha Hemker, Marsha Craft, Barbara 
Orr, Diane Abbott, Sherry Severn. 


The Association for Childhood Education is an international organi- 
zation dedicated to promoting education. Main headquarters for the 
association are in Washington, D.C. From these headquarters mem- 
bers receive monthly publications of Childhood Education, the offi- 
cial magazine. 

The campus branch of this organization contains one hundred and 
fifty members. Striving for professional growth, the organization's 
foremost purpose is "to work for the education and well-being of 

This year ACE will send delegates to their national convention in 
Chicago, Illinois. 

The most important aspect of Industrial Arts is that 
it is based upon industry, the industry which has 
created the hectically paced technological society of 
today. The AIAA is, then, concerned with industrial 
education, concentrating on technology and in de- 
veloping human potential through Industrial Arts. 
The AIAA is very aware that Industrial Arts and 
technological knowledge will be more crucially 
needed by our young people in the years to come. 

Industrial Arts 

ROW 1: David Shively, president, Tony Hren, Robert Orr, Mike Miller, vice-president, William Soeder, James Roth, LaVerne Ketchum, secretary ROW 2: David Drugkenmiller, 
Erik Schumacher, Bill Bollman, John Lawrence, Jim Eldon, Dennis Cook, Wayne Colonna, Gene Boccia, Doug Evans, William Hackman ROW 3: Joe Shanower, Jerry Shumyla, 
Dick Matos, Jim Lucha, Tony Defazio, Bill Smith, Charles Campbell, Bud Van Orman, Tom Wilford, Raymond Faler, William Betts, Jim McLaughlin. 

ROW 1; B-J Williams, JoAnn Smilanich, secretary ROW 2: Linda Hazlett, Heather 
Schwolow, president; Lynne Foster, vice president. 

Theta Sigma Phi 

"Small but active" describes the Beta Zeta 
Chapter of Theta Sigma Phi, professional 
honorary for women in journalism. 

Any junior or senior woman in journalism with 
a high academic average is eligible for mem- 

The writing and editing of the New Student 
Handbook was the main project for the past 
year. Add to this the textbook drive for the 
University of Nigeria, the critique service for 
high school newspapers, and the hostess 
duties for the school of journalism, and you 
can see how apt our introduction is. 

Sigma Delta 

Promoting interest and activity in the 
journalism field is the main endeavor 
of SDX, men's professional journal- 
ism society. 

Open to male journalism students 
who are active on some publication 
while maintaining a high academic 
average, the chapter's membership 
works with the Akron Buckeye pro- 
fessional chapter and lends its tal- 
ents to the Akron chapter's Annual 
Gridiron Dinner. 

The members also help conduct the 
Northern Ohio Scholastic Press Asso- 
ciation Convention each spring at 

ROW 1: Ken Hochstetler, David McLean, president, Mike Starn, Rick McDonald ROW 
2: Joe Sheibley, secretary-treasurer, Harvey Phillips, Jim Toms, Rod McSherry. 


ROW 1: Rick Murphy, vice president, Lynn Borsuk, Bruce Colbow, treasurer,- Ed Leszynski, president; Joanne Leonardi, secretary; Prof. Victor P. Gravereau, advisor 
ROW 2: Martin Wick, Richard Pizzuti, James Hejl, Gary Godley, Donald Fraenkel, Garry Patla, Bill Bartel, Richard Crafton, Jeff Winn, Thomas Snow, Randy Cellone, 
Stephen Langa, Dale Roberts ROW 3: James Shulz, Joseph Guenther, Thomas Thompson, Raymond McAfoose, Ronald Fogg, Arthur Jarc, Hilton Murray, Richard 
Robinson, Bert Cook, Thomas Stanko, Brad Heiges, James Hamilton, Robert Grau ROW 4: Ronald Huges, Martin Margherio, James Coco, David Perrine, Gary Do- 
dez, Jerry Mitchell, Wayne Osella, Donald Hillyer, Gary Young, Roger Onderdonk, Paul Jackson. 

The major goal of the Collegiate Marketing Associa- 
tion is the development of student understanding and 
leadership in the field of marketing management. 
This Association, founded in 1963, is a student 
chapter of the American Marketing Association. Its 
activities include monthly meetings featuring talks by 
marketing executives and educators, group discus- 
sions for the exchange of ideas, and participation in 

other professional marketing events. As a highlight 
of the year's activities, the Chapter served as host to 
members of the Akron Chapter of the American 
Marketing Association for its "Student Night" pro- 
gram. The speaker for the event was Dr. Schuyler 
Otteson, National President of the American Market- 
ing Association, and Chairman of the Department of 
Marketing, Indiana University. 

l 1 H H H ^^^I^f J 

Pi 1 I ^Vl^ 

■1 F wl 

I 1 lJ 


ROW 1: Joyce Klauka, vice president; Alys Briers, treasurer,- Joan Tassile, president; Jan Heffner, secretary ROW 2: Barb Barnhart, Jill EngrofT, Donna Henninger, Mary 
Ann Tripodi, Linda Mains, Karen Sabados, Carolyn Melito, Sherron Monroe, Chris Bartlow, Bobbie DeVore, Joan Williams ROW 3: Barbara Wright, Ann McConnell, 
Michele Hornyak, Barb Blaser, Sue Ulrich, Cheryl Whitney, Marilyn Wessel, Margaret Wager, Marie Flemming, Pomitte Copp, Brenda Hornan, Nadyne Macejko, Miss H. 
Mitchell, advisor,- Suzi Kroll. 

HPE Club 

The Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Club 
is the only professional club open to all health edu- 
cation, physical education, and recreation majors 
and minors. The purpose of the club is to promote 
professional growth in the field and to stimulate 
friendship among its members. In an effort to provide 
both professional and social meetings, the organiza- 
tion has sponsored professional lecturers, a scuba 
demonstration, and a winter and spring camp-out. 

Women's Recreation 

No, you don't have to be muscle-bound to participate 
in WRA. You don't have to swing through the trees 
yelling "Aiieee." You don't have to be able to lift 
100 pounds in one hand. All you need is the get up 
and go to enjoy yourself in WRA activities. 

Kent State coeds can choose from a long list of both 
intramurals and clubs which are sponsored by WRA. 
The winners of each intramural sport— swimming, 
bowling, tennis, volleyball— receive trophies at the 
annual WRA spring banquet where an all-sports 
award is also presented. WRA offers clubs for girls 
interested in modern dance, folk dancing, fencing, 
gymnastics, and synchronized swimming. A 30 mem- 
ber board governs the association from which repre- 
sentatives are picked to attend a biennial convention 
and a biennial regional conference of recreation 

ROW 1: Cheryl Whitney, Joyce Klauka, Susan Osborn, vice president; Michele Hornyak, president; Susan Nowlin, secretary-treasurer; 
Susan Ulrich ROW 2: Terry Anderson, Mary Ann Strauss, Susan Theobald, Susan Schuller, Jacqueline Dickey, Janet Castor, Janice 
Zalimeni, Adrianne Roth, Joan Tassile, Susanna Lepola. 


A A 

• « f\ 

ROW 1: Mary Leath, Cheryl Zevchik, Susan Pfeifer, Janice Smith, Diane Marsh, Bette Wands, Etta Gilmore, Gail Gombert, Becky Visher, Velma Turner, Melenie Miller, Suzanne Denne, 
Nancy McLinn, Kathleen Finnekan, Bonnie Minth ROW 2: Cheryl Love, Gloria Zahler, Joan Louden, Sandy Everhart, Arlene Grambo, Betsey DeCorps, Marie Matis, Judy Tilk, Joyce 
Smith, Brigitte Biermann, Johanna Phillips, Loraine Simcox, Maureen Byrne, Paula Everett, Wanda Wood ROW 3: Robert Hill, Thomas Benner, Bruce Horn, Daniel Hursey, James Swan, 
George Bakalar, Richard McMullin, Mike Seredick, Robert Manzari, Tim Zuschin, David Carroll, Jerry Campbell, Kenneth Zmudzinski ROW 4: Ronald Parks, Bill Griffith, James Block- 
inger, Jerome Kowalski, Richard Lane, William Bess, Harry Marko, William Ott, Virgil Kasperavicius, Douglass Srsen, Philip Koplow, Lawrence Thomas, John Biros, Dave Shively, Dennis 


A man that has a taste for music . . . is like one 
that has another sense, when compared with such as 
have no relish of the arts. 

Joseph Addison 


Men's Glee Club 

Women's Glee Club 

ROW 1: Michael Chiple, Ronald Gordon, Martin John Kralik, Tom Hizer, Glen Mikolanda, Bill Raynovich, Charles Florian, Larry Costick, Chuck Piazza, Robert Manzari, Gary Win- 
son, Lester Bell, John Shoop, William Dobbins, Joseph Beck, Director,- Carol Murphy, accompanist. ROW 2: William Fuller, David Hottensmith, Jerome Kowalski, Jim Voorhees, Rick 
Taylor, John Moenk, James Hedder, Donn Durkee, Ken Granville, Edward HofFee, Richard Mischak, Leonard Walters, Jerry Lint, Henry Brinager, Stanley DiDente ROW 3: Terry 
Crawford, James Swan, Lee Schurr, LeRoy Arnold, Richard Magnuson, David Hurd, Ray Palcic, William Ott, Virgil Kasperavicius, Ralph Dietz, Joseph Hath, Phil Hawkins, Raymond 
Harcar, Richard Poole, Dave Brandt, Louis Pazderski, Grahm Peters. 

#s d 

4^-. Tin: -^A-M^k ^\ ^S ^\ ^^ 

** fi • v - % f • i ff I f *f * *r* f * * * " §-" ? 'ft 

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• , i i » » i ' t t * 

% 9 % * fc 

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AM- ^ 

f 1 4 * * 

ROW 1: Mary Alice Savory, Theodora Boser, Lynn Robinson, Anne Llewellyn, Nancy Binford, Kathy Reinig, Bobbi Beitler, Cecilia Muenze, Liz Papas, Barbara Wolfe, Jackie Vin- 
son, Sally Parsh, Karen Dauer, Sherry Gynn, Cheryl Molnar, Barbie Abels, Karan Harlan, Joseph Beck, director ROW 2: Eldean Feiler, Margaret Titus, Jean Titus, Sandra Walters, 
Betty Szabo, Linda Farnsworth, Barbara Terlek, Phyllis Fleming, Arlene Knize, Barbara Lizak, Carol McConihay, Joann Samsa, Donna Ferdinand, Rosemarie Stachura, Karen Call, 
Margaret Williams, Jean Slicker, Charlee Marie Guy ROW 3: Judy Schubert, Karen Kindsvatter, Judy Creel, Beverly Kovach, Pam Conley, Joanne Severino, Barbara Frazee, Pamela 
Hunter, Alison Morrow, Kitty Deames, Virginia Schmid, Kathleen Trabert, Penelope Abbott, Nancy Peterson, Joyce Whitehouse, Suzanne Morgan, Carol Sturkunt, Christine Kegley, 
Cheryl Akins ROW 4: Donna Mayers, Becky Work, Martha Fisher, Sue Anne Dye, Cindy Gates, Carol Ann Baron, Luanne Snedden, Jean Anderson, Connie Schray, Marlene Zdravje, 
Pamela Wason, Linda Ryberg, Janet Shamp, Joyce Betancourt, Maureen Byrne, Mary Jane Giannobile, Bonnie Holmes. 


ROW 1: Frank Latona, Charles Erwin, C. Thomas Hizer III, Capt. Dennis Gibson, advisor ROW 2: Kent Wolcott, James Rider, squadron com- 
mander, David Bigler, Gerald Dei me I, Frederick Birkner, administrative officer, Kenneth Zmudzinski, Michael Fergus ROW 3: John R. Klingen- 
smith, Harold Careway, William Maki, Douglas O'Hara, Gary Gale, Jack Linger, Lynn Feterle, Richard Swasey, executive officer. 

Arnold Air 


Arnold Air Society is a professional honorary service organization of se- 
lected AFROTC cadets. A nationally recognized organization with squad- 
rons at all universities having AFROTC, its main function is to increase the 
interest of cadets in ROTC and in the Air Force in general, and to help 
cadets develop the leadership qualities required of an officer. Arnold Air 
Society also seeks to increase respect toward AFROTC by performing 
several functions for the University and Kent area, including ushering at 
football games, marshalling at commencement, and holding annual Christ- 
mas and Easter parties for underprivileged children in conjunction with 
Angel Flight, which it sponsors. 

Angel Flight women are the official 
hostesses for the AFROTC on campus. 
Participating in many activities, the 
angels can be seen marching in the 
ROTC Day, Campus Day and Memo- 
rial Day parades, ushering at the foot- 
ball games, and giving campus tours 
to prospective students. Welfare proj- 
ects include sponsoring a Christmas 
and Easter party for underprivileged 
children, providing a needy family 
with a Thanksgiving dinner, and 
adopting an orphan (the area Angel 
Flight project). This year the Flight 
acts as spirit booster for an adopted 
squadron in Viet Nam. The Angels 
participate with the Arnold Air So- 
ciety in many welfare and social 

ROW 1: Susan Murphy, comptroller; Barbara Tercek, executive commander; Candace Richeson, com- 
mander; Cherie Smith, administrative services officer; JoAnn Hartsock, information service officer ROW 2; 
Nancy Drown, Christine Romanin, Jo Ann Smilanich, Sondra Geel, liaison officer, Barbara Lindak. 

Wing Staff 

The wing staff of the 630th AFROTC 
cadet wing is responsible for origi- 
nating and coordinating nearly all 
of the activities of the organization. 
Under a commander and his execu- 
tive officer, the operations, person- 
nel, information, supply, security and 
law enforcement, accounting and 
finance, administrative officers and 
the wing inspector perform their du- 
ties as a part of the leadership 
training program leading to a com- 
mission as a Second Lieutenant in the 
United States Air Force. They coordi- 
nate with the Army ROTC brigade in 
planning such joint events as the 
Military Ball, ROTC Day, ARMAF 
Day and Honors Day. They are se- 
lected on a basis of leadership, schol- 
arship, and future Air Force career 


ROW 1: Gerald Brezina, 632nd group commander; Franke Winkler, wing security and law staff officer; Charles 
Erwin, wing administrative officer; Carl Detrow, wing information officer ROW 2: Kent Wolcott, wing com- 
mander; James Rider, wing executive officer; Charles Dimond, accounting and finance officer; Roger Hart, 
wing inspector,- James Nehrer, 631st group commander; Richard Kettler, wing operations officer; Major Wil- 
liam Reed, commander of cadets. 

Kent State University's Air Force ROTC Drill Team, the Silver Eagles, was 
organized in 1959. Select freshmen, sophomore, and junior cadets com- 
prise the membership whose three-fold purpose is: (1) to instill lead- 
ership through close order drill; (2) to instill interest in AFROTC; and, (3) 
to perform before interested groups. Each year the Eagles perform at Cam- 
pus Day and Memorial Day parades, K. S. U. football and basketball 
games, and the Honors Day program. Periodically they are called upon 
to perform ceremonial and escort duties. The Silver Eagles is a proud or- 
ganization which tries to develop high standards of scholarship, character, 
and leadership. 

!OW 1: Kittredge Smith, commander, JoAnn Smilanich, sponsor, Chandler Blewett, David Pryce, Robert Kragel, Monte Lee, Robert Welch, exhibition flight commander, Capt. Thomas 
/elly, advisor ROW 2: Donald Harris, Joseph Scheiring, Richard Schneeberger, Richard Bokal, Steven Autry, Ronald Hrovat ROW 3: David Moyers, Michael Lomaka, William Viechaber, 
lobert Rieneckert, Andrew Rosenberg, Robert Rhode, Dean Harrison, Richard Kawalek ROW 4: Timothy Tryon, Kip Krieger, Mark Galvanese, David Kline, Willie Cobbin, John Tate, 
/ike Gaiffe, Thomas Peltoma, Michael Danzey, Stephen Campbell, Charles Davis ROW 5: Steven Rhule, John Dolhun, Dennis Cochran, Mark Wiler, Gene Petrus, Kermit Thiele, Ernest 
lotos, James Small, John Finn, Vincent Balunas, Arthur Winston, Robert Szoka, Richard Crislip, Robert Hornack. 


Founded in 1894 at the University of Ne- 
braska by Lt. John J. Pershing, it developed 
into a national military fraternity. P/R's . . . 
160 companies . . . ROTC elite . . . KSU chap- 
ter— 1949 . . . Honor Company ... 1st Place, 
Straight Squad, Regimental Drill Meet . . . 
Recruit Drill Meet ... 12 week recruit period 
. . . smoker . . . discipline . . . "DROP!" . . . 
spitshines . . . "PT" . . . Military Ball . . . Cord 
Ball ... P/R Field Problem . . . Ravenna Ar- 
senal . . . early morning drill— 6:00 . . . Cin- 
cinnati . . . Fort Knox Field Trip . . . parades 
in Kent, Ravenna, Cuyahoga Falls . . . Fresh- 
man Preview . . . elections . . . P/R picnic. 

Company K-l 

ROW 1: Don Farley, 1st It. executive officer; Kathleen Richards, sponsor; 
Clark Gasper, 1st Lt. operations officer ROW 2: John Butler, 2nd Lt. finance 
and supply officer; Thomas Dubberly, 1st Sgt. 

ROW 1: Dennis Thomas, Thomas Wescott, Paul Masters, John Pachuta, Brian Matthew Toll ROW 2: Richard Gorka, Arthur Hayes, Jr., Nicholas Bozick, Thomas Rohn, Nicholas 
Scott, Robert Hayes, Dennis Fisher ROW 3: Martin Sellers, James Oakes, Allen Graham, James Browne, George Hofling Jr., Jerry Young, William Krahl, Paul Russell ROW 4: Wil- 
liam Taulbee, Robert Keefer, Daniel Budnick, William Powers, John Horvath, Barry Gilbert, Leo Koenig, Thomas De Frange, Tim Sengpiel, Jo Arbaugh, Dennis Snyder, Dave 
Brandt. ROW 5: Robert Anderson, Paul Layshock, Gerald Butler, Philip DiBianca, Theodore McDermott, Wayne Chunat, Gaspare Aluzzo, Daniel McGown, David Blackman, Franz 
Steidl, Roger Tarbox. 


ROW 1: John R. Cushing, commanding officer; Robert W. Brock, 
finance and supply officer; Major J. T. Morgan, advisor ROW 2: 
Steven C. Bell, 1st Lt. executive officer; Mark W. Arnold, 1st Sgt. 

Scabbard and 

An eagle and crossed sabres make 
up the distinctive seal of Scabbard 
and Blade, a military fraternity open 
to select Army ROTC Cadets in the ad- 
vanced program. The group develops 
the ideals and practices of military ed- 
ucation by sponsoring speakers from 
the regular Army and holding tactical 
field exercises for practical training 

The Scabbard and Blade Sabre Team 
has marched in numerous parades 
both on and off campus, and has 
formed a color guard for homecom- 
ing, commencement, and the mock 



Company Commander 

ROW 1: John R. Cushing, Mark Arnold, Robert W. Brock, Steven C. Bell ROW 2: Price Reinert, Thomas Weaver, Steve Rybar, 
Robert Schindler ROW 3: Thomas A. Howard, Alan M. Dias, Daniel T. Hubbard, Mark P. Siegel, Gary P. Thornberry. 


ROW 1: Douglas Pritt, president; Karen Schultz, vice president; Melvyn Woodward, advisor; Patricia Strausser, secretary; Robert 
Merchak, treasurer ROW 2: Dale Roberts, Neil Rose, Thomas Borden, Richard Rossiter, David Parkinson, Donna Moloney, Lynda 
Wilgus, Fred Nemecek ROW 3: Peter Brown, Richard Alesch, Ronald Briggs, Ronald Fogg, Thomas Opperman, David Wilson, 
Richard Gainar. 


The Society for Advancement of Management, the 
recognized national professional organization of 
managers in industry, commerce, government, and 
education, and the pioneer in management philoso- 
phy, has been dedicated to the advancement of man- 
agement and of management men since 1912 when 
the original Taylor Society was established. 

The University Chapters are dedicated to the de- 
velopment of tomorrow's managers today. They pro- 
vide a bridge between the theoretical training of the 
University and the practical world of business and 
management. 210 Chapters have been chartered in 
leading colleges and universities in the United States, 
Canada, Puerto Rico, and Iraq. 

The Immediate Objectives: 

1. To bring together executives in business and 
students preparing to go into business. 

2. To serve as an effective medium for the ex- 
change and distribution of information on the 
problems, policies, and techniques of manage- 
ment and industry. 

3. To provide students with the opportunity to par- 
ticipate in the organizing, planning, directing, 
and controlling of the activities of an organiza- 
tion dedicated to the promotion and advance- 
ment of the art and science of management. 

Membership is open to interested parties. 

Kent Quarterly 

Robert Peterson, Ronald Stevens, Jane Rosenberger, Sherry Mullet, Ed Chipps, Chick Hammer, Rick Taylor, editor; Julie 
Thomas, editor,- Barbara C Tener, adviser,- Jack Cantwell, editor; Lee Lassie, editor,- Randy Sheets. 

ROW 1: Martin A. Wick, treasurer,- Rev. John J. Pallante, moderator,- John H. Krupa, president; Jeanne Halter, corresponding secretary,- Pat Arrendondo, vice president; 
Betty Szabo, recording secretary ROW 2: Sheila Monks, Marilyn Henz, Dorothy Kara, Kathy Connors, Peggie Moore, Cheryl Petric, Cassandra Reese, Carla Rauer, Phyllis 
Horstemeyer, Holly Gillespie, Sandy Marco ROW 3: Carol Stafinski, Sue Wencko, Joanne Boros, Joanne Fakult, Dottie Reicosky, John Arbuckle, Bonnie Kirsch, Adeline 

Thomas, Mitch Vance, William Murin, Judy Beyer, Bill Steinriede, Tony Mussari. 

Newman Parish 


The program of the Newman Student 
Parish is directed to meet the spiritual, 
educational, and cultural needs of the 
student population. 

In addition to a full program of 
religious exercises and theology 
classes offered to students wishing to 
participate, members are given many 
opportunities to interact socially. 

The Newman Parish has sponsored 
quarterly mixers, nightly coffee hours, 
open houses, and semi-formal dances 
—all well-attended and greatly ap- 
preciated by the students. 

The urge to serve has impelled groups 
of parishioners to offer their services 
to the Summit County Receiving Hospi- 
tal, the Kent City Welfare Depart- 
ment, and less fortunate members of 

As a student organization, the New- 
man Parish fits into the University and 
its program of student activities. In 
short, it hopes to complement cam- 
pus life by providing for the needs of 
the Catholic student population— with- 
out creating a ghetto— and establish- 
ing valuable and lasting relationships 
with students of all religions. 

Wesley Foundation 

The Wesley Foundation is a ministry of 
the Methodist Church open to all stu- 
dents on campuses of state-supported 
universities and colleges. 

This year the Foundation moved into a 
new building which includes class 
rooms, dining facilities, a library, study 
rooms, and a chapel. This chapel, de- 
signed with faceted glass to resemble 
a lantern, inspired the name of the 
Wesley coffee house— the Lantern. 

The Foundation sponsors weekly Sun- 
day dinners at cost followed by a pro- 
gram, Wednesday evening Chapel 
services, "The Lantern"— operated Fri- 
day and Saturday evenings with enter- 
tainment, the Wesley Players, The Wes- 
ley Choir, and individual pastoral 

ROW 1: Christina Fisher, Virginia Andrich, vice president, Carol Boyer ROW 2: Karen Zimmer, Linda Goodrich, Nancy 
Crossen, Judy Taylor, treasurer, Patricia Coad ROW 3: Laurence Ward, Gordon Jones, Bill Norman, president, Walter 


1 • 

M? %£m%i-YAtal, 

Jl / 

Mm El 7 Jl 




ROW 1: Metvyn Mamula, vice president, Beatrice DeMartini, Bessie Lambrou, Carol Barson, secretary; Michael 
Dubetz, advisor ROW 2: Maria Ivanovich, Janice Fall, Joanne Pesich, Barbara Lizak, president; John Rohal, treas- 

Relocation and expanding membership were the words keynoting the 
Kent State Chapter of Sigma Theta Epsilon. After moving into their new 
quarters in the new Wesley Foundation on West Main, the brothers began 
cleaning up the church and recruiting new members. One of the goals of the 
fraternity, "to cultivate a more intimate Christian fellowship among men of 
Methodist preference," is accomplished through the service-social program. 

Although primarily an organization of service both to the church and civic 
organizations, the fraternity sports an active social program. Highlights of 
fall quarter include a pumpkin party, the annual active-pledge football 
game, the Thanksgiving service, and the annual tree-trimming party. The 
annual Winter Formal and the Founder's Day Banquet top the social calen- 
dar for winter and spring quarters. 

Sigma Theta 

/ 1: George Bokalar, president; Norm Hladik, vice president; Walt Brown, secretary-treasurer; Dayton M. Peterson, advisor ROW 2: Jeffrey Fair, Richard Patterson, Gary 
orook, Timothy Phillips, Dennis Bowler, Richard Fabritius, Jay Taylor ROW 3: Rev. A. Duane Frayer, sponsor; Bill Norman, Daniel Newell, Jack Casey, Gordon Jones, Ken- 
Hartzell, Randy Els, Richard Locke. 


The Christian Science college organi- 
zation is continually striving to ac- 
quaint the college community with 
Christian Science. Weekly testimony 
meetings and an annual lecture are 
sponsored by the organization to give 
all interested persons the opportunity 
to learn more about Christian Science. 
The meetings include readings from 
the Bible and the Christian Science 
textbook and a testimony period. 

ROW 1: Ronald Stevens, treasurer, Netty Douglass, Dr. Charles W. Keith, advisor ROW 2: 
Margaret Mather, Nancy Page, Jackie Snyder, Kathy Green, secretary ROW 3: Sally Brain, 
Jan Brundage, Lowell Cannon, president. 


Members of Gamma Delta, Interna- 
tional Association of Lutheran stu- 
dents, pursued the many-faceted 
goals of Christian knowledge and 

Often in cooperation with the Faith 
Lutheran Church, the organization 
conducts group discussions, service 
projects, and social events which im- 
plement its purposes. 

This year's activities were highlighted 
by vibrant discussions, an initiation 
ceremony for pledges, a winter re- 
treat in Michigan, a hayride, a skating 
party, and a spring convention at 
Michigan State. 

ROW 1: Elaine Begalke, vice president, Catherine Pemberton, Bonnee Iffland, treasurer ROW 
2: Linda Lege, Noreen Lahl, David Stamman, preisdent, Hillard Ranta, advisor. 


ROW 1: Susan Pfeifer, 1st vice president; Sandra Hardy, corresponding secretary,- Dianne Smith, secretary, Susan Hale, treasurer,- Bonnie Blue, 2nd vice president; Lois Strausser, presi- 
dent ROW 2: Mrs. Glen Ludick, patroness; Linda McClain, Nancy Crossen, Virginia Andrich, Anne McKee, Marjorie Simpson, Rebecca Nahmi, Karen Zimmer, Barbara Baker, Linda 
Goodrich, Carol Boyer, Judy Taylor, Roberta Ebert, Mrs. Dayton Peterson, patroness ROW 3: Mary Priscilla Greene, Karen West, Kathleen Marie Trabert, Sharon Franklin, Marjorie 

Cranston, Patricia Coad, Janet Gabert, Maxine Cunningham, Patricia Strausser, Rebecca Hertzig, Nancy Nash, Christine Fisher, Susan Oliver. 

Kappa Phi 

It has been a busy year in the new Wesley Foundation for 
the members of Kappa Phi, a national Methodists service 
sorority. Their motto is "Others," and their aim is to en- 
courage every Methodist woman in the University world to 
become a growing Christian and an active participant in the 
church of today and tomorrow. The insignia of Kappa Phi 
is a pink rose, the pine tree, and a lighted candle. A Rose 
Tea is held fall quarter to acquaint freshmen women with 
the organization. Any Methodist woman student or any wom- 
an attending the Methodist church by preference while on 
campus is eligible for membership. 


ROW 1: Mary Peabody, John Pritchard, treasurer, Carolyn Baxter ROW 2: Joanie Skelton, sec- 
retary; Marty Blachly, president; Vincent Stigliano, Nancy Habeck ROW 3: William Tolliver, 
Douglas Grayson, Kenneth Kubichek, Dave Shively, Thomas Westcott. 

Inter- Varsity 


Inter-Varsity is a national student movement 
which traces its spiritual foundations back to 
Cambridge University in 1877. It was incor- 
porated in the U.S.A. in 1940; Kent State's 
charter chapter was established in 1945. 

The group is composed of students from 
many different churches, who meet each Fri- 
day night for a speaker, film, discussion, or 
"singspiration." Inter-Varsity holds a prayer 
meeting each day at noon which is strongly 
supported by commuters and on-campus stu- 
dents alike. 

A wide variety of socials are held through- 
out the year, as well as week-end confer- 
ences with students from other campuses. 
Inter-Varsity provides an opportunity for 
wholesome fellowship and spiritual growth 
during the college years. 


The Hillel Foundation is one of the 
most active groups on campus. With 
one-hundred-and-fifty members, it en- 
hances the social and cultural needs of 
the Jewish students at Kent State. 
Dances, hayrides, lectures, and social 
services are an integral part of the Hil- 
lel program. 

The name of Hillel is now part of the 
American university tradition and is on 
more than two-hundred campuses in 
the United States. In association with 
the names of Wesley and Newman, it 
helps to integrate the spiritual values 
of the historic religions with the life 
of the university. 

ROW 1: Stuart Jay Katz, Rita Renee Kohen, Lynn Morris, secretary ROW 2: Howard Alrshuler, 
treasurer,- Barbara Lamden, vice president; Noel Pugach, adviser; David Nittskoff, president. 


Kent Internationals 

With nearly 200 students from 60 countries, the Kent Internationals have 
experienced a very significant increase in the number of members and 
others, on and off-campus, who attend their bi-weekly meetings. The Friday 
evening meetings usually feature a particular country. The program, 
arranged by the students from that country, includes a speaker, film, singing 
or dancing. A social hour follows the program. 

All students, faculty, and townspeople are eligible for membership and par- 
ticipation in Club activities. Annual highlights of the Club are a Fall dance, 
the International Festival in March, and the Embassy Ball in May. Other 
activities include industrial tours, visits to historical and cultural sites, and 

Founded in 1958, the Kent Internationals Club strives to promote a better 
understanding among the International and American students; to help 
International students become acquainted with themselves and the Ameri- 
can way of life; to give American students an opportunity of acquainting 
themselves with customs and traditions in other countries; and to give stu- 
dents opportunities, individually and collectively, to pursue these expressed 
goals and pursuits. 

ROW 1: Khosrow Forovahi, president; Janet Wilson, treasurer; larisa Schaposchnic, Fa rid Fozouni, Isaac Abovitz, Henry Mirima, Gulbarg Basi, vice president ROW 2: Wil- 
liam Kwalazi, Davoud Yedidsion, Susan Lamb, Mamie Shepperd, Irene Levy, Azael Vargas, Barbara Zwick, Pamela Franzen, Marva Trotter, Moses Musonda, Michele 
Louis ROW 3: Mark Anthony, advisor, Rafael Chen, P. M. Kayeithi, Titus Munyasya, Mebrahtu Habtemariam, Jaspal Mann, Henry Agoya, Jose Vargas, Tom Takahasi, 
Uche Onyebuchi, Andreas Davidz. 



Katherine Kynyk, secretary, Mary Pankiw, 
Orysia Lagoszniak, treasurer ROW 2: Ro- 
mano Wyrsta, Mary Zabolotny, Irene La- 
nola, Jeri Korenewych, Mary Mandzia, 
Nadia Demczuk ROW 3: Roman Koko- 
dyniak, president; Jerry Shutovich, vice 
president; Russ Kowaisky. 

"What is the purpose of our being here?" the president 
asked us. Though we didn't get into the philosophical 
aspects of the question, some of us searched for the 

I joined the organization because it is doing something 
for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties. It can present the op- 
posing viewpoints of different groups on campus, and 
make the students aware of the social problems of our 

The NAACP can cut down the apathy on this campus . . . 
Education is more than learning, and we as members of 
the NAACP are responsible for part of the education of 
this campus. 

The NAACP's historic role is to be alert to problems and 
to attack them in a conscientious way. 

It has been said that when a belief is based upon nothing, 
it is hard to chip that belief away-BUT CHIP WE MUST! 

In addition to the more obvious function of 
promoting cultural and social activities among 
students of Ukrainian descent, the Ukrainian 
Club seeks to arouse campus interest in the 
Ukrainian culture. 

The club, choosing activity as the path to 
achievement, participates in many university 
functions and presents Ukrainian culture dis- 
plays on campus in addition to demonstrating 
their enthusiasm by participating in the In- 
ternational Festival each year. 


ROW 1: Pamela Lincoln, Susan Cohen, Janis Shutts, Beverly Pello, Mary Leath, Charles Chase ROW 2: Paul Nelson, James Anderson, Michael Bennett, 
president; Donald Thigpen Jr., Gerald Duckett, Randinne Fisch, Elaine Thomas, Patricia Fain ROW 3: Charles Garnet Davis, John Marshall, Donna Beal- 
ko, Robert E. Lloyd, vice president; Karen L. Mclntire, John McDonell, treasurer,- Marschelle D. Simmons, James F. Rafferty. 

ROW 1: Eva Medved, advisor,- Mrs. Joyce Sullivan, advisor; Naomi Wilhelm, corresponding secretary,- Dorothy Seaman, treasurer; Virginia Hutchison, 
secretary; Judith Ross, vice president ROW 2: Jaycine Zuk, Claudia Joy, Karen Beck, Karen Ramsier, Patty Hudock, Shirley Sikora, Virginia Wagner, 
Phyllis Head, Barbara Lizak, Jackie Snyder, Ginny Rickard, Kathy Zucchero, Lenore Miller, Debbe Misevic, Jean Burlingame ROW 3: Pamela Luttner, 
Connie Bretton, Carol Gauer, Jeanne Kehrli, Jana O'Laskey, Cindy DeLong, Jean Wyszynski, Jo Ellen Nelson, Jean Reed, Susan Hale, Carol Elek, Linda 
Hazlett, Susan Adcock, Janet McKee, Judy Beyer, Millie Barr, Susan Hornberger, Diane Syverson. 

Home Economics 

The Kent State University Home Economics 
Chapter is affiliated with the American 
Home Economics Association. The purpose of 
the Chapter is to promote and encourage 
professional growth of the college students 
in areas of home economics. This year the 
Chapter has acted as official hostesses in 
the new Nixson Hall and presented Home 
Economics Career programs in area high 
schools. There are approximately eighty 
members in the organization. 

The Home Economics Chapter, originally the 
Home Economics Club, was the first social 
organization established on the Kent State 
University Campus. 

ROW 1: Linda Elliott, Joseph Patton, Alice 
Roth, Bob Chaleff, Pat Mickel, secretary; 
Philip Elwood, treasurer ROW 2: Steve Dia- 
niska, president,- Frank Janecek, Lecky Mc- 
Kinney, Grant Brees, Gordon Moore, Mary 
Metsker, Nicholas Obee, Roger Dengler, 
vice president ROW 3: Charles Portis, Wil- 
liam Tolliver, Shack Whitehouse, Richard 

What's that noise? It's coming from over 
there! Let's see what's going on! You 
wander into a dimly lit corridor much like 
a French cabaret with red lights surrounding 

If your eardrums are shatter-proof, if you 
are shock-resistant, you will survive and love 

Several members of the KSU Rifle Pistol Club 
are expert marksmen and belong to the Na- 
tional Rifle Association. The club meets at 
the R.O.T.C. Range during the year and of- 
fers instruction to beginners in rifle and pistol 

Drop by sometime and see a great group in 
action but don't make any sudden moves. 

Rifle and Pistol 

ui r. 


31 • i 


• * 
i » ' 



ROW 1: Nikki Sensenich, adviser,- Colleen Turney, secretary; Sherrill Leloup, Marianne Overbay, Karen Keevan, Heather 
Wiseman, junior director; Kathie Douglas ROW 2: Linda Hartman, Sally Stewart, Nancy Pfouts, Roxana Rohrich, Lynn 
Mechir, Susie Carpenter, Sharon Conley, Cheri Engleright, Jill Engroff, Ann Fraser ROW 3: Jolie Cowden, Shirley Harris, 
Cindi Coleman, Donna Pratt, Karen Byerly, Gail Turoso, Judy Hocevar, Liz Jackson, Ruth Glowacki. 



This year's Varsity "K" added to the status of the organization on 
campus by actively participating in various functions. In addition to 
their regular service duties of ushering and escorting, other activi- 
ties including the Annual Winter Dance and the Annual Spring 
Picnic helped strengthen the bond among athletes. The attempts to 
institute a scholarship fund, provide speakers for high schools, and 
assist in establishing a standards code for athletes added diversifi- 
cation to the club's program. 

As a result of the expansion of the athletic program at Kent State, 
all lettermen have become aware that their future standing on this 
campus is dependent not only upon their won-lost record, but upon 
their ability to maintain a favorable image with other students, 
members of the university staff and the community. All "K" men 
have accepted the challenge and intend to raise the stature of the 
club and of the University. 

ROW 1: Pete Foley, Ed Colin, Lucian Gatewood, Jay Firzlaff, Pete Lorandeau, Bruce Clark, Tom Griggy ROW 2: Jerry Soltis, Steve Licht, Larry Rosche, Larry Carmichael, Ron Mollric, 
Bill Lane, Stan Rozycki, Thomas Clements, Bob Gendler ROW 3: Thomas Johnson, William Herbert, Ron Pitts, Paul Seidlecki, Tom Zuppke, Dennis Guenther, Richard Swasey, Steve 
Dianiska, William Steinriede, Fred Albrecht, vice president ROW 4: Fred Gissendaner, secretary. Bill Pratt, Lonnie Maich, Rick Neitzelt, Wally Frlich, Robert Rinehart, Chet Williams, 
advisor, William Asbury, Don Seanor, Wilson Graham, John Michaluk, president. 


ft K ft K H ft 

I ™< 

^ # /» . 

Go . . . 

ROW 1: Sally Dyke, captain 

ROW 2; Nancy Sell, Jo Ann Smilanich, 

ROW 3: Pal Fisher, Cherylanne Basinski, Janice Smith 



Help Wanted! 130 special assistants to new K.S.U. students. 
Immediate openings for college women seeking opportunity, 
honor, and excellent fringe benefits. 

Education: a knowledge of everything and its purpose. 

Essentials: sound character,- effective leadership, high schol- 
arship,- wholesome motivation and most important 
of all, a sincere interest in others and a desire to 
be of assistance to them. 

Full-time days and nights. Work begins Spring Quarter. Im- 
portant paper work includes summer letters to new students 
assigned to residence halls answering questions about clothes, 
facilities of the university and residence hall, sororities, and 
new student week. 

Five-day training program in the fall. Active service begins the 
day new freshmen and transfer students arrive on campus. 
Duties include helping staff in opening the halls, checking the 
new students into the hall, showing them to their rooms and 
assisting them with mailbox combinations. Also included are 
meetings with the new students the week before classes begin 
and during the quarter for discussions of the facilities of the 
hall, hall government, hall rules and regulations, and campus 
and academic living. 

If interested, ask anyone about the "link between the Dean of 
Women's Office and new freshmen and transfer women ..." 
Student Staff! 

,9 » 




Symphony Band 

Edward L. Masters, conductor 

Varsity Band 

William J. McCann, conductor 

Kent Stater 

ROW 1; Lennie Egon, Sharon Buchanan, Barb Hille, Eileen Shannon. ROW 2: Leigh Herington, Fran Craig, Gary Smith, Gary Hartman, Jim 
Toms, Sandy Smith, Robert Beres, Donna Grimm, Max Brown. 

Joe Sheibley, spring editor 

Gary Hartman, fall editor 

Sandy Smith, winter editor 


f i 



"W »* 

William A. Fisher, adv 

Deadline time arouses a turmoil that only one who 
has worked on a publication can appreciate. With 
the deadline for the inside pages falling at noon 
and the one for the front page falling at six the day 
before publication, the Stater staff is in a constant 
race of newsgathering, typing, editing, proofing, 
and laying out the material for the edition. The 
paper is finally put to bed at 8:30 p.m. as the 
presses start to roll. 

With a larger budget from allocations, the Stater 
has been putting out an eight page edition once a 
week, with the regular four pages the other three 

The editor and business manager for each quarter 
are appointed by the Publications Policy Committee. 
The positions are open to any full-time student in 
good standing. 




% v 


. . .. - 




*~ x ->- ' 





^» ">» h wKkM 

» * 

■L 1 * 


The 1965 edition of Coach Leo Strang's Flash footballers proved 
to be the best in recent Kent history, finishing with a winning 5—4—1 
record and falling an inch short of grabbing the MAC champion- 

The team opened its season with a 21—14 loss at the hands of Xa- 
vier, but bounced back a week later to dump Dayton 14—6. A 27— 
10 MAC romp over Ohio U put the Flashes in the drivers' set in the 
conference, and they held on to the lead one more week with a 
sparkling 24—13 home victory over always-tough Miami. Western 
Michigan dealt the Flashes a 10—10 tie in Kalamazoo, but Kent still 
had to be beaten to be out of the race. That trick was turned on the 
home field the next week, as Bowling Green edged Strang's troops 
7—6 in one of the hardest fought games of the season. Toledo sur- 
prised the slumping Flashes with a 7—3 upset win, and then came 
the jaunt into the East for a 21—6 lashing at the hands of Penn State, 
a game in which Kent State showed great promise after the first 
quarter. But the Flashes finished strong, besting MAC foe Marshall 
33—13 and non-conference rival Louisville 7—6. 

The turning point of the MAC season came against Bowling Green 
in the Homecoming game. Leading the conference at the time, Kent's 
bid for the title fell an inch short when fullback Willie Asbury was 
halted on a fourth-down plunge. The result that rainy day was a 
7—6 BG win and the finish of a hoped-for brilliant season. Aside from 
Asbury's many honors, cornerback Pat Gucciardo, guard Jon Brooks, 
and center Ed Musbach all were named to the MAC first team. 
Sophomore Billy Blunt became the greatest pass catcher in the school's 
history, setting records for most passes caught in a season (30), most 
yards in a season (337), and most catches in a game (7) against Miami. 
Senior quarterback Ron Mollric rewrote the record book on punting 
and now holds all but one school mark for kicking. Tom Zuppke also 
holds all standards for field goals. 


«**•• t 






81— D. Abbott, 79— E. Ames, 36— W. Asbury, 66— B. Bals, 20— B. Blunt, 68— J. Brooks, 44— L. Burton, 30— T. Clements, 64— B. Covington, 61— R. Domin, 24— G. Eckard, 33— D. Fitzgerald, 
71— L Fraley, 75— W. Frlich, 46— F. Gorgon, 29— L. Gatewood, 42— F. Gissendaner, 32— K. Golosh, 28— P. Gucciardo, 82— D. Guenther, 14— L. Harris. 34— B. Hido, 67— R. Hoover, 62— 
R. Hoyne, 87— B. Irwin, 40— T. Johnson, 22— C. Jones, 63— E. Jonseof, 21— V. King, 53— C. Kuntzman, 70— T. Kuras, 35— D. Landis, 55— B. Landis, 54— R. Lazor, 89— T. Lipak, 69-D. 
Lutsch, 84— L. Maich, 65— J. Michaluk, 16— R. Mollric, 19— D. Montrella, 50— E. Musbach, 85— T. Nardo, 22— J. Porrish, 72— R. Reidenbaugh, 78— B. Rinehart, 86— G. Seither, 88— J, 
Soltis, 52— A. Sparks, 18— C. Stikes, 12— R. Swartz, 73— S. Tarle, 60— A. Tate, 77— H. Tennebar, 10— B. Von Valkenburg, 80— B. Witukiewicz, 48-L. Zuercher, 83— T. Zuppke. 

The Willie Asbury story, probably one of the greatest come- 
back epilogues to ever hit the KSU campus, came to a happy 
close on Nov. 28 as the big fullback signed a professional 
football contract with the new Atlanta Falcons of the Na- 
tional Football League. 

But Willie will be long remembered at Kent for the heroics 
he displayed on the Flash gridiron in 1965, and the record 
books likewise will for a long time hold sacred the name of 
Willie Asbury. 

Stricken with a serious kidney ailment on the opening day of 
practice in 1964, Willie came back again with the desire of 
a bucking bronco to shatter records and leave a tra-il of 
destruction that Saturday afternoon fans won't soon forget. 

The 228-pound "crusher" was named as MAC's "Back of 
the Year," an all-MAC selection, and honorable mention 
All-American by a major wire service. 

He gained 998 yards to finish eighth in the nation and set 
a new MAC standard of 686 yards in six games, breaking 
the old mark of 612. 

As Kent moved into the East for a game with Penn State, 
the Nittany Lions paid Asbury the compliment of labeling 
him "one of the two best backs to appear on our field." 

Eastern writers also paid tribute to the big running back in 
a way that won't soon be forgotten by anyone who saw 
him in action. They called him, simply and fittingly— "The 
Paul Bunyon of Ohio." 



. \ 













KSU's golfers, playing improved golf all spring, finished their season 
at 12—5—1 for the first winning season ever under coach Jay 
Fischer. The linksters lost their opening match of the season to Ohio 
U, 14V2 to 0, /2, but then went on a five game winning streak before 
being bested by Bowling Green. The team went into the MAC 
championships in Athens tied for the conference lead with Ohio U 
at 9—2. But it ran into bad luck and finished a close seventh in 
the MAC tourney. Top individual honors of the season went to Dick 
Whitney, who averaged 73.1 for the year. Doug Cooper was close 
behind at 73.3 while captain John Sayers closed out the season 
at 74.1. Whitney was the team's leading winner, topping his op- 
ponents 10 times while losing three and tying two. Cooper finished 
with a 9—5—1 mark. 

SEATED: John Sayers STANDING: Jack Bonar, Dick Whitney, Max Brown, Jim Kennedy, Ron Kurtz, Doug Cooper, Dick Yamokoski. Coach Jay Fischer 






' ' 





- P a ' f* 

KNEELING: Ear! Pitzer, Ronald Hughes, Larry Carmichael and Thomas 
Mahl. 2nd ROW: Marty Eisner, Joseph Kuzma, Captain Lowell Williams, 
Pierson Lorandeau, David Wise, Fred Gissendaner, Norman Curry, Thomas 

Wiley, Richard Gibson, Dennis Steele, Charles Kegley (Assistant Coach) 
and Doug Raymond (Head Coach). 

Coach Doug Raymond's 1965 track team had one of the best seasons ever recorded 
by Flash thinclads, racing to an undefeated 6—0 dual meet record. Raymond's boys 
made excellent showings in several large national meets, including the NCAA in- 
door finals at Cobo Hall in Detroit; the USTFF meet at Bakersfield, Cal.; and the 
NCAA outdoor finals at Berkely, Cal. Distanceman Pete Lorandeau was the big 
scorer, running fifth at the NCAA outdoor meet for a new Kent record in the six- 
mile. He finished second in the six-mile at the USTFF and fourth in the three-mile. 
Norm Curry provided thrills in the high jump, setting new school and MAC marks by 
soaring 6' 10" at the MAC meet in Athens. Marty Eisner and Joe Kuzma finished 
one-two in the shot put and discus in Athens, with Eisner setting a conference rec- 
ord in the latter. The Flashes finished an overall fifth in the conference, just two 
points out of third place behind Western, Bowling Green, Miami and OU. The team 
scored impressive dual meet wins over Slippery Rock, Toledo, Wayne State and West 
Virginia, and sneaked past Bowling Green a week before the MAC championships 
by a 69—67 score. 


\ . 

1 965's edition of the Flash tennis team, under coach 
Karl Chesnutt, was impressive enough to improve 
considerably on 1964. The netters ran their dual 
match mark to 6—3, bettering last year's 7—8 rec- 
ord. The team played well enough to grab fifth 
place in the MAC, with the first and third doubles 
teams advancing to the Athens finals. The Kent court 
team had dual match wins over Youngstown, Mar- 
shall, Kenyon, Pittsburgh, Hiram and Bowling Green. 
Top individual performer was senior Ernie Kuhn, who 
finished at 9—1 in dual match singles for the year. 
Next was Julius Bethlenfalvy, sophomore surprise, 
who ran his singles mark to 8—1 on the season. 

ROW 1: Kevin L. Dorr, lucian Gatewood, William E. Sadler ROW 2: Gary P. Williams, Ronald Gooch, 
Julius Bethlenfalvy, Ernie Kuhn (Captain), Karl Chesnutt (Coach) 



II Ml 

M u ii imii^n 




"Alt Uftl 

MM *£» 1 

» 'Yk I 



ROW 1: Batboys Jim Hall, Fred Davidson. ROW 2: Emil Perunko, Dave Lopatich, Paul Siedlecki, Donald Blackburn, Robert Haworth, Robert Carnahan, 
Larry Rosche, Coach Paskert. ROW 3: Paul Zajacz, Jay Firzlaff, William Lane, Roland Hudec, Stan Rozycki, Edward Colin, Warren Armstrong, Joseph San- 
tora, co-captain. ROW 4: Timothy Smith, Albert Nye, William Steinreide, James Murphy, co-captain; Robert Firkins, Larry Zuercher, James Bahry. 

Fielding good baseball teams is no new experience 
for Kent basketball coach Dick "Moose" Paskert, and 
his 1965 diamondmen proved no exception. Paskert's 
troops finished the season at a respectable 11 — 11—1, 
going 5—7 in the MAC. The '65 Flashes got off to a 
slow start on their annual southern trip, winning one 
game from North Carolina Wesleyan and losing two at 
South Carolina. But the team rallied quickly to take 
off on an undefeated MAC season, bombing Marshall 
in two games. Western Michigan proved the crippler 
for Kent in conference play, turning back the Flashes 
5—2 and 13—3. Ohio University won the MAC cham- 
pionship at the expense of the Flashes, 3—2 and 10— 
2 in the season's finale. Biggest non-conference wins 
for Kent came against Notre Dame, as the Flashes 
swept two decisions from the Irish, 5—2 and 5—3. Lead- 
ing hitter for the team was sophomore first baseman 
Bill Steinreide, who slugged at a .31 1 clip. 


Junior cross-country champ Pete Lorandeau recap- 
tured All-American honors with his 9th place finish 
in the NCAA meet at Lawrence, Kansas, while a 
stomach ailment kept sensational sophomore Sammy 
Bair from a duplicate honor. 

Bair, shoulders up with the leaders at the end of three 
miles in the championship race, suffered a flareup of 
an old ailment and staggered home 73rd. 

Coach Doug Raymond's harriers won three of four 
dual meets, losing only a 31—28 decision to Bowl- 
ing Green in an upset. In other meets, Kent de- 

feated Slippery Rock 28-29, Baldwin-Wallace 24- 
41, and West Virginia 28-29. 

Lack of depth hurt the Flashes, as Lorandeau and 
Bair finished 1—2 in each meet. The season boiled 
down to the running of "the big two" after injuries 
and illness felled Curt Battistelli and Earl Pitzer. 

Prior to the big NCAA race, Bair finished second 
and Lorandeau fourth in the Central Collegiates held 
in Chicago. Bair was six seconds behind winner 
John Larson, of Kansas, who later was to win the 
NCAA title. 

Doug Raymond (coach), Pierson Lorandeau, captain, Sam Bair, Paul Anderson, Curt Battistelli, Bruce Clark, Murray Aspden, Jack Tippens, manager. 

: -&'"W.^^' >'. 









ROW 1: Moses Musonda, Gary Holmes, Ed Hall, Paul Steels, Fred Bode and Jim Spasic, co-captains; Jerry Shutovich, Farid Fozouni, George Beuhler, Detlev 
Lindenberg. ROW 2: Rudy Bachna, head coach; Rich Neitzelt, trainer; Ralph Vallecorsa, manager; Tom Wiley, Walter Orloff, Harvey Harris, Morrie Hatch, 
Roman Kokodyniak, Alex Iswarienko, Wiley Zander, Dany WolfF, George Murray, Szolt Feketekuty, Stan Lesser, Jim Haubert, manager,- Fred Davidson, fresh- 
man coach. 

KSU's soccer team, in its first varsity season, 
registered a 4—5—1 mark in the Ohio Col- 
legiate Soccer Association (OCSA). 

Highlight of the booters' season was a 3—2 
win over the University of Michigan and a 
lopsided 11 — 1 victory over Miami. 

Coach Rudy Bachna's squad had many out- 
standing individuals, including Paul Steels 
who sparked the team's offensive attack. 
Steels tied for second place in the OCSA 
scoring chase, booting in 13 goals with 5 as- 
sists for 1 8 points. 

For his defensive work, Moses Musonda re- 
ceived the most valuable defensive award, 
along with being named to the second team 
OCSA. Steels, who was voted the most out- 
standing offensively, got an honorable men- 
tion on the OCSA team along with Jim 
Spasic, Walter Orloff and Tom Wiley. 





» * 

L r* 

f . 



^ **>^ 

i * 



•* «♦ 

» / , 


^ *^y, 

** / 




V— *"• 







Kent cage coach Bob Doll, working on his last season 
at the Flash helm, saw his expected MAC-contenders 
get off to a bright start then falter miserably to finish 
low in the conference standings. Beginning the year 
on a 5—3 note, the Flashes dropped an important 
67—58 decision to Miami that started an eight-game 
losing skid from which the team never recovered. 
The hoopsters compiled an 8—16 overall mark, 3—9 
in the MAC. Leading the scoring parade was senior 
Fred Albrecht, 13.9, and Doug Sims, 12.7. Close be- 
hind in the gunnery chase was sophomore Art Kus- 
nyer, sporting an even 12.0 average. Kent set a new 
team-scoring record, despite its won-lost mark. The 
1965-66 team went over 100-points four times dur- 
ing the season, breaking the old standard of three 
century-plus performances set in 1 964-65. 

MH« t% 

' > 4U xs* '¥# 

)* '» 


ROW 1: Joe Krstich, manager; Jim Bahry, Nick Novosel, Wilson Graham, John Schick, Doug Sims, Dave Billick, Fred Albrecht, Ted Zak, Don Seanor, Art Kusyner, Tom Clink- 
scales, Larry Horner, Tom Purvis, manager. ROW 2: Coaches Bob Doll, Ken Cunningham. 





ROW 1: Tony Ross, Ray Willicms, Al Nadzan, William Drypolcher, Robert Gendler, Tom Griggy, William Bonus. ROW 2: Fred Morgan, William Herbert, Jim Aust, 
Roger Wolfersberger, Tom Galloway, Gary Eton, Terry Rich. ROW 3: Coach Begala, Tony Barski, Vince Schilling, Tony Cassano, Chuck Lindenbaum, Chuck Griggy, Den- 
nis Schurdell, Ed Hertiage, Ray Dietrich. 

Joe Begalo's wrestlers again set the pace for 
winter sports, closing the season with a 
winning record. Important Kent wins came 
over MAC foes Marshall, Western Michigan, 
and Ohio U., while in independent action the 
grapplers shut out Cincinnati 33—0. Kent's 
one setback came against Miami, as the Red- 
skins startled the Flashes 21— 1 1. Top individ- 
ual performers for the Flash matmen were 
Tony Ross (130), Bill Bonus (137), Tom 
Griggy (145), Bob Gendler (152), and Bill 
Herbert (177). 



The name Rudy Bachna is synonymous with gym- 
nastics the world over, and at KSU the veteran 
"Olympic Builder" produces consistent winners to 
keep his reputation. Greatest meets of the 1965-66 
season for Bachna came as the women gymnasts 
scored an impressive win over Ohio State, while 
the men crushed powerful Western Michigan. Marie 
Walther, 1964 Olympian, returned to school to be- 
come the best all-around competitor in this part of 
the nation. Competing in the balance beam, un- 
even parallel bars, floor exercise and vaulting, 
Miss Walther took all honors. Also going all- 
around for the women gymnasts were Barbie 
Moonis and Susy Theobald. Top men on the team 
were Brian Gallagher, Jim Chilelli, and Bill Copp, 
trampoline expert. 

ROW 1: Liz Romito, Doris Bachna, Jo Ellen Johnson, Judy Fischer, Joan Tasslie, Lois Watts, Bonnie Sonen, Barb Keyser, Sally Parsh, Joan Smith, Ricky Schaf- 
franek, Suzy Theobald, Karen Kloskoski, Nikki Mazza, Terri Harpe, Terry Krumroy, Shelly Wise. Jean Campbell. ROW 2: Rudy Bachna, coach. Bill Soltis. Bill 
McCoy, Dovid Preston, Bill Duplaga, Kent Blair, Doug Sanders, Dick Armstrong, Ed Brown. Bill McGrevey, Bill Fulup, Dick Woldman, George Nasse, Skip Roys. 
Herman Werner, Joe Polachek. ROW 3: Ron Patton, Ham Dawes, Ron Williams. Ed Russ, Bob Elkins, Gary Porter. Bruce Lcppin, Richard Carter, John Wolker, 
Jack Kloskoski, Tom Donato, Charles Sanfilippo, Jim Chillelli. 

Plagued by ineligibility and lack of depth, 
Coach Bill Hoover's varsity swimmers suffered 
through a hard-luck season that saw winning 
a rarity. Pete Foley was the team's individual 
leader, winning consistently in the 500-yard 
freestyle and 200-yard individual medley. 
Joe Baldridge was strong in the 200-yard 
backstroke, while Dick Stimson made fine 
showings in the 50-yard freestyle. Bill Pratt 
added strength in the 100-yard freestyle, and 
sophomore Lee Schwartzenberg came on 
strong towards the end of the season. 

ROW 1: Robert Ford, Lorry Mangan, Harold Lassman, Dave Sperce, Joe Baldridge, Greg Lampe, Pau! Berger, diving coach. 
ROW 2: Lee Schwartzenberg, Dave Downs, Dick Stimson, Pete Foley, captain, Kevin Mulkern, Gary Harbage, manager, Frank 
Vicchi, assistant coach. 


ROW 1: C. Gougler, B. Fisher, B. Wright, B. Blaser, B. Walker, C. Whitney, ROW 2. I. Gass, L. Levitt, P. Knupp, S. Dreger, M. Showers, M. L. Glass, S. Ship- 
man, C, Olm, S. Franklin. ROW 3: Miss Cain, J. Klauka, J. Tassile, B. Ulrich.M. Ash, A. Bries, D. Keith, M. Hornyak, S. Conley, K. Kriss, S. Ulrich, Miss Drum. 

Kent's women's basketball team, sponsored by the 
Women's Recreation Association, held a six-game 
slate of intercollegiate competition winter quarter. 
Divided into Blue, Gold, and freshman squads, the 
team played Ohio State, Bowling Green, West Li- 
berty, Muskingum, and Slippery Rock. Coach Bar- 
bara Drum's girls made their strongest showing 
against Ohio State, as the Blue team won 38—36 
and the Gold team outlasted the Buckeye girls, 
33—27. Big event was the annual Sportsday spon- 
sored by Kent, in which Hiram, Akron U., and 
Cleveland State competed. 








Kent's women's swimming team, under the guidance of 
Mrs. Patricia Podoll, ran up a perfect 4—0 record. The girls 
captured dual-meet wins over Western Ontario and Bowling 
Green and triangular victories over Ohio Wesleyan and Hi- 
ram, Denison and Ohio State. Big meet of the season was 
the Women's Intercollegiate held at Kent fall quarter. Fi- 
nalists in that competition were Susan Hadley, winner in 
the 50-yard butterfly and 100-yard butterfly,- and Murr 
Forest, who won the 1 00-yard individual medley. 



ROW 1: Marths Kosar, Carol Gogler, Michele Hanyak, Nancy Baer, Sharon Hackbert, Connie Cowan, Alys Briers, Mary Lou Gloss, Sara Shipman. ROW 2: 
Melvina Brooks, Lana Newsome, Karen Sabadas, Jan Volenti, Joyce Klauha, Donna Pratt, Betty Blum. ROW 3: Mary Emerson, Gay Shope, Penny Knupp, 
Donna Keith, Ann McConnell, Barbara Wright, Miss Drum. 

Kent's women's field hockey club, an 
activity sponsored by the Women's 
Recreation Association, annually 
holds intercollegiate competition for 
interested girls. Speeding to a 3—2 
record this season, the team scored 
wins over Slippery Rock, West Li- 
berty, and Ashland. Captain Connie 
Cowan was assisted in the scoring 
department by forwards Donna 
Pratt, Sara Shipman, and Betty Blum. 
Twenty-four girls competed in the 
1965 program under the direction of 
Miss Barbara Drum. 


Folk Dance Club is a coed student group sponsored by 
the Division of H.P.E.R.&A. under W.R.A. The members 
possess various levels of dancing skill, and there is no re- 
quirement for membership except an interest in folk dance. 
The club helps sponsor the Annual Folk Dance Festival, per- 
forms in the Annual Concert in Dance, and teaches folk 
dances to local and community groups. 

Orchesis is a modern dance honorary whose membership is 
chosen by audition every quarter. Members attend weekly 
meetings, participate in modern dance classes and choreo- 
graph at least one dance for the Annual Concert in Dance, 
which the group directs. Orchesis travels to other cities and 
universities for Master Lessons and sponsors at least two 
during the year. The main purpose of the organization is in 
providing the opportunity to participate in creative dancing. 

An informally organized group of students interested in 
modern dance meets weekly for technique sessions. Under 
the sponsorship of the division of H.P.E.R. & A. the group 
includes members in all levels, from beginning through ad- 
vanced. Most students participate in the Annual Concert in 
Dance, and when they have reached a certain level of 
proficiency, are urged to try out for Orchesis. 

ROW 1: Pom Parfitt, Jennifer Johnston, Vice-president; Sue Gilson, President; Michele Hornyak ROW 2: Chris Bart- 
low, Bill Burlingame, Joanie Tassile, Secretary; Ann Klug, Lois Watts ROW 3: Marcia Barratt, Adviser; Nancy Hengle, Marie 
Flemming, Gary Featheringham, Carol Brogden, Janet Shamp, Judith Schill, Adviser. 


Midway through Winter quarter, the KSU 
rifle team was well on its way to a second 
Lake Erie Intercollegiate Rifle Championship, 
sporting a neat 6—0 mark. Shooting under 
the guidance of Sgt. Eugene Tibbs, the 
riflers blasted their way past Akron U., 
Youngstown U., John Carroll, Case, and 
Gannon. The team's high season total came 
in the first battle with Gannon, as it shot a 
record 1328 total out of a possible 1400. The 
team placed three men in the top 10 of 54 
shooters in the conference. Mark Siegel led 
the barrage with a 267.7 average for first in 
his loop, followed closely by Jim Froom with 
a 267mark and Steve Dianiska, 259. 

ROW 1: Richard Swazey, Patrick Masterson. ROW 2: Staff Sgt. Eugene Tibbs, Steve Dianiska, James Froom, Larry Candow, Mark Siegel, George 
Rzasnicki, James Jones. 



ROW 1: Paul lavanish, Bill Dwyer, Scott Henninger, Ron Paskey, treasurer, Steve Unger. ROW 2: Bob Kragel, Bob Wharton, Ruth Sitler, secretary, Robert Sitler, Ray Mur- 
phy, vice president; Jay Fisher, Bud Busony. 

"Cessna 5677 Echo calling 
Kent State Unicom! Re- 
quest active runway and 
wind direction." . . . "5677 
Echo, Kent State . . . Runway 
19 wind from south at 8 
knots . . . one plane in the 
pattern. ". . ."' 77 Echo." 

Such standard procedures will 
be suspended only twice this 
year. Once when the KSU 
Flying club hosts the Ohio In- 
tercollegiate Flying Associa- 
tion air meet, and once at the 
national championships in 
Denver, Colorado. Both times 
the little Cessnas will hope- 
fully withstand the strain of 
precision landings, air maneu- 
vers, and flour sack bomb 


Flying plane: Corwin Liston, president; John Logan, treasurer. 

J 99 






... To spite being listed as a social organization in the SAB Datebook, the Sailing team acquired 
the reputation as one of the best racing teams in the Midwest . . . the team represented Kent in 
the Timmie Angestens . . . and the Midwest in New Orleans ... At Kent's home regatta a new 
lake had to be secured at 2200 the day before the races because the season had opened on 
ducks . . . and penguins . . . The club acquired a beautiful miniature sailboat for teaching 
sailing which so enthralled one of the officers that the instructor couldn't get it back for three 
weeks . . . The club sponsored the MCSA Midwinters, then tried to figure out who was going to 
sponsor them . . . Some rambunctious members decided that it was too cold to sail on Twin Lakes 
. . .so they perched a Penguin atop a VW and sailed up and down the streets on campus . . . 
The sailing team brought back one of the biggest trophies yet won ... a 40 lb. pumpkin? . . . The 
club decided to reinstate the old tradition of making sailors sing for lost clothing . . . they are 
presently one of the Salvation Army's major supporters ... A women's sailing team was begun on 
Thursday and placed third in its first regatta Saturday ... A new tradition was initiated ... a 
banquet at the end of each quarter so everyone would know what the others looked like in 
something other than levis . . . 







wr j 


\\ ~.. ; > 



" ,*. 










« V* 







* / 







°^ O^WS, 

The fiery torch procession beckoned the 
Greek Week merrymakers to the corona- 
tion of Venus and Apollo, (Corrine Le- 
Moine and Bill Eagle), the event that sig- 
naled the opening of the festivities. The 
dampness didn't cool the Ugly Man Con- 
test or the Ugly Duckling Ball ... or the 
week . . . until the open houses ended as 
the Ox Roast fires died and the tricycles 
careened madly around the last curve. 





William Sargeant, president 

Michael Kelly, vice president 
David Banner, secretary 
Michael Lehmiller, treasurer 
Mrs. Jura Bickwith, housemother 
William Weidner, advisor 
LeRoy Cowperfhwaite, advisor 

Gerald Baker 
Thomas Barr 
Barry Boone 
George Busony 
William Dimity 
Zsolt Fekekuty 

Thomas Fuhrig 
Leslis Fulop 
Gary Gala 
Thomas Geib 
William Gibbons 
Richard Hall 

Philip Hathaway 
Scott Henninger 
Robert Hill 
Tom Howard 
David Larson 
Thomas Lashuay 

What Is A Fraternity? 

Since Beginning, whenever men have come 
together, there have I been. 

My membership is legion. From the humble 
home and from the stately mansion,- from the 
rolling farms and from the noisy factories,- 
from East and West and North and South, 
have my followers come. 

They who understand my meaning have 
followed in the footsteps of the Man of Gali- 
lee. In peace, they have been their brother's 
keeper, and in the agony of war, their blood 
has enriched the Fields of Flanders and red- 
dened the sands of the Pacific. 


Their reward has been the Inspiration of 
their youth; the driving power of their man- 
hood; the memories of their maturity. They 
have fought the good fight. And of these, 
My Sons, I am justly proud. 

Who am I? 

My name is FRATERNITY. 

And because I have given Man that which 

he craves, I shall endure. My sons shall 

neither falter nor fail. They shall add lustre 
to my name. 

Jackson Linger 
Larry Loesch 
Thomas Magazzing 
David Mainwaring 
Jonathan Mason 
Joseph Meszaros 

Russell Montgomery 
Raymond Murphy 
William Naley 
Roger Pivonka 
Charles Pratt 
Kenneth Rarick 

Stephen Rodimer 
Jerry Rosewicz 
John Rosey 
Glen Schultz 
Thomas Sieber 
Frederick Smith 

Robert Sperry 
Frank Sydansk 
Robert Toth 
Henry Townsend 
James Wake 
Ronald Wolfe 



Sandra Marco, president 
Judith Park, vice president. 

What purpose have we here on earth 

If not to serve some earthly worth, 

To show good will and kindness, serene, and 

Pacify sadness ever near, and 

Learn to be of some good cheer, and 

Speak the truth and do the deeds 

Asking never an acknowledgment for our 

helpful creeds. 
To shower forth with high ideals 
And use them, not abuse 
Or ignore them ... to go on. 
Envisioning others in our realm, 
To go on blindly as it were, yet seeing a 

And applying It. 
Even to reveal the obvious, the tangible 
Forging onward, feeling and being 
Tied as they may be by friendships good 
All relative to Sisterhood. 

Submitted by Chi Omega 

Mariorie Shilling, secretary 
Crystal Mayer, treasurer 

Karen Christison 
Helen Clark 
Pamela Clift 
Patricia Daily 
Donna Davis 
Doris DeGray 

Phyllis Dietz 
Linda Doksansky 
Virginia Flechtner 
Sandra Geel 
Lawrette Goodman 
Joyce Handler 

Nancy Henry 
Judy Humes 
Christine Kascak 
Sherry Kesler 
Constance Kotun 
Annette Krutky 


Georgia Marhoefe 
Linda Mast 

Nancy Raymond 
Corrine Reynolds 
Virginia Rhodes 
Beverly Rodey 
Dee Roehl 

Linda Rosso 
Kitchie Rydarowicz 
Jo Ann Sandvik 
Barbara Seitz 
Karen Sloan 
v. Nell M. Thompson 

Mary Trough 
Peggy Unroe 
Jackie Weygandt 
Susan Yarrow 
Linda Wargo 
Janis Yukevich 



This has been my first opportunity to communicate with the under- 
graduate chapter, since I met with you and my alumni brothers at 
our Founders' Day banquet last April 10. Being a charter member 
of our chapter, I look with great pride on your many accomplish- 
ments. Upon receiving your last newsletter I was pleased to find that 
you placed fourth in grades. Of course academic excellence, exem- 
plified in our motto "Alma Mater first and Theta Chi for Alma Ma- 
ter," is of prime importance. 

Sports, too, play an important role in any campus organization. 
Your first place in swimming, fifth in football, and third in wrestling 
demonstrate well your chapter participation. But to my mind Home- 
coming has always been the highlight of any organization's cam- 
pus calendar. This year it must have been especially rewarding for 
you to sponsor Kent State's 1965 homecoming queen. Please extend 
my warmest congratulations to Queen Sue Lott. 

Now, as I re-assemble my own nostalgic memories, I come only to the 
gratifying realization that fraternal organizations play an integral 
part in college life. Please continue striving for the crystallization of 
their ideals. 


A Grateful Alum 

T3rer> ! 


William Moorhead, vice president 
Dennis Luchin, .secretary 
David Stone, treasurer 
Susan Lott, "dream girl" 
Laurence Candow 
Stephen Diser 

Clyde Elbrecht 
Gerald Gabler 
Richard Gerald 
Art Hagen 
Bradley Heiges 
Lasse Hiltunen 

Paul Homison 
Douglas Hosmer 
Dennis Ignatz 
Don Kline 
Michael Kolbrenner 
James Kuse 

Donald Lesher 
Gary Magee 
James Malone 
James Marinacci 
Eldon Martin 
Richard Martin 


Robert Mason 
Geoffrey Melching 
Thomas Mossman 
Rudolph Petrich 
Robert Pettibone 
Charles Pugal 

Richard Ries 
Richard Robinson 
Robert Rogoach 
Gerald Semon 
Guy Shirk 
Douglas Shuck 

Richard Stimson 
James Trusso 
Richard Turner 
John Webster 
Robert White 
Clifford Wilson 

mkiihim m 



An exchange student in the person of Sus- 
anne Rithander from Sweden brightened 
the Kent Chapter of Delta Gamma this 
fall, the culmination of a year of planning. 
Perhaps it was luck she brought with her 
as the DCs scored an impressive record by 
garnering four of the top trophies at Home- 

The blind of the area figure in the DCs 
activities as they read to the blind through 
the use of a soundscriber. 

Sharon Saiani, president 
Kathleen Watt, vice-president 

Judith Sollberger, secretary 
Jane Molnar, treasurer 

Jessica Adamek 


Sandra Allenby 
Kay Barnes 
Shirley Berry 
Regina Brandes 
Saralyn Butler 
Cathy Campbell 

Laura Campbell 
Catherine Carlin 
Roberta Christman 
Roberta Danner 
Nancy Ebling 
Barbara Eckholdt 

Judy Fast 
Mary Gibbons 
Kathleen Gilmore 
Ruth Glowacki 
Cheryl Green 
Linda Griffin 

Gail Griffith 
Connie Harrigan 
Dona Henderson 
Sandra Kelso 
Susan Kreps 
Jeanne Landolfo 

Laura McNeill 
Marianne Maughan 
Susan Maus 
Anne Miller 
Jane Minsterman 
Anita Molli 

Peggie Moore 
Inge Muehlbach 
Patricia Nurmi 
M. Brigid O'Farretl 
Laurie Petri 
Marilyn Pickton 

Joann Puskarcik 
Candace Richeson 
Suzanne Rithander 
Lynn Robinson 
Mary Beth Russell 
Judith Rutherford 

Mary Ellen Scanlan 
Penny Shumaker 
Sharon Souser 
Susan Steiner 
Sandra Wyman 
Diane Wysocki 





There's a White Wooden House 

There's a white wooden house on Lincoln, 

There's a blue door that's open wide; 

The cold wintry blasts have begun now, 

But we feel the warmth inside. 

We're sitting around the fire, 

Our dates and our glasses are high (nearby) 

The music is playing so softly, 

Good times like this you can't buy. 

by Alpha Epsilon Pi 

Leonard Heumonn, president 
Gerald Weiner, executive vice 

Mark First, admis. vice 

Anthony Sferra, secretary 
Ronald Fishman, treasurer 
Dorothea Beuhler, housemother 

Richard Albert 
Martin Baker 
Kenneth Baron 
Sheldon Berk 
Harold Bloom 
Howard Cohen 


Norman Firsenbaun 
Sanford Flack 
Neil Greene 
Ronald Halpern 
Robert Kailes 

Stuart Katz 
Michael Kliman 
Byron Lasser 
Mark Liberman 
Herman Livingston 

Mel Mellis 
Dave Newman 
Michael Peterson 
Richard Portno 

Phil Ringle 

Ronald Rosenall 

Jeffrey Rosenberg 
Philip Rudick 

Edward Shindel 





Kathleen McHugh, president 
Jeanne Scharf, vice president 

Margaret Estadt, secretary 
Linda Messam, treasurer 

Jan Sallot, sweetheart 

"Mary Poppins," a sophistication in crepe 
paper despite the near loss of her umbrella, 
took second place for Alpha Chi Omega in the 
sorority float division on Campus Day. The 
Day was climaxed when the sorority placed 
first with "Chim Chim Cheree" in Songfest, 
giving them the distinction of being the only 
sorority to place in both divisions. Their social 
calendar is highlighted with the "Mr. Lucky 
Discotheque," co-sponsored by Sigma Chi, 
complete with Go-Go Girls, Casino tables, and 
dancing. The sisters also hold winter and 
spring formals and an annual Founders' Day 


Diane Austin 
Rebecca Bayha 
Kristine Berg 
Shari Bissler 
Susan Blakely 
Linda Carlson 

Connie Cowan 
Jolie Cowden 
Kay Cross 
Vickie Dodds 
Marilyn Ferradine 
Sue Fitzenrider 

Mary Francis 
Mary Ann Gaydos 
Suzanne Georinger 
Nancy George 
Susan Hadley 
Donna Hein 

Sandra Hubbard 
Glenda Johnson 
Sandra Kirtland 
Sandy Knab 
Joanne Kovacs 
Lois Lackner 

Patricia LaFountaine 
Ruth Lewis 
Barbara Lord 
Sandra Marks 
Laura Martini 
Marie Matis 

Janice Michalec 
Judith Mihlfried 
Carol Mill! 
Barbara Munson 
Margaret Negarty 
Lynn Overmyer 

Susan Pratt 
Barbara Reynolds 
Susan Sarle 
Patricia Schneider 
Nancy Sell 
Marilyn Showers 

Carol Smith 
Cheryl Stefanik 
Carol Thomas 
Joann Todor 
Diane Wagner 
Sandra Wilkinson 



An expanding membership and in- 
creased social program marked the 
growth of Kappa Sigma, as they 
worked toward the realization of 
their new house. Along with the tradi- 
tional Casino Party and Stardust Ball, 
the chapter managed to place in the 
top percentage of fraternity grade 

Ronald Cook, president 
John Fisk, vice president 

ill 4 

Frank Young, secretary 
Steve Dianiska, treasurer 

Margaret Scott, housemother 
Clint Adams 

John Bailey 
Gary Baker 

Jack Bare 
Robert Brace 

Charles Campbell 
Alan Carnigoj 

Donald Eagle 

James Fertig 

Richard Gross 
Dave Hancock 



aSa mmiMLi 


Thomos Hogan 
Daniel Hubbard 
Frederick Jennings 
Jerome Kowalski 
William Lehman 

Robert Loescher 
James McKinnon 
Larry Miller 
William Miller 
Gary Musch 

Richard Neubauer 
Joe Politsky 
David Randall 
Matthew Scudiere 
Douglas Srsen 

Gregory Stephens 
Michael Sutter 
William Tucker 
Randy Yidmar 





Co-Chairing Greek Week gave the "Alpha 
Gams" a rapid initiation into Campus activi- 
ties this fall. Following up their successful 
spring capture of the All Sports Trophy, they 
went on to sponsor the Venus of 1 965. 

Not solely socially minded, one of the chap- 
ter's proudest accomplishments was the recep- 
tion of the sorority division scholarship award. 
Their community service takes the form of 
help in the Friendship House, a local organi- 
zation for the underpriviledged in Ravenna. 

Betty Zaha, president 

Carole Sickinger, vice president 

Mary Ann Blodgett, secretary 

Rebecca Smith, treasurer 

Rae Pritchard, housemother 

Marilynn Borsuk 

Theodora Boser 
Martha Carlson 
Marcia Cleave 
Anne Cowan 
Janet David 
Marsha Davis 

Carol Dellefield 
Donamari Dunkel 
Karen Elsorn 

Jane Ely 
Karen Gettig 
Caroline Greuloch 

Caren Hall 
Susan Hanson 
Donna Harrison 
JoAnn Hartsock 
Janis Heffner 
Lorraine Hoehn 


Joyce Homan 
Linda Johnson 
Leila Jones 
Nancy Jordan 
Barbara Juliano 
Sheryl Kramer 

Corinne LeMoine 
Diane Lewis 
Joan Lieser 
Elizabeth Marshall 
Genie Merrell 
Christie Miller 

Linda Miller 
Martha Neely 
Nancy Page 
Varina Panagopoulos 
Diane Pargot 
Margaret Pittenger 

Barbara Ramsey 
Nancy Rexroad 
Sandra Kay Rowland 
Cheryl Shank 
Jill Smith 
Lois Snyder 

Barbara Sper 
Bethann Thornburg 
Gloria Tisli 

Janet Townhill 
Karen Treiano 

Linda Van Keuren 
Lynne Wernet 

Carol Wolf 
Bernadine Zub 







Richard Kettler, president 
John McGreevey, vice president 

It was another exciting year for Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

Jack Smith, secretary 
Irene Jendrisak, sweetheart 

Again leading scholarship the Sig Eps by no means con- 
fined themselves completely to the books as they took first 
in Campus Day, songfest and the interfraternity bowling 

The pledge class proved outstanding in civic projects as they 
won the ATO sponsored Help Week Trophy. Trips to the 
Portage County Old Folks Home and the Summitt County 
Orphanage added to their community activities. 

The Spring Formal and the fall Playboy party highlighted 
the social calendar while the co-sponsorship of May-day 
relays provided an enjoyable outlet for Spring quarter 
frustrations among the Greek chapters. 

David Anderson 
Richard Bartunek 
Richard Boyle 
Richard Brandt 
David Cohoon 

William Deeter 
Armand Detoro 
David Eshelman 
Donald Harris 
Thomas Hodgson 

Charles Hutcheson 
Alex Iswarienko 
Craig Johnson 
Frank Jones 
Craig Kelso 

William Lavin 
Larry Lewis 
Richmond Louche 
Gary Love 

Anthony Marshalek 


Paul McCauley 
Harold Mills 
Richard Mischak 
Paul Moors 

Norman Nolder 
Robert Palcic 
Bruce Parker 
George Reltz 
Richard Rynearson 

Joseph Scheiring 
Spencer Schmidt 
David Sears 
Robert Snyder 
Jay Staats 

Franz Steidl 
Robert Welch 
Kenneth Wetzel 
Timothy Whitman 
Joseph Wojtecki 






Gamma Phi Beta is: 

the fun of putting together a Pork Barrel 
skit and then taking second place . . . aid- 
ing underprivileged children at summer 
camps, the sorority's national philanthropy 
. . . decorating the Christmas tree at the 
Chapter's annual Christmas Party . . . work- 
ing together to create a winning campus 
day float . . . dining and dancing by can- 
dlelight at the annual Spring Formal . . . 
pledging and pledge parties . . . rooms 
filled with pink carnations ... a poor lost 
Gammie bug, or was she borrowed? . . . the 
games and races at May Day Relays co- 
sponsored by Gamma Phi and Sigma Phi 
Epsilon . . . remember the pie eating, bal- 
loon throwing . . . welcoming back alums 
to the house at Homecoming . . . serenades 

and Christmas caroling . . . brunches with 
fraternities . . . big sises and coke dates 
. . . singing our special songs . . . the Gam- 
ma Phi Kickline . . . sharing problems and 
advice . . . studying together . . . the 
crescent moon. 

Judith Barrett, president 
Karen Barrett, vice-president 

Roni Sadauskas, correspondent secretary 
Cheryl Dickerson, treasurer 


Diane Auerbach 
Linda Baker 
Kathleen Benyo 
Marie Bowers 
Peg Boyer 
Marilyn Carano 

Kathie Condron 
Karen Fahlstrom 
Judith Fogle 
Susan Gennett 
Gail Harrison 

Alice Hope 
Carole Hurst 
Judith Isacco 
Barbara Jarus 
Patricia Johnston 

Elaine Katz 
Christine Lobas 
Judith Lohr 
Corry Louden 
Marilyn Mahon 

Niclci Marsico 
Marsha Mason 
Arlene Merryman 
Kay Mitchell 
Jane Morgan 

Nancy Morrocco 
Nancy Nerard 
Ellen Nilsen 
Karen O'Leary 
Mary Rhodes 

Marilyn Ritchie 
Marie Rizzi 
Shirley Roach 
Christine Shank 
Sherry Stuart 

Rebecca Sutphen 
Janice Trickett 
Barbara Waddell 
Cynthia Williams 
Heather Wiseman 


Take the largest fraternity on the Kent State Uni- 
versity Campus— add 12 to 15 pledges each quar- 
ter—season with spirit to win campus events and 
dominate the inter-fraternity sports scene— mix with 
brotherhood for a top notch social life and scholas- 
tic achievement, and you have what is termed 
"Kent's Oldest and Best" fraternity-DELTA UP- 

William Flynn, president 
George Valiga, vice president 

Ole Gilbo, secretary 
Katharyn Town, housemother 

Howard Deel, faculty advisor 
Joe, mascot 

Old Mother Hubbard won't find the cupboards 
bare in the DU house . . . Among them she will 
find the KSU all-sports trophy, which the Brothers 
of Delta Upsilon wrapped up for the fourth con- 
secutive year. She will also find the over-all trophy 
for the best showing in Rowboat Regatta last spring 
standing along side the trophy for the top prize 
for the best fraternity homecoming display. And of 
greater importance, she will see that Delta Upsilon 
finished fourth among the 19 fraternities in scholar- 

To coincide with its motto "DU in everything, every 
DU in something," the fraternity can lay claim to 
two campus leaders this past year— the vice presi- 
dent of the student body and the Spring Quarter 
'65 editor of the campus newspaper— as well as 
many other brothers who take an active part in 
such campus activities as Major Events Committee 
and Student Activities Board. 

August Benz 
Julius Bethlenfalvy 
Paul Bohlander 
John Bowyer 
James Burke 
Randy Cellone 

Thomas Coppola 
Robert Cox 
Kenneth Crawford 
Anthony DiGillo 
Rusty Dresmich 
Donald Ehas 

Allen Farinacci 
Wayne Farinacci 
John Fechter 
Robert Fenn 
Jon Flask 
David Fox 

Joseph Gibson 
Harry Harwat 
Lawrence Herrman 
Michael Holdener 
Daniel Kibler 
Jay Littler 


Terry Lutz 
Joseph Mackil 
Robert Malbasa 
Phillip Massaro 
Richard Mihalik 
Willard Miller 

Jerome Muldowney 
John Nemeth 
Robert Norton 
Wayne Osella 
Robert Powell 
Jerry Palmer 

Frank Phillips 
David Preston 
David Reed 
Theodore Sabo 
Joe Sheibley 
Bert Sniffer 

Gary Smith 
Robert Soychik 
Robert Steel 
Ronald Stevens 
George Vaughan 
Duane Wiegand 




First she is the casual, fun loving coed; 
She loves parties and dancing mostly on the 

She plays football with the DU's to find herself in 

first place. 
She swims for Rowboat Regatta to once again 

bring home laud, 
And she tosses eggs for May Day Relays to come 

home proud. 
At Homecoming time she works hard on the front 

yard display, 
To bring to her living room a bright, shining trophy. 

But besides all this laughing and the casual 

Alpha Phi becomes quite pensive when the 

appropriate time is near. 
Scholarship is most important as you will see, 
From the fact she's received the scholarship trophy 

two quarters consecutively. 
A deep concern for the Kent Heart Drive is quite 

For she works on this philanthropy the whole year 

In addition there's the Spring formal and the annual 

Where you see everyone from a Deltto a Teke. 

Last, but not least, the most important side of Alpha 

Is the friendly warm love for her fraternity. 

Submitted by Alpha Phi 

Sally Dyke, president 
Marianne Overbay, vice president 
Genny Sawicki, secretary 
Karen Kackstetter, treasurer 
Bertha Shaw, housemother 
Cornelia Andberg 

Martha Jo Benham 
Judy Brown 
Martha Bubb 
Joyce Bukowski 
Donna Campbell 
Molly Chandler 


Maureen Chesnes 
Nancy Clatterbuck 
Linda Curtis 
Virginia Dardenne 
Nancy Davis 
Cheryl Dean 

Terry Decker 

Betsy DeCorps 
Rosemarie Drabik 
Linda Drullard 
Jill Fox 
Ann Fraser 

Paula Galvin 
Elaine Geary 
Leonide Gregg 
Cheryl Habberfield 
Susan Hackett 
Jeanne Halter 

Susan Hoffman 
Lenore Horvath 
Judith Johnson 
Jennifer Johnston 
Paulette Kerr 
Jane Kramer 

Elaine Tomko 
Amy Whiteman 
Sara Wye 


Gerianne Lively 
Pam McNutt 
Susan Meier 
Suzanne Mosher 
Carolyn Palermo 
Suzanne Piatrowski 

Sandra Rabe 
Janice Relic 
Nan Rich 

Chrysfine Romaniw 
Cherie Smith 
Judy Sorensen 




Eric Held, president 

Stan Lakota, vice president 

George Marshall, secretary 
Daniel Carducci, treasurer 

Marie Johnson, housemother 
Harry Backas 

Glen Bender 

Robert Berry 

Robert Danzer 
David Deer 

Gary Detter 
Ronald Devine 

"Well, I'm glad that you finally made it to "our" 
two pages, which we were coerced into purchasing 
by our local "Big Brother," namely the administra- 
tion and their right hand men. Even though we feel 
that this act of missile rattling and strong-arm tactics 
could be an issue for hot protest, we will not be 
provoked into such action. We are an organization 
dedicated to the ideals of a sound mind and firm 
body, achieved by an extensive and varied social 
program. To enter the field of athletics we were 
forced to put certain of our brothers on a reduced 
social program; as a result we placed high in bowl- 
ing and volleyball, while winning the university 
championships in wrestling and golf. Carrying our 
success to other fields, we won trophies for May 
Day Relays, May Day King, and the two major events 
of Greek week— the Ugly Man Contest and the Great 
Tricycle Race. Homecoming was also the birth of 
the infamous Phi Delt Torches. Looking to the near 
future, we see a new house and an even more exten- 
sive and varied social life." 

submitted by 

Rooster and Budha 


Nick DimitrofF 
Charles Erwin 
Robert Faccinto 
Gary Fair 
Alan Gee 
Jon Harst 

Todd Hyde 
Richard Joiner 
W. Jeffrey McKeever 
William Minor 
Kenneth Pituch 
Donald Richey 

Joseph Rufus 
William Shomanda 
Douglas Stalley 
William Studly 
James Sullivan 
Thomas Tanski 

Frank Valk 
John Wheeler 
Halbert White 
Charles Wright 
John Xander 


> Alpha XtiJeUtt < 




Judith Kennedy, president 

Diane Kastein, recording secretary 

Eileen Nathaniel, treasurer 
Mary Beran 

Kathleen Downing 
Patricia Frye 
Christine Greco 
Joan Guisinger 
Charlotte Henshaw 
Suzanne Herri ngton 

Becky Hertzig 
Carole Hoagland 

Hope Hutchinson 
Susan Kannel 
Charleen Keller 
Patricia Lazar 

A $50 contribution to the Happy Day Schoo 
in Ravenna started off the year for Beta Tau 
chapter of Alpha Xi Delta. The money was 
used to aid in the construction of a new rec- 
reation area for the children, the focus of their 
community service project. 

Winter quarter, marked by Freshmen Rush and 
the sorority's annual Valentine Dance, leads 
up to the spring Pink Rose Formal— the main 
social event of the year. 

This year the Alpha Xi's will attend their Prov- 
ince Convention at Marietta College, Mar 
etta, Ohio, chartering busses with the Mount 
Union and Baldwin-Wallace chapters. 


Wljl^ip 1 

Sandra Liebhart 
Carol Lisson 
Martha McClatchie 
Sherry McDowell 
Patricia McMahon 
Pamela Manson 

Peggy Meeks 
Suzanne Morgan 
Nancy Nestor 
Bonnie Ogle 
Liz Papas 
Karen Phelan 

Patricia Piccione 
Helen Rians 
Gisele Ripcse 
Kathleen Scheible 
Barbara Schultz 
Carol Shipley 

Ginger Slover 
JoAnn Smilanich 
Katharine Smith 
Susan Smith 
Mary Spencer 
Nancy Thomas 

Mary Thorne 
Jane Townsend 
Nancy Trilsch 
Carol Vargo 
Elaine Velkaver 
Kathleen Vielhaber 

Judith Wood 
Janet Zboray 


Thomas Borden, president 
Bob Woolf, treasurer 

Etta Siegriat, housemother 

Mrs. Bess Anderson, housemother 

Service is the key word for Sigma Alpha Epsi- 
lon. The brothers give Thanksgiving dinners to 
needy families and serve the community 
through the Greek Week project. Athletics are 
also important to the fraternity, which placed 
third in overall inter-fraternity competition. 
Bright spots on the social calendar include the 
Little Sisters Presentation Ball and the annual 
Paddy Murphy party. Penny Carnival also 
has its special appeal to SAE, and they have 
placed first in this event for the last six years. 

Robert Phipps, advisor 
Noble, mascot 

John Atkins 

Richard Barrett 
Michael Bolchalk 
Alan Bonus 
James Britt 
Ronald Britt 

Douglas Brown 

Paul Callahan 
David Coie 
Gary Firestone 
Bill Frazier 
Irwin Gemlich 


1. 'ft* 1ft 

Timothy Hill 
Michael Hudak 
Joseph Hunter 
James Hyslop 
Ronald Kautzman 
Lowell Kreeger 

Daniel LaVelle 
Robert Lee 
Gordon Maas 
Mitchell Magid 
David McGrail 
Glenn McQuiston 

Robert Moore 
Erick Murdock 
John Neeson 
John Pastirick 

Charles Rogan 
Edmond Russ 

Richard Sada 
David Saron 
Thomas Schriner 
Timothy Shapiro 
Robert Standen 
James Taylor 

David Todt 
Thomas Tomsik 
James Tylek 
Jack Warner 
Kent Wolcott 
Jon Werner 



Sherri II Gall, president 
Linda Meloy, vice pesident 

Lynn Willis, secretary 
Jean Kellar, treasurer 

Hazel Young, housemother 
Little Sister 

Carrie Alinn 
Judith Barnes 

Eva Bekes 
Sandra Berkebile 

Christmas cheer bubbled as the sisters of Del- 
ta Zeta became Santa's helpers at their an- 
nual party for Kent's third graders. Other 
philanthropic endeavors of KSU's chapter of 
the nation's largest sorority include the furn- 
ishing and upkeep of a therapy room in the 
Music and Speech Center and the donation 
of funds to Carville Hospital and Gallaudet 
College, a school for the deaf in Washington, 
D.C. A Founder's Day Banquet and winter 
and spring formals highlight the DZ's social 
calendar, while members also stress scholar- 
ship, intramural, and service activities. Pork 
Barrel 1965— with a DZ as co-chairman- 
found the slim sisters in a reducing salon 
while they wondered, "WHAT IF Ben Cart- 
wright Had Had Three Daughters?" 



Donna Bollens 
Carol Brenneis 
Linda Burch 
Paula Campbell 
Arlene Crambo 
Leni Ede 

Donna Elder 
Judith Enzian 
Pamela Freda 
Karen George 
Andrea Getzlaff 
Michele Goldner 

Carol Johnson 
Kathleen Kikel 
Carolyn Kottarich 
Eva Kouba 
Priscilla Lane 
Carol Lang 

Susan Laske 
Frances Leop 
Patricia Liyut 
Joan Lloyd 
Pegianne Loomis 
Marsha Lovell 

Ruth Lowry 
Lynn Melvin 
Cheryl Molnar 
Sara-Jane Mueller 
Patricia Myers 
Rebecca Palmer 

Roberta Peters 
Constance Pethtel 
Linda Pfouts 
Patricia Pippin 
Mary Beth Ross 
Adrianne Roth 

Carole Sielatycki 
Heidi Steel 
Karen Szabo 
Lora Thomas 
Linda Thomson 
Polly Trethewey 

Colleen Turney 
Victoria Vidoni 
Elizabeth Welter 
Joyce Whitehouse 
Aileen Zahlava 





Copy for the Burr 
Phi Sigma Kappa 


So far so good. School hasn't been too bad and the profs 
haven't even given us any home-work! Looks like another 
wildly easy term. 

Thanks for the Care Package. The cookies and the cake 
were too yummy. We had a fire-side with a sorority and the 
cookies went like speedy Superdog. Send some more! 

The pledges helped clean the city and some of the braver 
brothers gave blood to the Red Cross. We even give blood 
for Brotherhood. 

Our parties have been ranging from wild to out-of-hand 
fun. We had a unique rush party, Littl' Abner costume theme; 
and in the future we will have a Barn Dance, a naughty 80's 
party and a Dutch Ball, where the lucky gal will pay the 
way. I may need some money for our Spring Formal. 

Our philanthropic action is going to include sponsoring 
an Italian-meat-ball dinner, proceeds going to our favorite 
charity, and helping crippled children. 

The whole Fraternity has been booking it at our study 
tables and hasn't escaped once. SEND CASH! 


James Chilelli 
Noel Clinger 
Roger Emig 
Thomas Fleiststra 
Edward Gredecki 

Timothy Karash 

Joseph Klir 
Dennis Klukan 
John Koury 
Willard Mershon 
James Murman 

Charles Naylor 
William Reitenbach 
David Rohrer 
Keith Shively 
Dwight Simms 
Randall Smith 

Edward Stana 
Richard Thomas 
Steven Titunik 
John Walker 
Gary Weinberg 
William Westcott 



William Almond, president 
Henry Robinson, vice-president 

Timothy Tassone, secretary 

James Krahl, treasurer 

Mrs. Revenna Murphy, housemother 





Robert Bates, president 

William Drypolcher, vice president 

Donald Avdul, treasurer 
Ruth Schott, housemother 

Richard Edwards, advisor 
Emil Berg, advisor 

Bill Bollman 
Larry Beck 

Mike Andrews 
Paul Actier 

Robert Campbell 
William Campbell 

See the man. 
The man has friends. 
He likes his friends. 
His friends like him. 
He is happy. 

The man is short. 

He is tall. 

Somewhere between large, or 

Maybe small. 
The man wears a suit; 

He wears cutoffs. 
Sometimes his ankles get dirty. 
Hear the man yell. 
Feel him whisper. 
Smell the man sweat. 
He doesn't really care what color 
Linda Byrd Johnson's new Stingray is . . . 

Step, the man walks. 

Dully, he staggers through countless cobwebs. 
See the man fall, but 
Watch him scramble up again. 
The man is not unlike many other men, except: 
the man is slightly proud- 
He's an ATO. 


Vince Capatosta 
Vincent Cardella 
Daniel Collins 
Frank Cordisco 
Thomas DePriest 
Anthony Discenza 

Norm Falrman 
Martin Fournia 
Robert Gill 
Paul Grady 
Gary Griffin 
John Guy 

John Hawkins 
James Heineman 
Douglas Herr 
Jim Hess 

Theodore Hoagland 
Terry Hull 

John Inama 
Michael Kirtley 
Michael Leber 
Bill Licate 
Dennis Liccaardi 
Harlan Loffman 

John Loffman 
Michael Lowe 
William Maimone 
Martin Manzeo 
Nicholas Marchiano 
Edward Martin 

James Newcomer 
Joel Novak 
A] Nye 
Paul Penny 
Walter Perry 
Roger Piro 

Bob Ruby 
Pete Savarese 
Daryl Sheets 
Thomas Soltis 
William Sturznickel 
Mick Wagner 

Jerry Weinheimer 
Thomas Wilson 





Hard work and constant devotion have taken the 
sisters of Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority a long way in 
a very short time. They celebrated their first year 
as Epsilon Xi Chapter at KSU on May 16. Their 
motto, "Many hearts, one purpose," brightens the 
pathways of all the sisters. 

As founders of a new chapter, the girls have the 
precedence of setting their own traditions. The 
chapter boasts of many talented guitarists and 
composers. One tradition that began with the first 
pledge class is that of writing songs for the Chap- 
ter. Social functions range from hay rides to 
brunches with other fraternities and teas for alum- 
nae. The year is culminated by an AEPhi-AEPi 
Spring Formal. 

The parents have become a vital part of the chap- 
ter by forming a club which provides various holi- 
day parties and presents awards to the girls out- 
standing in scholarship and service. They, in turn, 
are entertained each year at a Mother's Day Ban- 
quet and a Dad's Day coffee hour. 

Linda Simon, president 

Erika Weissberger, vice president 

Phyllis Kessler, treasurer 

Helene Buntman 

Elaine Friedman 

Blanche Hose 
Martha Kronheim 
Jacqueline Markiewicz 
Joanne Rappaport 
Barbara Vogel 





Lena Jackson, president 
Ingrid Cook, vice president 
Pamela Orr, secretary 

Jennifer Jenkins 
Wanda Wood 


Thomas Bliss 
George Carpenter 
Philip Corsley 
Richard Davis 
Dave DeVauit 
Michael Drew 

Stephen Endrizzi 
James Firis 
William Frakes 
Jon Freed 
Gary Gardner 
Fred Garzone 

Frederick Gemlich 
Robert Gilbert 
Jeffrey Gordon 
John Hoffman 
Grant Kollar 
James Korszolosk 




7.* J 

Richard Farizel, president 
William Standerwick, secretary 

Philip Woodcock 

Georgiana Welsenbach, housemother 

4 k to 


Robert Mason 
Thomas Maziek 
Roy McDaniel 
Harry Merrick 
Denny Oakleaf 
Richard Pfeiffer 

John Reitz 
John Shimmin 
Dano Starr 
Gary Stevenson 
Richard Stutz 
Richard Tarasuck 

Richard Tomasino 
Paul Woidtke 
Gregory Zalar 




James H. Schulz, president 
Jerry Murphy, vice president 
Eugene Yorko, treasurer 
Robert Getz, advisor 

Mary Wise, housemother 
Sir Knight, mascot 

Lawrence W. Best 
James Dick 
Kevin Dorr 
Clark Gasper 
Dennis Gidders 
Dan Kimberly 


George Lowe 
Scott W. McNair 
William Matz 
Anthony Mauro 
Frederick Morgan 
Jerome Obarski 

Skip Rouscher 
Thomas Sladky 
Larry Sommerfield 
Pete Vaugan 
William Viancourt 
Roger Wolfersberger 





Peter Bau, president 

William McNamara, vice president 
Timothy Kominic, secretary 
Mark Albright, treasurer 
Ruth Everson, housemother 
Rathameteous, mascot 

Robert Brock 
William Catterson 
Jeffrey Coole 
Steven Davelka 
David Francisco 
Robert Hess 




Alan Huberty 
Richard Hughes 

Richard Medved 
Louis Mineweaser 

Richard Mosher 
William Perrill 

Robert Pickup 
Larry Reid 

James Stanec 
Dennis Yachechak 





William Levant, president 
John Sechrist, secretary 

Ted Scoville, treasurer 
Sophie Briscoe, housemother 

Duart Bradshaw 
Fred Cichocki 

Larry Dubraretz 
Richard Harrison 

Hal Hilson 
Charles Hoskins 

E. Braden Hughes 
Richard Landolph 






Joseph Lasinis 
Anthony Leon 
Thomas McMahon 
James Marcinko 
William Marshall 
Chris Monty 

Robert Moore 
Jim Nixon 
Robert Nowak 
Charles Resseger 
William Schmotzer 
Edward Schwerkolt 

Dave Senders 
John Smith 
Ray Tartabini 





Joseph Euretig, president 
Bernard Petrauskas, vice president 

John Balcik, treasurer 

Hazel Sessions, housemother 


William Elligott 
Salvatore Giammo 
Larry Gianguillio 
William McGrath 
Chester McMullen 
Bruce Minnich 

Thomas Nowac 
Robert Porowski 
Robert Rafferty 
Richard Sabol 
Paul Spokes 







Donald Fraenkel, president 
Bill Bartel, first vice president 
Richard Weaver, second vice 

Grant Brown, advisor 
Donald Shaffer, treasurer 
Andrew Bednarz 

Gerald Buck 
Robert Buck 
Robert Carter 
David Cohen 
Bruce Colbow 
Bert Cook 

Richard Crafton 
Douglas Dougherty 
Philip Elwood 
Robert Hall 
Gregory Heisel 
Ronald Hughes 


James Jakopic 
Richard Kane 
Edward Kub 
Richard Kuhn 
Joseph Kutina 
Carry Patla 

Bob Pete 
James Plant 
Gregory Price 
Raymond McAfoose 
Martin Marek 
James Mikoy 

John Miller 
Don Schecter 
Ken Siculan 
Steve Snyder 
Gerald Springer 
William Starkey 





Roy Metcalf, president 

Blair Woodside, vice president 

Michael Atkins, secretary 
Richard Tontarski, faculty advisor 

Edna Duchan, housemother 
Roderick Anstey 

William Bauer 
Gary Burnett 

Mark Byrne 
Thomas Byrne 

— i 


Harold Christensen 
Jay Collins 
Michael Contini 
Robert Crowell 
Peter Davis 
Frederick Elicker 

Gerald Figurski 
Jerry Fryer 
Robert Gilliland 
Kenneth Gresko 
Richard Headley 
Douglas Kondra 

Robert Labant 
William Lehman 
Craig Mason 
Robert Masterman 
George Murray 
Robert Napier 

George Olsen 
Kenneth Parks 
Raymond Petrisek 
Dale Price 
Earl Reeder 
James Russell 

Robert Saalfield 
Charles Spetz 
Richard Stewart 
Albert Strizzi 
Jeffrey Wallace 
Arnold Woodrich 





Stush Foose 
Fanagle Bagel 

Kosher Kowalla 
J. Smoothie 

Norman Tenfour 
Dave IsMad 


Gary Sehier, president 
Paul Steels, vice president 
Walter Nakoneczny, secretary 

A ^ jfrtok 

Timothy Princehorn, treasurer 
Dale Boll 
Russell Brown 

Kurt Dangerfield 
Phil Frate 

John Magalotti 

Joe Martin 
David Mitchell 
John Sorine 

Richard Stringer 


r+ * x 



Three officers of each of the ten national sororities on 
Kent State's campus come together weekly at Panhel- 
lenic Council meetings to coordinate and govern ac- 
tivities of their respective chapters. Junior Panhellenic 
is organized under the auspices of this council to help 
prepare pledges for future sorority experiences. Dur- 
ing the past year the pledges sponsored an Easter 
Egg Hunt for children of the faculty and spent an 
evening entertaining residents of the Summit County 
Home. Early every fall quarter, Panhel cooperates 
with Inter-fraternity Council to sponsor Greek Week- 
featuring the crowning of Venus and Apollo, a com- 
munity service project, the tricycle derby, and a public 
concert. The two organizations also combine forces for 
the newly instituted IFC-Panhel Social Committee, and 
for the publishing of a quarterly newspaper concerned 
with Greek affairs, the Forum. 

ROW 1: Kris Flocken, vice president; Corinne LeMoine, president; Rose Marie Drabik, secretary; Linda Messam, treasurer. ROW 2: Gisele Ripcse, Pat Lazar, Sandy Hubbard, 
Pat Fiyut, Lynne Wernet, Cherie Smith, Karen Kackstetter, Betty Zaha, JoAnn Harfsock, Linda Simon, Lynn Borsuk, Heather Wiseman, Judy Barrett, Jackie Weygandt, Sandy 
Marco. ROW 3: Suzan Butterfield, Patricia Nurmi, Joan Lloyd, Suzanne Gearinger, Leni Ede, Sally Dyke, Koren Barrett, Pam Clift, Georgia Marhoefer, Jacqueline Markie- 
wicz, Sherrill Gall Constance Kotun, Ruth Glowacki, Judi Park, Carol Smith. 



Interfraternity Council is the governing 
and legislative body for the 19 Kent 
fraternities. The group is composed of 
the president and one underclassman 
from each fraternity. IFC co-sponsors 
Greek Week, "Help Week," and Greek- 
faculty teas with Panhel. It coordinates 
rush program seminars and IFC smok- 
ers. IFC recognizes scholarship with a 
quarterly trophy and an annual trophy 
to the fraternity with the highest scho- 
lastic average. As a member of the Na- 
tional Interfraternity Council, Kent's IFC 
sends representatives to the National 
convention each year. 

ROW 1: Mike Kelly, vice president; John Stone, advisor; Dave Senders, vice presi- 
dent; ROW 2: Tom Tomsik, secretary; Don Avdul, president; Kent Wolcott, treasurer. 


ROW 1: William Almond, William Levant, Richard Kettler, Gary Schier. ROW 2: Richard Wilkins, Robert Bates, Peter Bav, Timothy Princehorn, Ke- 
vin Dorr, William Sargeant. ROW 3: Leonard Heumann, Timothy Shapiro, James Schulz, Larry Stone, Keith Keller, Ron Cook, Gary Baker. 




^, JW?**!™*^^,™^,,^ 


'is i : < ' 


.:. •-> J1 ^;j'-^^i-V.'j-- , ^'''r 

w8W »l«WSfcW , * B! 

,.. . - „.;.., >■-. sis -■■.■:--^>'.'-;^-.'- : -- ; -'^ 


''^P^^SX^mx-ifji.'' ,, :^';:ifc< 

x " , ^JRIHr.-. -Jn^aiiri jJM : MJk%\ L l 


ROW 1: Sara Shipman, president; Judy Baron, vice president; Chris Fetterman, treasurer; Karen Stewart, judicial vice president ROW 2: Mary Siple, 
Barbara Beal, Susanna Lepola, Susan Gindlesberger, Kathleen Olsen, Peggy Head, Barbara Grgurich, Kathleen Karpi, Katherine Ulle, Jayne Mazor 
ROW 3: Judy Horevar, Dayle Ann Brazet, Mooneen Abookire, Kay Gulmi, Lorrayne Vaccariello, Barb Jarus, Zelda Schmidtlap. 


Enthusiasm runs rampant in Prentice Hall. The wave of enthusiasm which 
has ravaged Prentice Hall in the past remains in epidemic proportions. 

The university, in a futile effort to diagnose the motivation of the phenome- 
nal Prentice girls, has relinquished to them trophies of every size and 
description. Still the desire to participate continues; there is little hope of 
squelching the epidemic. 

All attempts to determine a cause-effect relationship have been absolutely 
useless, although most evidence indicates that the leadership-potential 
incidence in the hall is high and extremely contagious. 

Informed sources have recently attributed the general excellence of Prentice 
to the contractors who, as legend tells us, built into the foundation the 
Spirit of Zeal. Zeal, defying the laws of science and prophecy, touches 
the hearts of all who claim Prentice Hall as their "local address." 

ROW 1: John Cunningham, graduate counselor; Dale Sholl, graduate counselor; James Tucker, Tod Conway, Ken Wetzel, Jim Francis, John G. Pappas, resident counselor,- Tom Lurz, 
graduate counselor ROW 2 : Les Cheney, Denny Roach, Mel Fenger, Robert Lutz, Joe Domanica, Don Romano, Kevin Murphy, Ron Ulm, Jay Dubbs, Ronald Clay ROW 3: Al Peter- 
sen, Paul E. Nelson, Rick Marks, Bob Brown, Dick Oliver, Tom Yoakam, Dick Grimmett, Richard Hubiak, Bill Lavin, Jim Grover, Doug Boyd, Larry W. Abrigg, Don Finzer 
ROW 4: Mike Major, George Thompson, Gary Reed, Bob Winters, Howard Ladwig, Zeke Moshi, Ronald McCullough ROW 5: Charles Stikes, David Harala, Tim Gesaman, Bill Berg, 
Gerald Butler, Charles Smuts, Paul Reinartz, Robert Vance, Patrick Kennedy. 


ROW 1: Ken Wetzel, president; Tod Conway, vice president; 
Jim Tucker, secretary,- Jim Francis, treasurer. 

On Campus Day floats, up the road they come: 
Small, loud as hell, screaming like banshees, the Men, 
Until the yells throw them forth, their voices 
Demanding eatable food. 

In cut-offs, donned impersonality, 
Without socks or undershirts 
All because: "It's CoooooooooL" 
They rage in doubt— by hiding it, robust— 
And almost recognize each other. 

They fight, brag, and sweat 
Because their girl had a bad mood . . . 
Or they didn't read the last four chapters, 
The MEN of Stopher Hall. 



Korb hall, a tower of learning for new freshmen. 

Here they find aids for future campus living: 

How to tactfully avoid telescopes 

How to effectively study in a fishbowl 

How to get a dime back from a stubborn coke 


How to get out of a consistently jammed elevator 

How to build a homecoming display 

How to sing their way into an all-university songfest 


How to balance burning torches at pep rallies 

How to care for callouses and bunions 

How to make out class schedule cards without the aid 

of upperclassmen 

How to become a necessary part of campus 

ROW 1: Carole Carson, Barbara Atwood, vice president; Sue Hadley, judicial vice president; Barbara Hulbirt, Peggie Moore, president; 
Sandy Fletcher, Eileen Gochnour, Florence Squire, Andrea Abahazi, Pamela Lincoln, Mary Louise Aiello ROW 2: Lorna Neubacher, treasurer; 
Lynne Pritchard, Judi Ferko, Marie Matis, Kay Wallingford, Ingrid Cook, Terri Garber, Jane Wade, Sandy Beyer, Donna Bouga, secretary. 



can life begin again 

can personality warp 

can man challenge his destiny 

life liberty 

and the pursuit of happiness 
and a college education 

now beyond our former life 

beyond the stars 

for we attain knowledge 
. . . and glorify it 
yet there's more 
much more— 

The HEART of Manchester Hali 
fatigue of all night display building 
wild chaotic rally 

queen of queens 
social committee "lousy food' 

give 'em HELL Kent 

shaving creme 
Campus Day 
panel discussion K 




these all are manchester hall 

may its spirit never cease 
may the men it gave a 

new life to always remember . . . 
The unfamiliar face approaching me 
Is soon forgotten for it has never been 

viewed before— 
And perhaps shall never be seen again— 
And I know not what is behind the 
Eyes that seem to mark me less than I do 
them . . . 

mighty Manchester 
may God grant thy inmates 
a soul 

ROW 1: Claude Branscome, Hugh Semon, Gary Schatz, Kenneth Alexander ROW 2: 
Michael Cherry, Jerry Campbell, Alfred Head, Anthony Cuvo, John Kosey, Robert 



ROW 1: Robert "Ollie" Magee, James Compton, Mike Miller, Jay Glownia, Mark P. Siege!, James E. Krysiak, Dennis Schurdell, Alan Anderton 
ROW 2: Russell Gruver, Harry Wright, Ned Wenger, Tom Schmidt, Jim Fike, Ronald A. Klepcyk, Tom Fifer, Ed Maenpaa, Fred Wheatley ROW 3: 
Bob Schurk, John Clark, Wes Miller, Elliot Liggett, Roger Miller, Terry Lutz, Mark Kain. 

ROW 1: Pauline D. Ehrhart, resident counselor; Patricia Laucher, treasurer; Sharry Graves, president; Wanda Stine, judicial 
vice president; Louise Moore, vice president; Carol Katzman, secretary ROW 2: Bonnie Mancini, Debby Gallagher, Rebecca Ho- 
ward, Elaine Szerdy, Bonnie Ripple, Linda Earle, Marilynn Miller, Mary Moran, Dena Vessels, Jane Morgan 


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the only 
male living under the same roof with over two hundred young 
women? Ask the "housefather" of Moulton hall, the first of his 
kind on campus. 

Have you ever been declared a witch? One of our girls is told 
this every year at our Miss Witch of America contest. 

Do you have an overcrowded trophy case? We do! And our 
proudest trophy is the Scholarship plaque we received Fall 
Quarter. Some of our other special activities have been the 
International Tea, and our Annual Art Show. 

Just keep in mind that even though Moulton Hall is the second 
oldest hall, its women and ideas are always progressive. 


Fletcher, a member of the Eastway complex, is 
"where the action is." Its coeds wholeheartedly 
participate in all campus activities as well as initiat- 
ing projects of their own. In cooperation with the 
Kent Internationals, foreign students were invited 
to dinner and fireside chats. The residents con- 
tacted the USO and set up a program of corres- 
pondence with the men in the armed forces in 
Viet Nam. Fall quarter a new idea in sports arose, 
co-ed football. More surprising was the effective- 
ness of this powderpuff team. Sponsoring a Queen 
finalist heightened the excitement of Homecoming 
this year. Safety Week, a banquet for outstanding 
women, and several mixers rounded out the year's 

ROW 1: Betsy Chandler, treasurer; Shirley Roach, judicial vice president; Aileen Zahlava, president; Margaret Phelan, secretary; Cathy War- 
ren, vice president ROW 2: Fran Pedulla, Donna Elder, Anne Llewellyn, Karen Sloan, Dona Klekota, Judy Verlenich, Patricia Packard, 
Beverly Bridger, Joyce Difford, Barb Nalley ROW 3; Victoria Bettendorf, Susan Schuller, Joyce Deffenbaugh, Christine Lobas, Lois Snyder, 

Penny Shumaker, Jill Smith. 


She wanted to investigate everything she saw. 
There were tall glass doors, rows upon rows of 
mailboxes (who stared at her!) and many steps 
which led down, down, down to the Sunken 
Lounge. There was an elevator which sky- 
rocketed to the Long and Short Corridors. There 
were study lounges, Nine Telephone Booths, the 
Great Parking Lot and Two Recreation Rooms. 
What interesting places there all were! Sud- 
denly she saw a sign. 

It read: In October— Annual Halloween Party. 
In January— Annual New Year's Tea 
In May— Winners in Campus Day Float 
and Songfest. 

She thought "they have fun here!" She had had 
many adventures before this. She had been to 
Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, 
but this was, after all, the first time Alice had 
been to Terrace Hall. 



ROW 1: Judy Singer, vice president; Linda Wright, president; Margaret Phelps, judicial vice president ROW 2: Janet Robinson, Peggy Meeks, Nancy 

Pfouts, Patricia Madden, Marjorie Ash, Patricia Nurmi, treasurer; Joyce Means, secretary; Janet Painter, Marianne Filipovich, Maribeth Kaye, Shirley Sahrie 

ROW 3: Adeline Thomas, Pamela Wilt, Linda Linderman, Cheryl Whitney, Sharon Franklin ROW 4: Francine Maruca, Nancy Davis, Margie Rust, Sandy 
Spooner, Susan Rees, Kathy Schurk, Carol Simons, Janet Reppart, Marilyn Long, Anne Latchem, Sally Culp. 


ROW 1: Donald Hursh, III, Tim Tassone, James Burnett, Tom Ruple, Troy Barker ROW 2: Glen Kile, Frank Latona, David Mitchell, Philip Mascara, Carl Polka, 
William Russell, David Weigel ROW 3: Joe Grisola, Gary Howieson, Robert Kron, Michael McCormick, David Nichols, Ronald Lerman, Richard Johnson, Gary Gale, 
William Murin, Laurence Condow, Stephen Brandehoff, Richard Treleven, Richard Turner, Joseph Sergak. 

This is the year of Lake Hall. With an imaginative 
residence hall body, and an enthusiastic counselling 
staff, Lake exudes an air of excitement. The Lake Hall 
Examiner gave the Kent State campus something new 
in residence hall newspapers, while Novemberfest 
opened the doors of opportunity to talented students 
from other halls by offering them a place to perform. 
Lectures and informal seminars by prominent and in- 
terested professors helped to ignite the intellectual 
spark of Lake residents. The Lake Hall library, its 
floats, mixers and open houses exemplify the pride, 
enthusiasm, and friendliness of its residents. These 
are, in fact, the products and extensions of the Men 
of Lake Hall. 


ROW 1: Dieter Sems, secretary; Dennis Guenther, vice president; Jack Bonar, presi- 
dent; Peter Stofflet, treasurer ROW 2: Regis Pongibove, Paul Planchon, Jim Edler, R. 
J. Planisek. 



Experimenting means the testing of some suggested 
truth. Engleman, as an experimental residence hall, 
has a peculiar responsibility and a burden, and that 
is to be truly experimental, to take a theory and to 
muster the courage needed to put it into practice. The 
deletion of one late permission slip and the allowing 
of friends in the lobby until midnight is not experi- 
mentation—it is inchworming toward a goal which is 
both vague and dubiously valuable. It lacks the verve 
and daring characteristic of an experimental situa- 
tion. If we are to experiment, let us not hesitate to 
hasten toward that goal already actualized by other 
colleges and universities— the total acceptance of re- 
sponsibility for one's own actions. 

ROW 1: Sue Meier, Jeanne Halter, secretary; Kathy Kubach, Kothy Stover, resident assistant; Mary leath, resident assistant; Rita Lisy, resident assistant; Sue Sherrange; 
Brenda Bonnar; Margaret Molnar, judicial vice-president; Lynne Foster ROW 2: Irene Metz, resident assistant; Sandy Jasper, Nancy Habeck; Carol Sumilas; Rosemarie 
Simione, resident counselor; Jann Burkhardt, vice-president; Roxane LeRoy; Karen Erwin,- Anne Ruip, Bonnie Grubb, treasurer; Jan Zalimeni ROW 3: Janie 
Pyle; Nancy Ostrander; Nelia Andberg, Noreen Fetherson; B-J Williams, president. 


there were some who got lost 

and some who were never close enough to the road 

in the first place . . . 
but there were many more who found more than 

beer and broads . . . 
there were those who led 

and those who followed . . . 

those who found the road found the mud along 

its sides and in its holes . . . 
they found the pavement cracked and the scenery 

dingy . . . 
they also found there were other roads but 

they stayed and today are better for 

having walked the longer way . . . 

i cannot relive 9 months for 375 . . . 

but i can remember 

and through the heavy fog of what once was 

i see the differences of many forming the unity 

of a group . . . 
a group that was known as THE GUYS OF CLARK HALL 

ROW 1: Bill Gibbons, chief justice; Rip Vallecursa, vice president; Dennis Tichy, president; Rob 
Woodall, Richard Tuskes ROW 2: Jim Doeberling, Jay Salovara, Terry O'Donnell, treasurer; 
John Gearhart. 


ROW 1: John Weaver, Richard Tuskes, Larry Loesch, Donald Kerbel, Jeff Medved, Jim Doeberling, Dennis Tichy, president ROW 2: George Suchy, Tony Brenner, Len Dostal, Dale 
Bryner, Rich Heimbrod, Jim Lyon, Dave Hancock, secretary; Bruce Coyle, Richard Brashears, Ryan Hetzer, Marv Whipple, Richard Medved, Rip Vallecorsa, vice president; Bob Woodall 
ROW 3: Jay Salovara, Les Levenson, Terry O'Donnell, treasurer; Dave George, Pete Horwacher, Bill Gibbons, chief justice; Jim Goettel, Don Hollingsworth, John Gearhart, Stan Bader, 
Murray Aspden ROW 4; Nick Shostak, Jay Brixey, Jim McCrea, Bob Cich, Mike Stoiber, Jim Haubert, Fred Warden, Denny Price. 


ROW 1: Joan Hopkins, Deena Koplan, treasurer; Carol Dellefleld, Marva Trotter, Claudia Fuchs, Sheryl Kramer ROW 2: Linda McKinney, 
president; Miss Diana Shiveley, graduate counselor; Miss Donna Sutley, resident counselor; Lennie Egan, Sue Baxter, Jane Ann Rosenberger, 
Lillian Quaranta, Marcia DeBuino, Kay Price, secretary; Sue Staudt, Ada Edgerton, Noreen Lahl, Patricia Bridgeland, Cindy Metzger, judicial 
vice president; Nancy Nevard, Polly Trethewey, vice president. 

Although Lowry Hall is the smallest resi- 
dence hall on campus, it is certainly one of 
the most energetic! In fact, this past year 
Lowry won the WRA participation trophy 
for her outstanding enthusiasm in athletic 
activities. The girls have also been very 
active in the Homecoming activities, Pork 
Barrel and Campus Day's Songfest, 

Situated in the loveliest part of the KSU 
grounds, Lowry was the first residence hall 
to be built at the university, and continues 
to maintain her reputation as a warm, 
friendly home away from home. Come and 
visit us sometime. We will be proud to 
change any ideas you may have about the 
crumbling, yet secure walls of ivy. 

And remember, just because a girl lives 
over a geology lab, doesn't mean she has 
rocks in her head! 



Win: "to succeed by striving or effort to gain 
the victory." 

As a general rule men have a great deal of 
pride. They like to win and unlike women 
they work hard at it. Dormitory life is perfect 
for this sort of philosophy: if you can't or 
won't feel pride in your own work you can 
transfer it to your surroundings. You win more 
intramural awards than any other hall or hold 
a "Casino Party" to aid your friends in the 
spending of their ... or you can throw a 
Christmas party for those forgotten by the 
War on Poverty. And the part that really 
hurts is that everybody in the Hall can pass 
the buck of pride. A sort of collective Era of 
Good Feelings. 


ROW 1: Mike Hedrick, secretary; Bob Lloyd, Don Seanor, Tom Townsend, treasurer,- Ken Shaw, president,- John Hoffman, vice president. ROW 2: Tracy Kane, Art 
Belinger, Ron Stephen, Bob Malbaso, Dick Wiecek, Gary Stevenson ROW 3: Neal Eichorn, Bill Pixley, Bill Perrill, Tom Cox, Joe Hart, Tom Kowar, Brian Johnson, 
Bob Heine, Bob Hofer, Jim Schwamel, Don DeVault, Steve Endrizzi, Al Grywalski, Wally Brown. 

9 V t & 



ROW 1: Cherytanne Basinski, Jeanne Raub, Leanne Pennitti, Dot Reicosky, secretary,- Mrs. Lucille Tritchler, resident counselor; Gail Gombert, judicial vice president; 
Kathy Downing, president; Bonnie Keister, treasurer; Anne Bajkovec, vice president; Joan Dougherty, Becky Nestor ROW 2: Dottie Wagner, Marie Millikin, Jackie 
Cross, Kathy Singer, Pat Weaver, Susan Wendling, Chris Ita, Ginny Rhodes, Charlotte Henshaw, Barbara Lizak, Jan Shepherd, Susan Robison, Jeannette Long, 
Mamie Shepperd, Christie Miller, Margie Chatlos, Pam Milburn, Marcia Watts. 

"Enthusiasm" is the word at Verder Hall! Perhaps the 
most vivid example of this enthusiasm is in the way a 
Verderite goes dashing down the hall after her buzzer 
has sounded for a phone call. Fortunately or un- 
fortunately, the Verder girls are so popular that 
phones are at a premium, and the lucky girl may 
have to run up as many as three flights of stairs to 
reach a vacant one. Enthusiasm is also the way which 
a Verder girl dives into her studies whether it be a 
Zoology lab quiz or a major philosophy exam. With- 

out enthusiasm the Verder Chorus could not have 
achieved the campus-wide recognition it has gained 
for its singing. Enthusiasm was put into every flower 
pulled by residents for the Homecoming and Campus 
Day floats. Originality and plain hard work have 
won Verder many trophies in past years. 

Whoever said, "Nothing great was ever achieved 
without enthusiasm" surely had the women of Verder 
Hall in mind when he wrote it! 


ROW 1: Bobbie Blair, Sarolyn Butler, Marilyn Lardie, Marnie Shepperd, Rebecca Hendrix, Suzanne Denne, Evey Jaskol, Linda Lawrence, Doris Holmes, Linda Ashmus, Pat Bailey ROW 
2: Marty McClatchie, Trish Phillips, Marilyn Bousek, Linda Frye, Eileen Woods, Loraine Simcox, Barbara Duringer, Linda Farnsworth, Cynthia Kuczynski, Frances Majoros, JoAnn Lui- 
kart, Sally Beckwith, Jeanette Long, Kathy Singer, Christine Bailey, Pat Lorah (Director) ROW 3: Susan Smith, Petrea Shriner, Pat Piccione, Joanie Skelton, Kathy Mladek, Paula 
Whealdon, Linda Jeidel, Bunny Hoogenboom, Margery Fitchter, Maureen Duffy, Karen Miller, Pat Patterson, Dottie Wagner, Dot Reicosky. 


ROW 1: Barbara Munson, Janet Hirschberg, Terry Anderson, Barbara Hurchanik, Linda Spiesman, Judith Calhoon, Carol Lyn Johnson, 
Shorty Mueller ROW 2: Carol Martin, Marcia Allen, Marilyn Henz, Margy Hegarty, Nancy Wolfe, Margaret Black, Marilyn Rockwell. 

Ma-D hour 
is our answer to relief of finals week tension— snowball fights, 
fingerpainting, water balloons, musical chairs. 

Bluebeards beware! Dunbarites take active part in lessons and 
demonstrations given by freshman instructor. 

boosted by our freshmen women, describes the attitude of our 
residents. Did you hear us at the Pep rally? 

Hu-B-of Activities 
student staff, hall council, WRA, social and cultural committees 
work to make every girl feel that Dunbar needs her. 

to honor scholars brings parents and campus guests to Dunbar 
Hall. Scholarship awards and an art show highlight this event. 

Foste-R child 
Simhachalem Kaneti lives in India. Despite the distance she shares 
the warmth of Dunbar Hall. 


ROW 1; Joann Puskarcik, Janet Hirschberg, Holly Huber, vice president; Kathie Curtis, judicial vice president; Cheri Runser, president, Laura Martini, treasurer; Nancy Sell, 
secretary; Susan Fleischer, Judith Tallon, Joan Clupper ROW 2: Barbara Munson, JoAnn Zgone, Sandy Carpenter, Patricia Miller, Anne Millar, Marilyn TefTner, Kathy Relyea, 
Julie Dehm, Diane Lopatich, Judi Klein ROW 3: Jean Hannah, Kristine Berg, Bev Moreland, Linda Wargo, Donna Angle, Janet Baldwer, Joann Samsa, Delores Bravchok, Camille 

ROW 1: John McDonnell, chief justice; Ron Dustman, Mike Ferrier, Jerry Waddle, Harv Kassebaum, resident counselor; Rodger Althoff, James Dudas, 
Dale Lewis ROW 2: Ron Kuntz, John Urchek, Gary Jarkins, Ron Reidenbaugh, John Lang, president; Jim Kistler, Jim Dunlap, Bill Pratt, Rudy Petrich 
ROW 3: Peter Scocos, Victor Van Audenhove, Gerald Allen, Richard Mild, Glenn Furth, secretary; Dave Gruccio, John Rose, Dave Ferguson. 


The exact date was never announced, but sometime 
near October 21, 1964, a child named Herbie was 
born on the third floor of Olson Hall. The product of 
the imagination of several of Olson's residents who saw 
a need for the personification of the spirit that had 
swept Olson, Herbie and his followers planned and 
executed more programs of general Student Body in- 
terest, yelled louder than any other organization in 
Pep Rallies, attended more dances and other social 
functions than any other Student Body organization. 

Among the major events in Herbie's first year on cam- 
pus was a lecture by Immanuel Velikovsky— a world 
acclaimed scientist and lecturer, a lecture by Clifton 
DeBerry— U.S. presidential candidate for the Socialist 
Worker's Party, a second place in Float and Songfest 
competition on Campus Day, the Olson Observer— rated 
second best newspaper on campus, the establishment 
of a functional library in the hall and other mixers and 

With almost a 60% turn-over in residents in the Fall of 
'65, Olson strikes forth with new vigor on campus. Her- 
bie led the entire Student Body in the first three pep- 
rally parades and the spirit he represents is again being 
felt and will continue to pace a great university in its 
established tradition of excellence. 


ROW 1: Betty Boyce, Jan Smith, treasurer; Mary Kate Stevens, secretary; Kathy Dillon, president; Mary Beth Russell, judicial vice-president; 
Jan Firman, vice-president; Elizabeth Papas ROW 2: Janet Castor, Sandra Downey, Corinne Adel, Eileen Heller, Jackie Lewis, Jaycene Zuk, 
Lynn Bjork, Colleen Turney, Sharon Gray. 

Over one-hundred-fifty freshman girls, a new resi- 
dence counselor, and, for the first time, a dorm daddy 
have added extra pep and spirit to the lively pace 
set by Allyn Hall coeds. Their annual Halloween 
party, a hilarious tradition in which college women 
challenge the ugliness of Mother Nature's witches, is 
a favorite among the girls. Coed's memories are also 
quick to remember WHLO's cleanup visit to the hall 
fall quarter; the spring quarter party honoring those 
girls named to the Dean's list; and the many myster- 
ious fire drills that found them stumbling outside in 

trench coats, bedroom slippers and rollers. As yearly 
service projects a group of gals travel to Hudson Boys' 
Farm for an evening of dinner, dancing and games. 
Residents also collect food for a needy family at 
Thanksgiving. The popular mixers in Eastway Center, 
the quiet blending of three hundred voices singing 
"Silent Night" at the Christmas program, the Campus 
Day float parties with Clark Hall, and the incentive 
for scholastic success provide outlets for extra energy 
and many warm memories for the residents of Allyn 

i ^Bl ^ ■ ^k. ~w^\ 

H - '* Bf ^^^^& ^ 

vi / ^ B 


ROW 1: Pamela Schuller, Nancy Stirgwolt, Pat Myers, Lynn Sullivan, Claudia Gryvnak, Suzanne Mosher ROW 2: Michele Gold- 
ner, Eileen Heller, Elaine Geary, Nancy Dickerson, Karen George, Diane Hassfurther, Cheryl Santuro. 


ROW 1: Malcolm Carstens, Thomas Marsh, Les Cheney, Steve Kaye ROW 2: Richard Mild, John Lang, Al Grywalski, Ken Shaw, John Hoffman, Jerry Camp- 
bell, Jerry Domer, Bill Lavin ROW 3: Tod Conway, Ken Wetzel, Gary Schatz, Mark Siegel, Dennis Tichy, Paul Kaser, Jack Bonar, Dennis Guenther. 

Men's Interhall Council 

At the head of six men's residence halls, thirty 
men's residence hall officers, and 2,181 men 
residents is the Men's Interhall Council. The 
council embroils itself in plotting and planning 
for such social activities as Residence Hall 
Week, the Queen of Queen's dance, and the 
annual Christmas party. 

Last year MIC became a member of the Na- 
tional Association of College and University 
Residence Halls. Six delegates attended the 
regional conference at the University of 
Rhode Island and exchanged ideas concern- 
ing residence hall programs with NACURH 
members from other Northeastern schools. 
The delegates were instrumental in having 
Kent State named as the site for this year's re- 
gional conference. 

ROW 1: Malcolm Carstens, treasurer; Thomas Marsh, president; 
Les Cheney, vice president; Steve Kaye, secretary. 


Women's Interhall 

Women's Interhall Council provides a forum for discussion of mutual 
concerns relating to residence halls. Organized to provide coordina- 
tion among the women's residence halls, WIC cooperates with Men's 
Interhall Council and other campus organizations to bring educa- 
tional and governmental programs of high quality into the halls. 

The president and vice president of each hall meet weekly with 
officers and committee chairmen of WIC to exchange ideas and to 
discuss problems arising in the halls. The council assumes responsi- 
bility for all legislation pertaining to hall government. 

Men's and Women's Interhall councils jointly belong to the Na- 
tional Association of College and University Residence Halls 
(NACURH) and to the North Atlantic Association of College and 
University Residence Halls (NAACURH). NACURH is an organiza- 
tion of national colleges and universities acting as a coordinating 
body for the exchange of ideas, information, and intercollegiate 
programs. NAACURH does this on a regional level. 

Kent State University is a vital force on both levels. In September, 
1966, Kent will host the annual NAACURH convention. Presently 
the Kent chapter is editing the National Newsletter, chief NACURH 
publication, which provides pertinent residence hall information con- 
cerning activities of interest to other schools. 

ROW 1: Leslie Horton, treasurer; Carol Pearsall, president; 
Carroll Quinn, secretary; Roberta Danner, vice president. 

ROW 1; Leslie Horton, Carol Pearsall, Carroll Quinn, Roberta Danner ROW 2: Judy Singer, Kathe Dillon, Louise Moore, Barbara Atwood, Linda Wright, 
Anne Bajkovec, Aileen Zahlava, Jeanne Raub ROW 3: Kathy Downing, Peggie Moore, Cathy Warren, Janice Firman, Linda McKinney, Polly Trethewey, 
Holly Huber, Mary Siple. 


ROW 1 Jean Diane Kellar, Beverly Ann Rodey, Linda Gimbel, Nancy Burau, Mary Gibbons ROW 2 Louise Moore, Nell Thompson, Holly Gillespie, Peggie Moore, 
Karen Barrett, Kathy Dillon, Aileen Zahlavo ROW 3 Kay Barnes, B-J Williams, Linda Wright, Kathy Downing, Cheri Runser, Linda McKinney, Carol Pearsall, Karen 


Jean Kellar, recording secretary; Beverly Rodey, administra- 
tive vice president; Mary Gibbons, IAWS vice president; 
Nancy Burau, treasurer; Linda Gimbel, president 

Associated Women 

Re-evaluation, reorganization, and review were key words this 
year as the entire structure of AWS underwent examination by 
its Executive Council. The constitution and by-laws were written 
and later revised to better delineate the branches of AWS and 
further clarify the workings of women's government. Rules and 
standards were updated. At the same time junior and senior 
women gained the freedom and responsibility of unlimited late 
permissions and Engleman was designated as an experimental 
honors hall. 

Activities Board again sponsored Lil Sis and Mother's weekends 
and co-sponsored another successful Pork Barrel. Penny night was 
initiated to provide funds for a scholarship. The traditional spring 
Senior Women's Banquet honored outstanding seniors. 

Nearly two years of planning was culminated at the Regional 
Convention of the Intercollegiate Association of Women Students 
as women leaders from the Eastern region of IAWS convened at 
Kent during the spring quarter break. Throughout the year, it 
was again emphasized that every woman in the university is a 
member of AWS and is encouraged to participate in all of its 

ROW 1 Sue Hadley, Karen Stewart, Shirley Roach, Mary Beth Russell ROW 2 Margaret Molnar, Margaret Phelps, Kay Mitchell, 
Gail Gombert, Wanda Stine, secretary, Lorna Pavet 

ROW 1 Susan Pfouts, Corinne Adel, Kay Barnes, chairman, Sue Sherrange, Sandy Kirkland ROW 2 Lynne Pritchard, Jeannette 
Long, secretary, Patricia Nurmi, Jane Morgan, Anne Millar, Holly Gillespie, Bonnie Mancini, Marcia Cleave, Susan Baxter 













^ - •«■> 

|« (JB\ flrV^JPVfl 

If - 1 I T ^~M 1 1 T »< 

IgK ■flhal " 1 V k 





i ;x 

\ 1 

Lawrence Acciani 
Perth Am boy. New Jersey 

Sherrill Adams 
Westlake, Ohio 

John Admonius 
Alliance, Ohio 

Henry Agoya 
Kenya, East Africa 

Marie Aguilar 
Syracuse, New York 

Janet Aiken 
Uniontown, Ohio 

Barbara Aimes 
Merrick, New York 

Carlos Albuerne 
Kent, Ohio 

James Aleksa 
Euclid, Ohio 

Kenneth Alexander 
Arlington, Massachusetts 

Carrie Alinn 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Frank Allega 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Carl Allen 
Springfield, Ohio 

Sandra Allenby 
Parma, Ohio 

William Almond 
Toronto, Ohio 

Suzanne Alves 
Lyndhurst, Ohio 

Frank Anderson 
Kent, Ohio 

Linda Anderson 
Warren, Pennsylvania 

Ray Andreas 
Sugar Creek, Ohio 

Barbara Anthony 
Parma, Ohio 

John Antonczak 
Parma, Ohio 

Joy Appenzeller 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Jacqueline Archipoli 
Huntington, New York 

Larry Arnold 
Akron, Ohio 

Mine Arslanli 
New York City, New York 

William Asbury 
Cincinnati, Ohio 

Barbara Asdell 
Sagamore Hills, Ohio 

Kristine Atwood 
Kent, Ohio 

Diane Auerbach 

Pikesville, Maryland 

Nancy Baer 
Groveport, Ohio 

Marcia Bailey 
Barberton, Ohio 

John Bair 
Canton, Ohio 

Louis Bajkai 
Kent, Ohio 

Franklin Baker 
Rockland, Delaware 

Sandra Baker 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Thomas Baldwin 
Cuyahoga Palls, Ohio 

Mary Lou Ball 
Bellevue, Ohio 

Benjamin Banks 
Sugar Creek, Ohio 

Olinfia Barelka 
Lakewood, Ohio 

Donald Barker 
Windham, Ohio 

Troy Barker 
Alliance, Ohio 

David Barner 
Cleveland Hts., Ohio 

Judith Barnes 
Sharon, Pennsylvania 

Allan Bartholomew 
Warren, Ohio 

John Bauer 
Kent, Ohio 

Lynne Bauman 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Carolyn Baxter 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Robert Baxter 
Minerva, Ohio 

Georgienne Bayus 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Janet Beals 
Kent, Ohio 

Sally Beckwith 
Geneva, Ohio 

Elaine Beer 
Mansfield, Ohio 

Karen Belcastro 
Niles, Ohio 

Donald Bell 
Northfield, Ohio 

Joyce Bell 
Ashland, Ohio 

Barbara Beller 
Kent, Ohio 

Sheila Belli 
Penfield, New York 

Janice Bender 
Youngstown, Ohio 

Michael Bennett 
Sandusky, Ohio 

Bruce BenshofT 
Kent, Ohio 

Joanne BenshofT 
Kent, Ohio 

Karot Benson 
Wadsworth, Ohio 

August Benz 
Garfield Hts., Ohio 

Carol Berggren 
Spokane, Washington 

John Bernabei 
Tailmadge, Ohio 

Jay Bernhart 
Massillon, Ohio 

Arnold Bernstein 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Penelope Berry 
Shreve, Ohio 

Shirley Berry 
Lorain, Ohio 

Thomas Besozzi 
New Philadelphia, Ohio 

Victoria Bettendorf 
Fairview Park, Ohio 

David Bigler 
Kent, Ohio 

Arleen Billante 
Parma, Ohio 

Jeffrey Bille 
Canton, Ohio 

Mary Evelyn Bingham 
New Milford, Ohio 

Mary Louise Bischoff 
Akron, Ohio 

Richard Bistline 
Kent, Ohio 

Martha Blachly 
Canal Fulton, Ohio 

James Black 
Barberton, Ohio 

Margaret Black 
Brecksville, Ohio 

Virginia Blaney 
Newton Falls, Ohio 

Joan Bliss 
Parma, Ohio 

Thomas Bliss 
Aliquippa, Pennsylvania 

Carol Block 
Canton, Ohio 

■ . 


Robert Blumreich 
Kent, Ohio 

Susan Bobka 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Glen Bode 
Niles, Ohio 

Manfred Bode 
Ravenna, Ohio 

Richard Bodmann 
Elyria, Ohio 

Fleeta Bodosi 
Akron, Ohio 

Donald Bogert 
Orwell, Ohio 

Olivia Boggs 
Kent, Ohio 

Tom Boland 
Kent, Ohio 

Donna Bollens 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Harry Bollman 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Linda Bollman 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Michael Bolus 
Safita, Syria 

Robert Booth 
Kent, Ohio 

Karen Bordeaux 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Thomas Bordon 
Canton, Ohio 

Diane Border 
Canton, Ohio 

Walter Boris 
Middleburg His., Ohio 

Franklin Borschel 
Lancaster, New York 

Marilynn Borsuk 
Brooklyn, Ohio 

Dianne Both 
Colden, New York 

Richard Bourne 
Alliance, Ohio 

Doreen Bourque 
Macedonia, Ohio 

Dennis Bowler 
Gasport, New York 

Harry Bowman 
Peninsula, Ohio 

John Bowyer 
Chardon, Ohio 

Carol Boyer 
Rochester, New York 

Richard Brandt 
Parma, Ohio 

Nikki Branson 
Cleveland Hts., Ohio 

Jerry Brant 
omerset, Pennsylvania 

Mary Braun 
Ashland, Ohio 

Elayne Brenner 
Perry, Ohio 

Gerald Brezina 
Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

Alys Briers 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Vida Brinovec 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Jay Brixey 
Dayton, Ohio 

Robert Brock 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Sharon Brookover 
Jeromesville, Ohio 

Darla Brothers 
Shaker Hts., Ohio 

Albert Brown 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Cathy Brown 
Kent, Ohio 

Kathleen Brown 
Kent, Ohio 

Lauren Brown 
Shaker Hts., Ohio 

Ned Brown 
Canton, Ohio 

Peter Brown 
White Plains, New York 

Walter Brown 
Brunswick, Ohio 

Martha Bubb 
Hudson, Ohio 

Mary Buckey 
Kent, Ohio 

George Buehler 
North Lima, Ohio 

Dan Bull 
Williamsville, New York 

Bruce Bullock 
Jamestown, New York 

Linda Burch 
Canton, Ohio 

James Burke 
Lakewood, Ohio 

Richard Burke 
Syracuse, New York 

Wanda Burky 
Kent, Ohio 

David Burnett 
Columbia Station, Ohio 




Paul Burnley 
Wadsworth, Ohio 

Thomas Burrow 
Highland Mills, New York 

Betty Bush 
Canton, Ohio 

George Busony 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Terry Busson 
Kent, Ohio 

Thomas Busta 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Jerry Butcher 
Kent, Ohio 

Edmund Byrne 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Sandra Cain 
Parma, Ohio 

Richard Caldwell 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Robert Caldwell 
Willowick, Ohio 

Vincent Calo 
Kent, Ohio 

Mary Campanella 
South Euclid, Ohio 

Charles Campbell 
Linesville, Pennsylvania 

Laura Campbell 
Kent, Ohio 

Robert Cantwell 
Brunswick, Ohio 

Laraine Canzonetta 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Marilyn Carano 
Campbell, Ohio 

Fred Cardina 
Akron, Ohio 

Bruce Carey 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Jerry Carleton 
Newton Falls, Ohio 

Catherine Carlin 
Warren Hts., Ohio 

Linda Carlson 
Salem, Ohio 

Martha Carlson 
Canton, Ohio 

Thomas Carosello 
Middlebranch, Ohio 

Michael Carothers 
Huron, Ohio 

Malcolm Carstens 
Cincinnati, Ohio 

James Carter 
Akron, Ohio 



John Casey 

Jean Cassidy 
Niles, Ohio 

Karen Castillo 
Springfield, Ohio 

Patrick Cavanagh 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Glenna Cavender 
Akron, Ohio 

David Centa 
Barberton, Ohio 

Karen Cervenak 
Warren, Ohio 

William Cetto 
Bellmore, Long Island 

Larry Chalfant 
Berlin Center, Ohio 

Glenda Chambers 
Toronto, Ohio 

Molly Chandler 
Canal Fulton, Ohio 

Cheryl Charlton 
Mogadore, Ohio 

Aileen Chase 
Akron, Ohio 

Leslie Cheney 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Roselyn Cheraso 
Shaker Hts., Ohio 

Michael Cherry 
Bay Village, Ohio 

James Churchill 
Canton, Ohio 

Yolanda Cika 
Bronx, New York 

James Cipriano 
Ravenna, Ohio 

John Cipriano 
Ravenna, Ohio 

Clyde Clark 
Canton, Ohio 

Helen Clark 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Yvonne Clark 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Nancy Clatterbuck 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Marcia Cleave 
Akron, Ohio 

Pamela Cliff 
Kent, Ohio 

Gary Clingerman 
Akron, Ohio 

Lorraine Clotts 
Chesterland, Ohio 

Carol Cogan 
Canton, Ohio 

Susan Cohen 
Patterson, New Jersey 

Carole Coleman 
Poland, Ohio 

Booker Collins 
Berea, Ohio 

Janet Collins 
Warren, Ohio 

Karen Cornelia 
Rocky River, Ohio 

James Compton 
Norwalk, Ohio 

Jeanne Connell 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Bert Cook 
Kent, Ohio 

Ronald Cook 
Canfield, Ohio 

Constance Cooper 

Huddleston, Virginia 

J. Douglas Cooper 
Akron, Ohio 

William Copp 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Gerald Corbitt 
Kent, Ohio 

Kenneth Corbusier 
Cleveland Hts., Ohio 

Gail Cornelius 
Merrick, Long Island 

Patricia Corrigan 
Euclid, Ohio 

Sarah Costello 
Canton, Ohio 

Loretta Couch 

Painesville, Ohio 

Connie Cowan 
Barberton, Ohio 

Sarah Cowles 
Wellington, Ohio 

Patricia Coxon 
Fremont, Ohio 

Marsha Craft 
Akron, Ohio 

Richard Crafton 
Clinton, Ohio 

Lynda Craig 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Judith Crawmer 
Rensselaer, New York 

Treasure Crispin 
Akron, Ohio 

Cheryl Croskey 
Akron, Ohio 

Judith Cross 
Barnesville, Ohio 

Nancy Crossen 

Willoughby, Ohio 

Anita Csonka 
Stow, Ohio 

Eileen Cuban 
Ravenna, Ohio 

Sylvia Culig 
Lorain, Ohio 

Richard Cunningham 
Hudson, Ohio 

Thomas Curran 
Palmyra, New York 

Bruce Currington 
Bridgeton, New Jersey 

Elizabeth Cashing 
Brecksville, Ohio 

John Cushing 
Brookpark, Ohio 

Carol Cvetkovich 
Youngstown, Ohio 

Linda Czajkowski 
Parma, Ohio 

John Czar 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Sonia Czerewko 
Yonkers, New York 

Patricia Daily 
East Liverpool, Ohio 

Charles Dale 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Janet Dando 
Kent, Ohio 

Suzanne Daniel 
Newburgh, New York 

Jane DannemiMer 
Canton, Ohio 

Thomas Daramus 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Lois D'Aurora 
Randolph, Ohio 

Margaret Davis 
Euclid, Ohio 

Marjorie Davis 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Nancy Davis 
Ravenna, Ohio 

Paula Davis 
Cadiz, Ohio 

Joan Dawson 
Dorset, Ohio 

Robert Dayton 
Orrville, Ohio 

Anthony Defazi 
Middletown, New York 

Judith DeForest 

Southington, Ohio 

Delma Delaplane 
Topinabee, Michigan 

Timothy Deleo 
Stow, Ohio 

Anthony DeMarco 
Parma, Ohio 

Gary Dennis 
Alliance, Ohio 

Thomas Denny 
Akron, Ohio 

Marcella DeNorcy 
Central City, Pennsylvania 

Richard Depenbrok 
Garfield Hts., Ohio 

Carl Detrow 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Steve Dianiska 
Valley City, Ohio 

Alan Dias 
Dayton, Ohio 

Frank DiBartolomeo 
Euclid, Ohio 


Barbara Dieringer 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Joyce Difford 
Warren, Ohio 

Charles Dimond 
South Fork, Pennsylvania 

Joan Dlugos 
Lorain, Ohio 

Terry Doan 
Elyria, Ohio 

William Dobra 
Northfield, Ohio 

Vickie Dodds 
Eastlake, Ohio 

Nancy Doherty 
Auburn, Massachusetts 

William Doll 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Joseph Domanico 
Niagara Falls, New York 

Michele Dorn 
Canton, Ohio 

Joan Dougherty 
Barberton, Ohio 

Kathleen Downing 
Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

Richard Doyne 
Brecksville, Ohio 

Rose Marie Drabik 
Poland, Ohio 

Margaret Drda 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Candace Drew 
Hamilton, Ontario 

Linda Drullard 
Hamburg, New York 

Ruth Dudley 
Commeaut, Ohio 

Robert Duffy 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Paul Dunford 
Elyria, Ohio 

Dave Dunham 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Jo Dye 
Alliance, Ohio 

Charlene Dygert 
Columbus, Ohio 

Sally Dyke 
Elyria, Ohio 

William Eagle 
Willowick, Ohio 

Vincent Eckdahl 
Lakewood, New York 

Barbara Eckholdt 
Toledo, Ohio 

Jean Eckman 
Jamestown, New York 

Harvey Eger 
New Kensington, Pennsylvania 

Robert Eichel 
Hamilton, Ohio 

Susan Eichhorn 
Euclid, Ohio 

Rebecca Elbert 
Bridgeport, Ohio 

James Eldon 
Parma, Ohio 

Jeffrey Eldridge 
Roofstown, Ohio 

Richard Eley 
Uniontown, Ohio 

Fred Elias 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Thomas Elkins 
Warren, Ohio 

Jerry Ellsworth 
North Canton, Ohio 

Philip Elwood 
Addison, New York 

Roger Emig 
Pemberton, New Jersey 

Rebecca Epstein 
Youngstown, Ohio 

James Erdelyi 
Parma, Ohio 

Harold Erickson 
Morris Plains, New Jersey 


Joyce Ervin 
Kent, Ohio 

Charles Erwin 
Canton, Ohio 

Karen Erwin 
Canton, Ohio 

June Eschenauer 
Cleveland His., Ohio 

Ralph Esposito 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Margaret Estadt 
Caldwell, Ohio 

Vera Etling 
Mantua, Ohio 

Joseph Euretig 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Randall Evans 
Warren, Ohio 

Lois Everett 
Lisbon, Ohio 

Howard Eyman 
Kent, Ohio 

Karen Eyman 
Kent, Ohio 

Lois Faasse 
Barberton, Ohio 

Abdulla Faisal 
Saudi, Arabia 

Joanne Fakult 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Diane Falick 
Carnegie, Pennsylvania 

Suzanne Falk 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Sue Farnsworth 
Niles, Ohio 

Neil Fassinger 
Parma, Ohio 

Barbara Faucett 
Silver Lake, Ohio 

Carole Fawcett 
Garfield Hts., Ohio 

Gary Featheringham 
Massillon, Ohio 

James Feeney 
Barberton, Ohio 

Judith Ferko 
Barberton, Ohio 

Marilyn Ferradino 
Girard, Ohio 

Michael Ferrier 
Salem, Ohio 

John Feudner 
Akron, Ohio 

Ernest Feidls 
Kent, Ohio 


W «k 4tDf 

Wq ^ ^7m 


_^A AM 

^Am\ ~ Mm 

WWy kWW 


Gerald Figurski 
Adena, Ohio 

Kathleen Finneran 
Worthington, Ohio 

Jay Firzlaff 
Garfield hits., Ohio 

William Fish 
Kent, Ohio 

Barbara Fisher 
Girard, Ohio 

Jacqueline Fisher 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

John Fisk 
Conneaut, Ohio 

Kristin Fitzgerald 
Mansfield, Ohio 

Ruth Fitzpatrick 
Ravenna, Ohio 

Patricia Fiyut 
Garfield Hts., Ohio 

Kristine Flocken 
Bucyrus, Ohio 

Diane Flory 
Parma, Ohio 

John Floyd 
Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

Mary Flynn 
Youngstown, Ohio 

William Flynn 

McKeesport, Pennsylvania 

Ronald Fogg 
Malvern, Pennsylvania 

Sharon Forringer 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Lynne Foster 
Mentor, Ohio 

Sandra Foster 
Canton, Ohio 

Diane Fostyk 
Akron, Ohio 

Donald Fraenkel 
Newton Hlds., Massachusetts 

Mary Ann Frame 
Sugar Grove, Ohio 

James Francis 
Parma, Ohio 

Mary Francis 
Willoughby, Ohio 

Constance Frank 
Canton, Ohio 

Suzanne Franzen 
Massillon, Ohio 

Marilyn Frazier 
Warren, Ohio 

Justina Freeman 
Olmsted Falls, Ohio 

Joana Fry 
Navarre, Ohio 

Patricia Frye 
Canton, Ohio 

M. Paul Fuller 
Strongsville, Ohio 

Leslie Fulop 
Akron, Ohio 

Carol Fusco 
Clairton, Pennsylvania 

Janet Gabert 
Poland, Ohio 

Sherrill Gall 
Rochester, Pennsylvania 

N. Janice Gal'agher 
Barberton, Ohio 

Dorothea Gallo 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Karl Gansler 
Kent, Ohio 

Elvira Garcia 
Canton, Ohio 

Brent Gardner 
Mentor, Ohio 

Anna Garris 
Euclid, Ohio 

Elaine Gary 
Parma, Ohio 

Mary Ann Gaydos 
Lakewood, Ohio 

Robert Gazer 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Frederick Gemlich 
Twinsburg, Ohio 

Robert Gendler 
Levittown, New York 

Susan Gennett 
Canton, Ohio 

Kathryn Gest 
East Cleveland, Ohio 

Dennis Getman 
Ovid, New York 

Gary Gezann 
Richmond Hts., Ohio 

Mary Gibbins 
Canton, Ohio 

Astra Gibson 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Phyllis Gilmore 
Akron, Ohio 

Suzzanne Gilson 
Canton, Ohio 

Linda Gimbel 
Warren, Ohio 

Charlotte Giunti 
Bedford, Ohio 

Eric Glanzer 
Kent, Ohio 

Mary Lou Glass 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Lesley Glausser 
Lisbon, Ohio 

Jean Glotzbach 
Parma, Ohio 

William Glover 
Akron, Ohio 

Doris Jo Glownia 
Elmo, New York 

Dana Goard 
Salem, Ohio 

Karen Goeller 
Bloomville, Ohio 

Deanna Gogul 
Jefferson, Ohio 

Betty Goldstein 
Enon, Ohio 

Lawrence Goodlin 
Slreetsboro, Ohio 

Mary Goodman 

Willoughby, Ohio 

Nancy Goodman 
Walhonding, Ohio 

Arlene Goodstein 
Canton, Ohio 

Ralph Gordon 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Dale Gottschalk 
Westlake, Ohio 

Eilene Grabiak 
Lisbon, Ohio 

Patricia Gracie 
Ravenna, Ohio 

Linda Grady 
North Olmsted, Ohio 

Paul Grady 
Geneva, Ohio 

Maynard Graft 
Mayfield Hts„ Ohio 

Gerald Graham 
Kent, Ohio 

Jayanne Grant 
Royal Oak, Michigan 

Elisabeth Grass 
Lakewood, Ohio 

Barbara Grasso 
South Euclid, Ohio 

Richard Graven 
Kent, Ohio 

Sharry Graves 
Berea, Ohio 

Donald Gray 
Andover, Ohio 

Mary Grealis 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Cheryl Green 
Huntsville, Alabama 

George Green 

Uhrichsville, Ohio 

James Green 
Kent, Ohio 

Neil Greene 
Seaford, New York 

Cheryl Greenston 
Shaker Hts., Ohio 

Gary Griffin 
Norton, Ohio 

Gail Griffith 
East Palestine, Ohio 

Gordon Grinham 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Alice Grissom 
Hudson, Ohio 

David Grube 
Kent, Ohio 

David Grucdo 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Lee Gunton 
Euclid, Ohio 

Patricia Guyette 
Mantua, Ohio 

Sherry Gynn 
Brecksville, Ohio 

Frederick Haas 
Sugar Creek, Ohio 

Anton Habenschuss 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Polly Hackett 
Akron, Ohio 

Norma Haggberg 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

James Hailey 
Masury, Ohio 

Edward Hall 
Stow, Ohio 

Dennis Hall 
Mansfield, Ohio 

Lorene Hall 
Chesterland, Ohio 

Marjorie Hall 
Lakewood, Ohio 

Susan Hall 

Northfield, Ohio 

Paul Halter 
Robertsville, Ohio 

Barbara Hamilton 
Kent, Ohio 

James Hamilton 
Kent, Ohio 

Lawrence Hammer 
Wadsworth, Ohio 

Chin Han 
Seoul, Korea 

John Hanko 
Lorain, Ohio 

Barbara Hann 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Karen Hanson 
Kent, Ohio 

Ann Dee Hardy 
Bay Village, Ohio 

Faith Harper 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Mary Harper 
Elyria, Ohio 

Nancy Harrington 
Kent, Ohio 

Harvey Harris 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Judith Harris 
Bedford, Ohio 

Roger Hart 
Kent, Ohio 

Janice Harter 
Wadsworth, Ohio 

Gary Hartman 
Rittman, Ohio 

Kenneth Hartman 
Kent, Ohio 

JoAnn Hartsock 
Massillon, Ohio 

Connie Hathaway 
Fredericktown, Ohio 

Francis Havrilla 
Munhali, Pennsylvania 

William Hawkins 
Kent, Ohio 

Kalem Hayek 
Youngstown, Ohio 

Kathleen Hayes 
Fairview Park, Ohio 

Peggy Head 
Streetsboro, Ohio 

Thomas Headley 
Alliance, Ohio 

Mary Hearrell 
Ravenna, Ohio 

Carla Hedblom 
Wauwatosa, Wisconsin 

William Heichel 
Akron, Ohio 

Vicki Heidel 
East Liverpool, Ohio 

Robert Heiser 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Harry Heisler 
Kent, Ohio 

James He jl 
West Richfield, Ohio 

Vincent Helbling 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Martha Hemker 
Wadsworth, Ohio 

Marilyn Henz 
Parma, Ohio 

Duane Herchler 
Amherst, Ohio 

Mary Ann Herman 
Cleveland, His., Ohio 

Frances Herron 
Carrollton, Ohio 

William Herskowitz 
Cleveland Hts., Ohio 

Krista Hildebrand 
Canton, Ohio 

Henry Hill 
Perry, New York 

Nancy Hill 
Sea Girt, New Jersey 

Clarice Hilton 
Euclid, Ohio 

Cheryl Hinckley 
Bedford, Ohio 

Diane Hirsch 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Suzanne Hittle 
Sharpsville, Pennsylvania 

Sandra Hoagland 
New Castle, Pennsylvania 

Theodore Hoagland 
Three Bridges, New Jersey 

Connie Hobbs 
Leawood, Kansas 

Ken Hochstetler 
Sugar Creek, Ohio 

Darla Hockman 
Napoleon, Ohio 

Edward Hoffee 
Canton, Ohio 

Lorraine Hoehn 
Seven Hills, Ohio 

Thomas Hogan 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Sally Hogarth 
Canfield, Ohio 

Rosemary Holden 
Wadsworth, Ohio 

Barbara Holko 
Newton Falls, Ohio 

Ruth Hollingsworth 
Willoughby, Ohio 

Jerry Holt 
Kent, Ohio 

John Holz 
Parma, Ohio 

Carlysle Hooks 
Maple Hts., Ohio 

Allen Hoover 
Barberton, Ohio 

Alice Hope 
McKeesport, Pennsylvania 

Rosalie Hopfgartner 
Western Springs, Illinois 

John Horch 
Akron, Ohio 

Elizabeth Horkay 
Lorain, Ohio 

Jerome Hornak 
Parma, Ohio 

Michele Hornyak 
Barberton, Ohio 

Leslie Horton 
Elmhurst, Illinois 

Margaret Hott 
Willoughby Hills, Ohio 

Rebecca Howard 
Minerva, Ohio 

Thomas Howard 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Antoinette Hrabal 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Maryann Hrabal 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Mary Hruska 
Youngstown, Ohio 

Alan Huberty 
Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

Andrew Hudacko 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Norman Huelsman 
Mayfield Hts., Ohio 

Terry Hull 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Ernest Hummel 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Raymond Hurley 
Girard, Ohio 

Daniel Hursey 
Delaware, Ohio 

Charles Hutcheson 
Alliance, Ohio 

George Hutter 
Warrensville Hts., Ohio 

Donald Ice 
Wadsworth, Ohio 

Ronald Ignac 
Piney Fork, Ohio 

Cynthia Ignizio 
Kent, Ohio 

Christine Iklodi 
Warren, Ohio 

Thomas Immel 
Dover, Ohio 

Elaine Ingram 
Cleveland Hts., Ohio 

Susanne Jackson 
Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio 

Joan Jacobs 
Mount Vernon, Ohio 

Richard Jaeger 
Colts Neck, New Jersey 

Gilbert Jaffe 
Mayfield Hts., Ohio 

Arthur Jarc 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Elizabeth Jenkins 
Rahway, New Jersey 

Frederick Jennings 
Port Clinton, Ohio 

Barbara Johnson 
Geneva, Ohio 

Bernard Johnson 
Brecksville, Ohio 

Brian Johnson 
Dover, Ohio 

Glenda Johnson 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Kenneth Johnson 
Mayfield Hts., Ohio 

Ingrid Johnson 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Marilyn Johnson 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Richard Johnson 
Kent, Ohio 

Thomas Johnson 
Hamilton, Ontario 

Margaret Johnston 
Southampton, Pennsylvania 

Patricia Johnston 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Richard Joiner 
Madison, Ohio 

Gordon Jones 
Columbia Station, Ohio 

Leila Jones 
Lorain, Ohio 

Norman Jones 
Akron, Ohio 

Sharyn Jones 
Akron, Ohio 

Thomas Jones 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Strongsville, Ohio 

Nancy Jordan 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Antanas Jucaitis 
Chicago, Illinois 

Julius Kadas 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Edwin Kahl 
Sharon, Pennsylvania 

Robert Kailes 
Elyria, Ohio 

Raymond Kallio 
Conneaut, Ohio 

Leland Kanuckel 
Kent, Ohio 

David Kaplan 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Dorothy Kara 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Peterson Kareithi 
Karatina, Kenya 

Paul Kaser 
Hilliard, Ohio 

Bonnie Kassebaum 
Kent, Ohio 

Elaine Kaweclci 
Canton, Ohio 

Dennis Kay 
Parma, Ohio 

Nancy Keaveney 
Parma, Ohio 

John Keeney 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Thomas Kekic 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Jean Kellar 
Barberton, Ohio 

Charleen Keller 
Salem, Ohio 

Allan Kelley 
West Richfield, Ohio 

Linda Kelley 
Clyde, Ohio 

Margaret Kemp 
North Olmsted, Ohio 

David Kessel 
North Canton, Ohio 

Richard Kettter 
Canton, Ohio 

Gloria Kettunen 
Eastlake, Ohio 

George Kiefer 
Canton, Ohio 

Harriet King 
Dillonvale, Ohio 

Rita King 
Lorain, Ohio 

William King 
Kent, Ohio 

John Kirchhofer 
Wooster, Ohio 

Dorothy Kirk 
Akron, Ohio 

Judi Klein 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

William Kleinhenz 
Bay Village, Ohio 

Jeffrey Kline 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

John Klingensmith 
Vermilion, Ohio 

Patricia Klohr 
Barberton, Ohio 

Bonnie Kneeland 
Garfield Hts., Ohio 

Sharon Knoch 
Akron, Ohio 

Carol Knowles 
Middle Village, New York 

Barbara Kohut 
Newton Falls, Ohio 

Robert Korenstein 
Rochestra, New York 

Patricia Korner 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Jacqueline Korniet 
Cleveland, Ohio 

William Kovanes 
Lorain, Ohio 

Michael Kraft 
Willoughby, Ohio 

James Krahl 
Barberton, Ohio 

Cheryl Kramer 
Niles, Ohio 

Gay Krankovich 
Jewett, Ohio 

Susan Kreps 
Charleston, West Virginia 

Linda Krieger 
Willoughby, Ohio 

William Krolak 
Toledo, Ohio 


Susan Kroll 
Youngstown, Ohio 

Jacob Kronenthal 
Tallmadge, Ohio 

Virginia Kronenthal 
Tallmadge, Ohio 

John Krupa 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Richard Ksenich 
Elyria, Ohio 

Helen Kucha 
Broadview Hts., Ohio 

Carole Kulikowski 
Union, New Jersey 

James Kuse 

Brecksville, Ohio 

Cynthia Kuten 
North Olmsted, Ohio 

Cynthia Kutz 
Brooklyn, Ohio 

Chester Kwiecien 
Euclid, Ohio 

Rachel Ladrach 
Amherst, Ohio 

Patricia LaFountaine 
New Philadelphia, Ohio 

Irene Lagoszniak 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Grace Lamperth 
Willoughby, Ohio 

Dale Landefeld 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Douglas Landolph 
Warrensville Hts., Ohio 

Elizabeth Lane 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Gary Lane 
Parma, Ohio 

Janet Lane 
Worthington, Ohio 

Priscilla Lane 
Kent, Ohio 

John Lang 
Lakewood, Ohio 

Johanna Lansdowne 
South Euclid, Ohio 

Donald Larson 
Leavittsburg, Ohio 

Laurence Larson 
Kent, Ohio 

Paul Lavanish 
Lyndhurst, Ohio 

John Lawrence 
Youngstown, Ohio 

Mary Leath 
Cleveland Hts., Ohio 

Mei Lee 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Barbara Leedy 

Fredericktown, Ohio 

Michael Lehmiller 
North Industry, Ohio 

Corinne LeMoine 
Hubbard, Ohio 

Anthony Leon 
Warren, Ohio 

Joanne Leonardi 
Warrensville Hts., Ohio 

Lenny Lepola 
Warren, Ohio 

Robert Lesko 
Warren, Ohio 

Edward Leszynski 
Kent, Ohio 

Richard Lewandowski 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Diane Lewis 
Munhall, Pennsylvania 

Grayce Lewis 
Cortland, Ohio 

Douglas L'Hommedieu 
Huntsville, Alabama 

James Lide 
Beloit, Ohio 

Barbara Lindak 
Parma, Ohio 

Margaret Lindsay 
Monaco, Pennsylvania 

Carol Lisson 
Rochester, New York 

Corwin Liston 
Shaker Hts., Ohio 

Robert Lloyd 
Jamaica, New York 

Frederick Loffman 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

John Logan 
Massapequa, New York 

Julie Logue 
Conneaut, Ohio 

Kenneth Lombardo 
Mayfield Hts., Ohio 

Ruth Loomis 
Kent, Ohio 

Patricia Lorah 
Akron, Ohio 

Paul Lorentzen 
Kent, Ohio 

Emily Lorson 
Orrville, Ohio 

Janet Losch 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Cheryl Love 
Toronto, Ohio 

Elizabeth Lowden 
Willoughby, Ohio 

Thomas Lower 
Wellesley, Massachusetts 

Ruth Lowry 
Hubbard, Ohio 

Sandra Luscas 
Canton, Ohio 

Wendy Lucas 
Euclid, Ohio 

Andrea Luchette 
Masury, Ohio 

Dennis Luchin 
Parma, Ohio 

Steven Lucsik 
Cleveland, Ohio 

JoAnn Luikart 
Oberlin, Ohio 

Patricia Lukosavich 
Akron, Ohio 

Carole Lumm 
Fairview Park, Ohio 

Roger Lusk 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Sheldon Lutsky 
Arnold, Pennsylvania 

Patrick Luzio 
Newark, Ohio 

Kathleen Lynch 
Canton, Ohio 

John Lyons 
Akron, Ohio 

Raymond McAfoose 
Natrona Hgts., Pennsylvania 

Dennis McBride 
Akron, Ohio 


Linda McCall 
Akron, Ohio 

Kathryn McCann 
Uniontown, Ohio 

Edward McCarthy 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Martha McClain 
Hubbard, Ohio 

Cathleen McClure 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

■>' : .-'i .■'•■.. 

Elizabeth McConnell 
Wellington, Ohio 

Carolee McCoy 
Alliance, Ohio 

Dale McCoy 
Youngstown, Ohio 

George McCready 
Wellsville, Ohio 

Kathleen McCurdy 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Roy McDaniel 
Brunswick, Ohio 

Clifton McDonald 
Georgetown, British Guiana 

Richard McDonald 
Youngstown, Ohio 



Robert McElwee 
Maple Hts., Ohio 

Karen Mclntire 
Mansfield, Ohio 

Jacqueline McKee 
Akron, Ohio 

Marianne McKeon 
Lakewood, Ohio 

Linda McKinney 
East Sparta, Ohio 

Roberta McKinney 
Stow, Ohio 

William McNair 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

William McNamara 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Douglas McNeil 
North Canton, Ohio 

Pamela McNutt 
Toledo, Ohio 

Rodney McSherry 
Kent, Ohio 

Nadyne Macejko 
Struthers, Ohio 

Kathleen Mack 
Vienna, Ohio 

Janet Mackey 
Ravenna, Ohio 

Louise MacRae 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Alona Madden 
North Kingsville, Ohio 





Janice Madeley 
Parma, Ohio 

Judy Mader 
North Royalton, Ohio 

Kenneth Magel 
Elyria, Ohio 

Thomas Mahl 
Elyria, Ohio 

Louie Mahony 
Akron, Ohio 

Lonnie Maich 
Brantford, Ontario 

John Mainwaring 
Streetsboro, Ohio 

James Malone 
McKeesport, Pennsylvania 

Bonnie Mancini 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Sandra Marco 
Apollo, Pennsylvania 

Douglas Marianek 
Garfield Hts., Ohio 

Sheila Markulis 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Eldon Martin 
Burbank, Ohio 

Frederick Martin 
Ann Arbor, Michigan 

Jeannette Martin 
Akron, Ohio 

Robert Martin 
Stow, Ohio 

Thomas Martof 
Warren, Ohio 

Keith Marty 
Madison, Ohio 

Regina Marvett 
Akron, Ohio 

Sandra Masick 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Stanley Masloski 
Adena, Ohio 

Carlos Mason 
Alliance, Ohio 

Linda Mast 
Lakewood, Ohio 

Elaine Matasy 
Youngstown, Ohio 

Robert Masterman 
Weld, Maine 

Patrick Masterson 
Kent, Ohio 

Joseph Matchey 
Connellsville, Pennsylvania 

Margaret Matjunas 
Ravenna, Ohio 

Marsha Matson 
North Canton, Ohio 

Karen Matthews 
Youngstown, Ohio 

Linda Mauk 
Kinsman, Ohio 

Patrick Maurer 
Canton, Ohio 

Crystal Mayer 
Rocky River, Ohio 

Cynthia Mayer 
Akron, Ohio 

Joyce Means 
Sharon, Pennsylvania 

Joel Meislik 
Farrell, Pennsylvania 

Linda Merrick 
Painesville, Ohio 

Judith Merrifield 
Kent, Ohio 

Linda Messam 
Wadsworth, Ohio 

Armand Messier 
Goiwernew, New York 

Frank Metz 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Irene Metz 
Chardon, Ohio 

Duane Mezga 
Maple Hts., Ohio 

John Michaluk 
Hamilton, Ontario 

Clarissa Mickevicius 
Twinsburg, Ohio 

Elaine Miedl 
Independence, Ohio 

Christie Miller 
Johnstown, Pennsylvania 

Dorothy Miller 
Rock Creek, Ohio 

James Miller 
Hartville, Ohio 

Linda Miller 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Miriam Miller 
Newcomerstown, Ohio 

Rose Miller 
Rock Creek, Ohio 

Sharon Miller 
Canton, Ohio 

Willard Miller 
Louisville, Ohio 

William Miller 
Bellevue, Ohio 

Carol Midi 
Lorain, Ohio 

Gary Milliken 
Freeport, Ohio 

Harold Mills 
Warren, Ohio 

Sharon Mills 
Akron, Ohio 

Nellie Miner 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Bonnie Minth 
Salem, Ohio 

Leonard Mintz 
Columbus, Ohio 

Joseph Mirabell 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Henry Mirima 
Mubende, Uganda 

Betty Lou Mitchell 
Kent, Ohio 

Bonnie Mitchell 
Ostrander, Ohio 

Karen Mitchell 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Dawn Moeller 
Akron, Ohio 

Edward Mohler 
Wadsworth, Ohio 

Barbara Mohr 
Bedford, Ohio 

J. Timothy Mohr 
Massillon, Ohio 

Ronald Mollric 
Barberton, Ohio 

Anita Moneypenny 
Ravenna, Ohio 

Sheila Monks 
Akron, Ohio 

Janice Moody 
Barberton, Ohio 

Judith Moore 
Akron, Ohio 

. £ ; ilwK* ■'■': 

William Moorhead 

Steubenville, Ohio 

George Morgan 
Kent, Ohio 

Paul Morion 
Barberton, Ohio 

Timothy Morley 
Youngstown, Ohio 


Nancy Morrocco 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Virginia Morton 
Painesville, Ohio 

Janet Moss 
Middlefield, Ohio 

Elaine Mountz 
Salem, Ohio 


Margaret Mowen 
Ravenna, Ohio 

Ingeborg Muehlbach 
Kent, Ohio 

Regina Muren 
Barberton, Ohio 

Karen Murfin 
Kent, Ohio 

Carole Murin 
Monessen, Pennsylvania 

William Murin 
Roselle Park, New Jersey 

James Murphy 
Painesville, Ohio 

J. Raymond Murphy 
Santa Fe, New Mexico 

Richard Murphy 
Willowick, Ohio 

William Murray 
Euclid, Ohio 

Frank Murtaugh 
Cleveland Hts., Ohio 

Edward Musbach 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Moses Musonda 
Kawambwa, Zambia, Africa 

Rachel Musser 
Kent, Ohio 

Jerry Myers 

Brecksville, Ohio 

Judith Nagel 
Avon, Ohio 





Rebecca Nahmi 
Akron, Ohio 

Elaine Negron 
Barberton, Ohio 

James Nehrer 
Parma, Ohio 

Sharon Nelson 
Akron, Ohio 

Lorna Neubache - 
Cleveland, Ohio 

James Neusser 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Kenneth Neuzil 
Kent, Ohio 

Ruth Newmark 
Beachwood, Ohio 

Susan Niederpruem 
Buffalo, New York 

Nancy Nieding 
Elyria, Ohio 

Eugenia Nino 
North Royalton, Ohio 

Norman Nolder 
Dayton, Ohio 

Marvin Nordwall 
Jamestown, New York 

William Norman 
Coshocton, Ohio 

Linda Norton 
Conneaut, Ohio 

Mary Ann Norton 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Louis Novak 
Bedford, Ohio 

Nick Novosel 
Hubbard, Ohio 

Christine Nowak 
Bedford, Ohio 

Al Nye 
Newton Falls, Ohio 


Robert Oblak 
Stow, Ohio 

Michael O'Connor 
Parma, Ohio 

David Ogilvie 
Youngstown, Ohio 

Scarlett O'Grady 
Wickliffe, Ohio 

Diana Oliver 
Ravenna, Ohio 

George Olsen 
Brooklyn, New York 

Gerald Ondercin 
Detroit, Michigan 

Carole Opalek 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Diane Opperman 
Kent, Ohio 

Thomas Opperman 
Ravenna, Ohio 

Emily Orlando 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Wladimir Orloff 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Janet Orlowski 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Barbara Orr 
Dover, Ohio 

Suzan Osborn 
Bradfordwoods, Pennsylvania 

Stephen Owendoff 
Lincroft, New Jersey 

Raymond Pallone 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Rebecca Palmer 
Kent, Ohio 

Ty Palmer 
North Canton, Ohio 

Peter Palusci 
Kent, Ohio 

Mitzi Pamer 
Wadsworth, Ohio 

Susan Pancoast 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

James Pangallo 
Ravenna, Ohio 

Karen Rapp 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Kay Paradise 
Lakewood, Ohio 

Judith Park 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Ken Patriareo 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Brian Patrick 

Brecksville, Ohio 

Kathleen Paulett 
West Richfield, Ohio 

William Paulus 
Massillon, Ohio 

Allen Pavish 
Cleveland Hts., Ohio 

Penelope Pavluk 
Parma, Ohio 

Juanita Payne 
Berea, Ohio 

Carol Pearsall 

Warren, Ohio 

Gale Peck 
Lakewood, Ohio 

William Peeling 
Alliance, Ohio 

Eileen Pekrul 
Novelty, Ohic 

Gerald Penca 
East Cleveland, Ohio 

George Penfield 
Hudson, Ohio 

Walter Perry 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Arlene Peterman 
Amherst, Ohio 

Graham Peters 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Ward Peters 
Elyria, Ohio 

Michael Peterson 
Lakewood, New Jersey 

Patricia Petitti 
Alliance, Ohio 

Juleann Peto 
Geneva, Ohio 

Kathleen Petrak 
Brecksville, Ohio 

Beatrice Pettegrew 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Pat Petti 
Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania 

Laurene Peugeot 
Beaver, Pennsylvania 

Richard Pfeiffer 
Kent, Ohio 

Elizabeth Pflug 
Garfield, Ohio 


Margaret Phelan 
Bucyrus, Ohio 

Carol Phillips 
Euclid, Ohio 

Harvey Phillips 
Rochester, New York 

Patricia Phillips 
Maple Hts., Ohio 

Barbara Phillis 

Medina, Ohio 

Sara Pickett 
Norwalk, Ohio 

Patricia Pickle 
Ravenna, Ohio 

Allan Pinter 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Margaret C. Pittenger 
Peninsula, Ohio 

Margaret R. Pittenger 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Roger Pivonka 
Garfield Hts., Ohio 

Dennis Plas 
Lagrange, Ohio 

Daniel Polasky 
Kent, Ohio 

Wilma Pollack 
Cleveland Hts., Ohio 

Richard Poole 
Massillon, Ohio 

Gene Poor 
Elyria, Ohio 

Linda Pope 
Lakewood, Ohio 

Donald Popp 
Lexington, Ohio 

Robert Pralle 
Kent, Ohio 

Susan Pratt 
Chatham, New Jersey 

Marilyn Price 
Garfield Hts., Ohio 

DeeAnne Prinz 
Lagrange, Ohio 

Margaret Pritchard 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

N. Douglas Pritt 
Columbus, Ohio 

Peter Procaccio 
Cuyahoga Fails, Ohio 

Daniel Pruitt 
Niles, Ohio 

William Ptak 
Bedford Hts., Ohio 

Charles Pugel 
Willoughby, Ohio 

Margaret Quigley 
Lakemore, Ohio 

Carroll Quinn 
Canton, Ohio 

Gerald Quintiliani 
Warren, Ohio 

Neal Raber 
Cleveland, Ohio 

John Ramicone 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Barbara Ramsey 
Convoy, Ohio 

James Randall 
Painesville, Ohio 

Kenneth Rarick 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Roily Rastetter 
Kent, Ohio 

Carol Ratliff 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Judy Ray 
Homeworth, Ohio 

Richard Ray 
Dover, Ohio 

Rita Recker 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Priscilla Reed 
Uhrichsville, Ohio 

Donna Reese 
Toronto, Ohio 

Ann Reeves 
Hartville, Ohio 

Nora Regan 
Brooklyn, Ohio 

Dorothy Reicosky 
East Sparta, Ohio 

Mary Jane Reigelman 
Greenville, Pennsylvania 

James Repass 
Chargrin Falls, Ohio 


Nancy Ressler 
Canton, Ohio 

Barbara Reynolds 
Shaker Hts., Ohio 

Corrine Reynolds 
Parma, Ohio 

Mary Rhodes 
Ravenna, Ohio 

Barbara Rich 
Skaneateles, New York 

Nan Rich 
Skaneateles, New York 

Elren Richard 
Akron, Ohio 

Diane Richardson 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Carolyn Rick 
Chardon, Ohio 

Robin Rickard 
Chardon, Ohio 

James Rider 
Wooster, Ohio 

William Rieke 
Cleveland, Ohio 


Carol Ries 
Akron, Ohio 

Richard Ries 
Niles, Ohio 

Jean Rieske 
Rochester, Ohio 

David Rist 
Cleveland, Ohio 


Lois Ritenbaugh 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Marie Rizzi 
Niles, Ohio 

George Rizzo 
Bedford, Ohio 

Dale Roberts 
Newark, Ohio 

Marjorie Robinson 
North Canton, Ohio 

Richard Robinson 
Fostoria, Ohio 

Paula Rochus 
Canton, Ohio 

Kay Roller 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

William Roney 
Carlisle, Pennsylvania 

Neil Rose 
Island Park, New York 

Mary Ross 
Youngstown, Ohio 

Richard Rossiter 
Rocky River, Ohio 

Michael Roth 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Rita Rubeck 
Richwood, Ohio 

Patricia Rummel 
Lakewood, Ohio 

Edmond Russ 
Kent, Ohio 

Marianne Russ 
Kent, Ohio 

Steve Ruszkai 
Fairport Harbor, Ohio 

Judith Rutherford 
River Edge, New Jersey 

Vivian Rutman 
Cleveland Hts., Ohio 

Larry Rosche 
North Lawrence, Ohio 

Richard Sabados 
Seven Hills, Ohio 

Morteza Sabaii 
Tehran, Iran 

Calvin Sabo 
Clairton, Pennsylvania 

Richard Sabol 
Lakewood, Ohio 

Barbara Sabula 
Euclid, Ohio 

George Sacco 
Ravenna, Ohio 

RoseAnn Sadauskas 
Cleveland, Ohio 







Sharon Saiani 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Jay Salovara 
Warren, Ohio 

Dennis Samblanet 
Kent, Ohio 

Carole Samuel 
Jefferson, Ohio 

Joseph Samuels 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Patricia Sanderson 
Kent, Ohio 

Kay Sanford 
Kensman, Ohio 

Susan Sanow 
Lakewood, Ohio 

Adelaide Santana 
Kent, Ohio 

William Santos 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

William Sargeant 
Cleveland, Ohio 

M. Ken Sasaki 

Seabrook, New Jersey 

W. Jean Sauerbrei 
East Liverpool, Ohio 

Mary Alice Savory 
Stow, Ohio 

Peter Savoy 
Northfield, Ohio 

Genevieve Sawicki 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Connie Scafidi 
Parma, Ohio 

Bernard Schaffer 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Jeanne Scharf 
Somerset, Pennsylvania 

Harry Scheafer 
Medina, Ohio 

Donald Schecter 
Parma, Ohio 

Susan Schedel 
Secaucus, New Jersey 

Richard Schell 
Steubenville, Ohio 

Carol Schick 
Willoughby, Ohio 

- - 


Theresa Schier 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Barbara Schikowski 
Huntsburg, Ohio 

Sandra Schlegel 
East Sparta, Ohio 

Jane Schmittgen 
Elyria, Ohio 

,^im^K fi 

* J^L 


Kent, Ohio 

Thomas Schofer 
Kent, Ohio 

Edwin Schorr 
Youngstown, Ohio 

Donna Schroder 
Burton, Ohio 

Richard Schroer 
New Bremen, Ohio 

Mary Schromen 
Orrville, Ohio 

Mary Schubeck 
Lakewood, Ohio 

Barbara Schultz 
Springboro, Pennsylvania 

H. James Schulz 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Karen Schulz 
Wooster, Ohio 

Robert Schurk 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Ronald Schuster 
Cleveland, Ohio 

James Schwamel 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Ruth Schwonberg 
Brunswick, Ohio 

Amelia Scibona 
Geneva, Ohio 

Judith Scott 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Lois Scott 
Buffalo, New York 

Marilee Scott 
Avon Lake, Ohio 

Frederick Scoville 
Canton, Ohio 

Ted Scoville 
Canton, Ohio 

Dorothy Seaman 
Shiloh, Ohio 

Dixie Secrest 
Cambridge, Ohio 

Myron Sciavitch 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Joanne Seimetz 
Massillon, Ohio 

Steve Semicek 
Avon Lake, Ohio 

Donna Sergi 
North Canton, Ohio 

Carol Sernka 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Douglas Seward 
Kent, Ohio 

Nancy Shade 
Peninsula, Ohio 

Donald Shaffer 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

William Shaffer 
Kent, Ohio 

Susan Shankleton 
Maple Hts., Ohio 

William Shardell 
Parma Hts., Ohio 

Roy Shea 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Daryl Sheets 
Bay Village, Ohio 

Joseph Sheibley 
Defiance, Ohio 

Gayle Sherry 
Mansfield, Ohio 

John Sherwood 
Youngstown, Ohio 

Bert ShifTer 
Mt. Zion, Pennsylvania 

Marjorie Shilling 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Karen Shipman 
Painesville, Ohio 

David Shively 
Kent, Ohio 

Robert Shufelt 
Ravenna, Ohio 

Jerome Shumyla 
Lorain, Ohio 

Janis Shutts 
North Canton, Ohio 

Paul Siedlecki 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Mary Siegenthaler 
Orrville, Ohio 

David Silva 
Ashtabula, Ohio 


Lynn Silva 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Linda Simmons 
Akron, Ohio 

Dwight Simms 
Orrville, Ohio 

Marjorie Simpson 
Maple Hts., Ohio 

Thomas Sinicrope 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

James Sippola 
Willoughby, Ohio 

Phyllis Sitbon 
Nissoquoque, New York 

William Skidmore 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Mary Sleeman 
Bedford, Ohio 

Virginia Slover 
Scotia, New York 

Peter Slusavski 
Kent, Ohio 

David Smee 
Belle Valley, Ohio 

Carol Smetts 
Stow, Ohio 

Jo Ann Smilanich 
Garfield Hts., Ohio 

Arthur Smith 
Bedford, Ohio 

Audrene Smith 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Cherie Smith 
Kent, Ohio 

Dianne Smith 
Waldwick, New Jersey 

Frederick Smith 
Kent, Ohio 

Gary Smith 
York, Pennsylvania 

Joan Smith 
Massillon, Ohio 

Karen Smith 

Uniontown, Ohio 

Nancy Smith 
East Liverpool, Ohio 

Randall Smith 
Barberton, Ohio 

Sandra Smith 
Strongsville, Ohio 

William D. Smith 
Cleveland, Ohio 

William F. Smith 
New London, Connecticut 

Karen Smolsky 
Cinnaminson, New Jersey 

Judith Snyder 
Leetonia, Ohio 

William Soeder 
Lakewood, Ohio 

Yaro Sojka 
Chesterland, Ohio 

Jean Sokolik 
Mantua, Ohio 

Judith SoHberger 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Erika Soltis 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Dawn Southard 
Middlesex, New Jersey 

Mary Spencer 
Barberton, Ohio 

Barbara Sper 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Larry Spice 
Akron, Ohio 

Andrew Spiess 
Rochester, New York 

Gerald Springer 
Amherst, Ohio 

Marguerite Springer 
Burton, Ohio 

Larry Spurgeon 
Beach City, Ohio 

Judith Stafford 
Columbus, Ohio 

Barbara Stainer 
Kent, Ohio 

Elvira Stancato 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Janet Starlin 
Dellroy, Ohio 

Patricia Starr 
North Canton, Ohio 

John Stars 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Audrey Stec 
Amherst, Ohio 

Heidi Steel 
Lyndhurst, Ohio 

Donna Steele 
Akron, Ohio 

Paul Steels 
Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

John Steffey 
Warren, Ohio 

Susan Steiner 
Kent, Ohio 

Cheryle Stelma 
Parma, Ohio 

Ronald D. Stevens 
Wellsville, New York 

Ronald M. Stevens 
Cleveland, Ohio 



Karen Stewart 
Genoa, Ohio 

Jennifer St. George 
Canton, Ohio 

Lisa Stinson 
Solon, Ohio 

Pamela Stokes 
Akron, Ohio 

Patricia Stokes 
Akron, Ohio 

Sally Stone 
Columbia Station, Ohio 

Lowell Sterner 
Unlontown, Ohio 

Sharon Storm 
West Lafayette, Ohio 

Sherilyn Strachan 
Minerva, Ohio 

Debora Strausbaugh 
Warren, Ohio 

Lois Strausser 
Ravenna, Ohio 

Richard Streich 
Akron, Ohio 

Sally Strickler 
Elyria, Ohio 

Richard Stringer 
Dennison, Ohio 

Sharon Strunk 
Kent, Ohio 

Richard Sturm 
Canton, Ohio 

Richard Sulea 
Salem, Ohio 

Nick Sullivan 
Bedford, Ohio 

Carol Sumilas 
Scran ton, Pennsylvania 

Larry Sommerfeld 
Parma, Ohio 

Linda Sundholm 
Jamestown, New York 

Donald Supina 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Charles Supinski 
Orwell, Ohio 

Janis Susdorf 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Susan SutlifF 
Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

Paul Swaddling 
Berea, Ohio 

Anna Swaisgood 
Streetsboro, Ohio 

Richard Swasey 
Diamond, Ohio 

Jerry Sweeney 
Mr. Gilead, Ohio 

Charles Sweet 
Garfield Hts., Ohio 

Richard Sweet 
North Ridgeville, Ohio 

Carole Swettenham 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Elaine Szerdy 
Painesville, Ohio 

Karen Talcott 
Willoughby, Ohio 

Judith Tallon 
Akron, Ohio 

Thomas Tanski 
Garfield Hts., Ohio 

Nancy Tarutii 
Broadview Hts., Ohio 

Alfred Tate 
New Philadelphia, Ohio 

Earl Tausch 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

James Taylor 
Hartville, Ohio 

Judith Taylor 
Newcomerstown, Ohio 

Richard Taylor 
Ravenna, Ohio 

Emma Tedrick 
Canton, Ohio 

John Teichman 
Bedford, Ohio 

George Telisman 
Bucyrus, Ohio 

Bernadette Tesar 
Kent, Ohio 

Michael Testa 
Kent, Ohio 

Sondra Thompson 
Kent, Ohio 

Linda Thompson 
Wayne, New Jersey 

Gary Thornberry 
Birmingham, Michigan 

M. Lynn Thornburg 
Southern Pines, North Carolina 

Barbara Thornton 
Akron, Ohio 

Charles Thorpe 
Dayton, Ohio 

Elaine Thorsell 
South Euclid, Ohio 

Susan Tiber 
Belmont, Ohio 

Dorothy Tidrick 
Uhrichsville, Ohio 

Dorothy Tihansky 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Carol Tilden 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Julie Tilton 
North Lima, Ohio 

Joseph Ting 
Hong Kong, China 

Jack Tippens 
Kent, Ohio 

Judith Tishko 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Elaine Tomko 
Garfield Hts., Ohio 

Thomas Tomsik 
Akron, Ohio 

William Toner 
Cincinnati, Ohio 

Kenneth Toney 
Eaton, Ohio 

Nicholas Tonkery 
Wayland, New York 

Jeffry Toperzer 
Sharon, Pennsylvania 

Janet Traxler 
Seven Hills, Ohio 

Joanne Traxler 
Seven Hills, Ohio 

Mary Tripod \ 
Massillon, Ohio 

Mary Trough 
Hanoverton, Ohio 

James Trusso 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Marilyn Tullys 
Alliance, Ohio 

James Turner 
Beloit, Ohio 

Yelma Turner 
Jewett, Ohio 

Veronica Turner 
Euclid, Ohio 

Judith Turon 
Lorain, Ohio 

Kenneth Twining 
Oberlin, Ohio 

Marsha Ugran 
Youngstown, Ohio 

Ronald Ulm 
Rochester, Ohio 

Jeanne Ulrich 
Uniontown, Ohio 

John Ulrich 
New Philadelphia, Ohio 

Howard Unger 
Dobbs Ferry, New York 

Franklin Urban 
Sheffield Lake, Ohio 

Doris Urbanick 
Euclid, Ohio 

Gale Urda 
Canton, Ohio 

Douglas Urig 
Kent, Ohio 

Maria Urso 
Lorain, Ohio 

Lorrayne Vaccariello 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Mitchell Vance 
Mantua, Ohio 

Robert Vance 
Rochester, New York 

Robert Vanek 
Elyria, Ohio 

Margaret Van Horn 
Akron, Ohio 

Walter Van Orman 
Canton, Ohio 

Karen Van Saun 
Norwalk, Ohio 

Bette Van Winkle 
Newton Falls, Ohio 

Joseph Varga 
Walton Hills, Ohio 

Alexandra Vargo 
Lorain, Ohio 

Elaine Velkavar 
Wickliffe, Ohio 

William Viancourt 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Charles Vincent 
Brookpart, Ohio 

Jacquelyne Vinson 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Barbara Virus 
Bowling Green, Kentucky 

L. Larry Vise! 
Parma, Ohio 

Steven Vitale 
Amherst, Ohio 

Laurence Vondrasek 
Parma, Ohio 

Marjorie Vondrasek 
Solon, Ohio 

Robert Voytas 
Maple Hts., Ohio 

Barbara Waddell 
Munhall, Pennsylvania 

Beverly Wagner 
Kent, Ohio 

Jack Walchko 
Elyria, Ohio 

Sharon Waldenmyer 
West Carrollton, Ohio 

Eric Walentschak 
Euclid, Ohio 

Joyce Walker 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Andrew Wallace 
Shaker Hts., Ohio 

Anthony Walsh 
Kent, Ohio 

Marjorie Walt 
Kent, Ohio 

Carl Walter 
Stow, Ohio 


Nancy Wanchick 
Ravenna, Ohio 

Mary Warren 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Joan Watson 
Wooster, Ohio 

Kathleen Watt 
East Palestine, Ohio 

Lois Watts 
Tollmadge, Ohio 

Car! Weaver 
Twinsburg, Ohio 

Donald Weaver 
Youngstown, Ohio 

Dorothy Weaver 
Wooster, Ohio 

Patricia Webb 
Bedford, Ohio 

Carolyn Weber 
Lakewood, Ohio 

John Webster 
Buffalo, New York 

Mary Jude Welch 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Cynthia Welcher 
Youngstown, Ohio 

(Catherine Welsh 
Cleveland Hts., Ohio 

Susan Welsh 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Elizabeth Welter 
Charleston, West Virginia 

Susan Wencko 
Lorain, Ohio 

Susan Wendling 
North Lawrence, Ohio 

Diane Wentzel 
Streetsboro, Ohio 

James Wentzel 
Massillon, Ohio 

Janet Werner 
Parma, Ohio 

Roger Wertman 
Lakewood, Ohio 

Karen Westfall 
Berlin Center, Ohio 

Kenneth Wetzel 
Massillon, Ohio 

David Whitaker 
Cleveland, Ohio 

John White 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Larry White 
East Cleveland, Ohio 

Timothy Whitman 
North Canton, Ohio 

Sandy Whitmire 
Falconer, New York 

Kathleen Wiandt 
Waynesburg, Ohio 

Martin Wick 
Buffalo, New York 

Jerry Widder 
Newcomerstown, Ohio 

H. Christine Wieduwilt 
Canton, Ohio 

Robert Wiener 
Canton, Ohio 

Mary Wiggins 
Stow, Ohio 

Thomas Wilford 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Naomi Wilhelm 
Ravenna, Ohio 

Phyllis Wilheim 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Jack Wilkin 

Brookfield, Ohio 

Sandra Wilkinson 
Kent, Ohio 

Betty Jean Williams 
Youngstown, Ohio 

Gary Williams 
Youngstown, Ohio 

Joan Williams 
Warren, Ohio 

Karen Williams 
McKeesport, Pennsylvania 

Kenneth Williams 
Garfield Hts., Ohio 

Martha Williams 
Ravenna, Ohio 

Lynn Willis 
Ashtabula, Ohio 

Evelyn Wilson 
Sterling, Ohio 

Janet Wilson 
Norwalk, Ohio 

Rosemary Wilson 
Kent, Ohio 

Roy Wilson 
Cleveland, Ohio 

James Winkler 
Kent, Ohio 

David Wise 
Warren, Ohio 

Jean Wisneskey 
Lakewood, Ohio 

Martha Witherspoon 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Robert Woelffer 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

Robert Wojdacz 
Grafton, Ohio 

Kent Wolcott 
Atwater, Ohio 

Leland Wolf 
Kent, Ohio 

Roger Wolfersberger 
Pt. Pleasant Beach, New Jersey 

E. Kayden Wood 
Niagara Falls, New York 

Gary Wo rob 
Irvington, New Jersey 

Byron Worster 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Barbara Wright 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Connie Wright 
Shelby, Ohio 

Richard Wright 
Kent, Ohio 

Janet Wundcrle 
Minerva, Ohio 

Sara Wye 
New York City, New York 

Holly Wynn 
Canton, Ohio 

Romana Wyrsta 
Parma, Ohio 

Diane Wysocki 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Richard Yamokoski 
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Glenna Yehnert 
Akron, Ohio 

Janet York 
Hudson, Ohio 

Susanne York 

Hudson, Ohio 

Warren Young 
Conneaut, Ohio 

Kathryn Yunghans 
Lakewood, Ohio 

Eugene Yurko 
Irwin, Pennsylvania 

Betty Zaha 
Barberton, Ohio 

Nadya Zaitzew 
Youngstown, Ohio 

Anthony Zala 
Maple Hts., Ohio 

Marilyn Zallar 
Lorain, Ohio 

Nick Zazula 
Canton, Ohio 

Marlene Zdravje 
Barberton, Ohio 

Joan Zeeb 
Ravenna, Ohio 

Patricia Zeno 
Canton, Ohio 

Carol Zimmer 
Euclid, Ohio 

Gene Zimmerman 
Elyria, Ohio 

Spencer Zinner 
Ravenna, Ohio 

Janice Zorzi 
Masury, Ohio 

Bernadine Zub 
Cleveland, Ohio 

James Zucali 
Brookpark, Ohio 

Larry Zuercher 
Dalton, Ohio 

t ~ 

^y k 

Thomas Zuppke 
Stevensville, Michigan 




Subject Index 

Allyn Hall 286 

Alpha Chi Omega 216 

Alpha Epsilon Phi 242 

Alpha Epsilon Pi 214 

Alpha Gamma Delta 220 

Alpha Lambda Delta 116 

Alpha Phi 228 

Alpha Phi Omega 107 

Alpha Tau Omega 240 

Alpha Xi Delta 232 

American Chemical Society 123 

American Industrial Arts 

Association 125 

American Institute of Aeronautics 

and Astronautics 123 

Angel Flight 130 

Arnold Air Society 130 

Associated Women Students 290 

Association for Childhood 

Education 124 

Baseball 170 

Basketball 178 

Basketball, women's 193 

Beta Alpha Psi 120 

Blue Key 110 

Business Students Association 121 

Cardinal Key Ill 

Cheerleaders 1 45 

Chestnut Burr 356 

Chestnut League 108 

Chi Omega 208 

Choir 128 

Christian Science Organization 138 

Clark Hall 278 

Collegiate Marketing 

Association 126 

Collegiates 259 

Concert Bands 1 47 

Cross Country 1 73 

Daily Kent Stater 148 

Delta Gamma 212 

Delta Omicron 118 

Delta Psi Kappa 118 

Delta Sigma Pi 254 

Delta Sigma Theta 243 

Delta Tau Delta 244 

Delta Upsilon 226 

Delta Zeta 236 

Dunbar Hall 284 

Engleman Hall 277 

Epsilon Nu Gamma 119 

Epsilon Pi Tau 120 

Fletcher Hall 273 

Flying Club 199 

Football 156 

Gamma Delta 138 

Gamma Phi Beta 224 

Glee Clubs 129 

Golf 162 

Gymnastics 1 88 

Hillel 140 

Hockey, women's 196 

Home Economics Club 143 

HPE Club 127 

Interfraternity Council 262 

Internationals Club 141 

Intervarsity Christian 

Fellowship 140 

Johnson Hall 281 

Kappa Kappa Psi 115 

Kappa Omicron Phi 113 

Kappa Phi 139 

Kappa Sigma 218 

"Kent Quarterly" 134 

Korb Hall 269 

Lake Hall 276 

Laurels 112 

Lowry Hall 280 

Major Events Committee 106 

Manchester Hall 270 

Marching Band 100 

Men's Interhall Council 288 

Moulton Hall 272 

NAACP 142 

Newman Club 135 

Olson Hall 285 

Omicron Delta Epsilon 112 

Omicron Delta Kappa 119 

Orchesis 197 

Orthodox Christian Fellowship 137 

Panhellenic Council 260 

Pershing Rifles 132 

Phi Alpha Theta 115 

Phi Delta Theta 230 

Phi Epsilon Kappa 117 

Phi Gamma Delta 256 

Phi Gamma Nu 117 

Phi Kappa Tau 250 

Phi Kappa Theta 252 

Phi Sigma Kappa 238 

Pi Mu Epsilon 113 

Pi Omega Pi 114 

Prentice Hall 266 

Rifle and Pistol Club 143 

Rifle Team 198 

Sailing 200 

Scabbard and Blade 133 

Sharks 144 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 234 

Sigma Alpha Eta 114 

Sigma Chi 206 

Sigma Delta Chi 126 

Sigma Epsilon Xi 258 

Sigma Nu 246 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 222 

Sigma Theta Epsilon 137 

Siver Eagles 131 

Soccer 1 74 

Society for Advancement of 

Management 235 

Stopher Hall 268 

Student Activities Board 104 

Student Education Association 122 

Student Senate 102 

Student Staff 146 

Swimming, men's 192 

Swimming, women's 195 

Tau Beta Sigma 116 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 248 

Tennis 168 

Terrace Hall 274 

Theta Chi 210 

Theta Sigma Phi 125 

Track 164 

Ukranian Club 142 

University Theatre 16 

Varsity "K" 144 

Verder Hall 282 

Wesley Foundation 1 36 

Who's Who 94 

Wing Command 131 

Women's Interhall Council 289 

Women's Recreation Association 127 

Wrestling 184 

Student-Staff Index 

Abahazi, A 269 

Abbott, D 122,124 

Abbott, D. N 161 

Abbott, P 129 

Abels, B 129 

Abookire, M 266 

Abovitz, 1 141 

Abrigg, L 268 

Acciani, L 298 

Actier, P 240 

Adamek, J 212 

Adams, C 218 

Adams, S 116,298 

Adcock, S 143 

Addicott, G 244 

Adel, C 286,291 

Adie, M 124 

Admonius, J 298 

Agoya, H 141,298 

Aguilar, M 298 

Aiello, M 269 

Aiken, J 298 

Aimes, B 298 

Akerstrom, W 103 

Akins, C 124,129 

Albert, R 214 

Albrecht, F 117,144,183 

Albright, M 248 

Albuerne, C 298 

Aleksa, J 298 

Alesch, R 134 

Alexander, K 270,298 

Alinn, C 236,298 

Allega, F 298 

Allen, C 244,298 

Allen, G 285 

Allen, M 284 

Allenby, S 213,298 

Almond, W 239,263 298 

Althoff. R 285 

Altshuler, H 140 

Aluzzo, C 132 

Alves, S 122,124,298 

Ames, E 161 

Andberg, C 228,277 

Anderson, B 234 

Anderson, C 123 

Anderson, D 222 

Anderson, F 298 

Anderson, J. A 142 

Anderson, J. M 129 

Anderson, L 298 

Anderson, P 173 

Anderson, R 132,244 

Anderson, T 127,284 

Anderton, A 271 

Andreas, R 298 

Andrews, M 240 

Andrich, V 136 139 

Angle, D 284 

Anstey, R 256 

Anthony, B 114,298 

Anthony, M 107,141 

Antonczak, J 298 

Appenzeller, J 298 

Arbaugh, J 132 

Arbuckle, J 135 

Archipoli, J 298 

Ardito, S 208 

Armstrong, D 191 

Armstrong, W 172 

Arnold, L. R 298 

Arnold, L 129 

Arnold, M 133 

Arrendondo, P 103,135 

Arslanli, M 1 12,298 

Asbury, W. ,. 94,144,161,298 

Asdell, B 298 

Ash, M 122,193,175 

Ashmus, L 283 

Aspden, M 173 279 

Atkins, J 234 

Atkins, M 256 

Atwood, B 269,289 

Atwood, K. . 
Auerbach, D. 

Aust, J 

Austin, D. . . 
Autry, S. ... 
Avdul, D, ... 
Ayers, J. ... 


. . . 298 
... 187 
... 217 
... 131 
... 118 

Bochna, D 191 

Bachno, R 177,191 

Backas, H 230 

Bader, S 279 

Baer, N 196,299 

Bagle, F 258 

Bahry, J 172,183 

Bailey, C 283 

Bailey, J 218 

Bailey, M 124,299 

Bailey, P 283 

Bailey, S 116 

Boir, J 115,299 

Bair, S 173 

Bajkai, L 299 

Bajkovec, A. ... 117,282,289 

Bakalar, G 128,137 

Baker, B 116,139 

Baker, G. R 218,263 

Baker, G. L 206 

Baker, H 299 

Baker, L 225 

Baker, M 214 

Boker, S 299 

Balcik, J 252 

Baldner, J 284 

Baldridge, J 192,244 

Baldwin, T 299 

Ball, M 299 

Balogh, S 208 


Bals, B 161 

Balunas, V 131 

Banks, B 107.299 

Bare, J 218 

Barelka. 299 

Barker, D 299 

Barker, T 276,299 

Barrier, D 206.299 

Barnes, J 236,299 

Barnes, K. .. 97,105,114,213, 

Barnes, S 115 

Barnhart, B 127 

Baron, C 129 

Boron, J 266 

Baron, K 214 

Barr, M 143 

Barr, T 206 

Barratt, J. ..95,105,197,224, 


Barrett, K ... 104,224,261,290 

Barrett, R 234 

Barsan, C 137 

Barski, T 187 

Bartel, B. .. 104,121,126,254 

Bartholomew, A 299 

Bortlow, C 127,197 

Bartram, C 116 

Bartunek, R 222 

Basi, G 141 

Basinski, C 145,282 

Bate, R 240 

Bates, R 263 

Batinchok, A 104 

Batinchok, J 116 

Battistelli, C 173 

Bau, P 248 

Bauer, J 299 

Bauer, W 256 

Bauers, K 113 

Bauman, L 299 

Bav, P 263 

Baxter, C 140,299 

Baxter, R 299 

Baxter, S 280.291 

Bayha, R 217 

Bayless, K 124 

Bayus, G 299 

Beal, B 266 

Bealko, D 142 

Beals, J 299 

Bean, E 112 

Beaudry. A 124 

Beck, J 129 

Beck, K 143 

Beck, L 240 

Beckwith, S 122,283,299 

Bednarz, A 254 

Beer, E 299 

Begola, J 187 

Begalke, E 138 

Beisner, R 143 

Beitler, B 129 

Bekes, E 236 

Belcastro, K 299 

Belinger, A 281 

Bell, D 299 

Bell, J. C 116,119 

Bell, J A 299 

Bell, L 129 

Bell, S 133 

Beller, B 119,299 

Belli, S 300 

Bender, J 300 

Benham, M 228 

Benner, T 128 

Bennett, M 142,300 

Benshoff, B 300 

Benshoff, J 300 

Benson, K 300 

Benya, K 122 

Benyo, K. 225 

Benz, A 227,300 

Beran, M 232 

Beres, R 148 

Berg, B 268 

Berg, E 240 

Berg, K 217,284 

Berger, P 192 

Berggren, C 300 

Berk, S 214 

Berkobile, S 236 

Bernabei, J 300 

Bernhart, J 300 

Bernstein, A 300 

Berry, L 122 

Berry, M 114 

Berry, P 300 

Berry, S 213,300 

Bertram, D 208 

Besozzi, T 300 

Bess, W 128 

Best, L 246 

Betancoort, J 129 

Bethlenfalvy, J 169,227 

Bettendorf. V 273,300 

Belts, W 125 

Beuhler, D 214 

Beuhler, G 177 

Beyer, J 135,143 

Beyer, S 269 

Bickwith, J 206 

Biddlestone, J 114 

Bidinger, J 244 

Bierman, B 128 

Bigler, D 130,300 

Billante, A 119,122,300 

Bille, J 300 

Billick, 183 

Binford N 129 

Bingham, M 300 

Birkner, F 130 

Biros, J 128 

Bishchoff, M 300 

Bishop, R 117 

Bissler, S 217 

Bistline, R 300 

Biork, L 286 

Blachly, M 140,300 

Black, J 300 

Black, M 284,300 

Blackburn, D 172 

Blackman, D 132 

Blame, J 195 

Blair, B 283 

Blair. K 191 

Blakely, S 114,217 

Blaney, V 113,300 

Blaser, B 127,193,195 

Blewett. C 131 

Bliss, J 300 

Bliss, J 208 

Bliss, T 244,300 

Block, C 300 

Blockinger, J 128 

Blodgett. M 220 

Bloom, H 214 

Blue, B 139 

Blum, B 196 

Blumreich, R 301 

Blunt, B 161 

Bobko, S 122.301 

Boccia, G 125 

Bode, F 177,301 

Bode, G 301 

Bodmonn, R 301 

Bodosi, F 301 

Bogert, D 301 

Boggs, 301 

Bohlander, P 227 

Bokal, R 131 

Boland, T 301 

Bolchalk, M 234 

Boll, D 259 

Bollens, D 237,301 

Bollman, B 125,240 

Bollman, H 301 

Bollmon, L 301 

Bolus, M 301 

Bonar, Jack 163,276,288 

Bonnar, B 277 

Bonus, A 234 

Bonus, W 187 

Boone, B 123,206 

Booth, R 112,301 

Bordeaux K 232.301 

Borden, T 134.234,301 

Border, D 301 

Boris, W 301 

Boros, J 136 

Borschel, F 301 

Borsuk, M 117,126,220, 


Bortner, N 124 

Borza, R 104 

Boser, T 129,220 

Both, 114,301 

Botos, E 131 

Bouga, D 269 

Bourne, R 301 

Bourque, D 301 

Bousek, M 283 

Bowers, M 225 

Bowler, D 137,301 

Bowman, H 301 

Bowyer, J 227,301 

Boyce, B 286 

Boyd, D 268 

Boyer, C 136,139,301 

Boyer, P 225 

Boyle, R 222 

Bozick, N 132 

Brace, R 218 

Bradshaw, D 250 

Brain, S 136 

Brandehoff, S 276 

Brandes, R 213 

Brandt, D 129,132 

Brandt, R 222,301 

Branscome, C 270 

Branson, N 302 

Brant, J 302 

Brant, S 232 

Brashears, R :. 279 

Braun, M 302 

Bravchok, D 284 

Brazet, D 266 

Brees, G 143 

Brenneis, C 237 

Brenner, E 302 

Brenner, T 279 

Bretton, C 122,143 

Brezina, G 113,131,302 

Bridgeland, P 280 

Bridger, B 273 

Briers, A. . . . 127.193,196,302 

Briggs, R 134 

Brill, C 358 

Brinager, H 129 

Brinovec, V 302 

Briscoe, S 250 

Britt, J 234 

Britt, R 234 

Brixey, J 120,279,302 

Brock, E 124 

Brock, R 133,248,302 

Brodt, B 104 

Brogden, C 197 

Brookover, S 302 

Brooks, J 161 

Brooks, M 196 

Brothers, D 302 

Brown, A 302 

Brown, B 268 

Brown, C 302 

Brown, D 234 

Brown, E 191 

Brown, G 254 

Brown, J 228 

Brown, K 302 

Brown, L 302 

Brown, M 148.163 

Brown, N 107,302 

Brown, P 124 

Brown, P. M 134,302 

Brown, R 259 

Brown, V 124 

Brown, W 122.136,137. 


Browne, J 132 

Brundage, J 138 

Bryner, D 279 

Bubb, M 228.302 

Bubnow, B 107 

Buchanan, S 148 

Buck, D 108 

Buck, G 254 

Buck, R 254 

Buckey, M 302 

Budnick, D 132 

Budnick. D 132 

Buehler, G 302 

Bufwack. M 103,110 

Bukowski, J 94,228 

Bull, D 302 

Bullock, B 302 

Bunting, H 107 

Buntman, H '. . 242 

Burau, N 290 

Burch, L 195,237,302 

Burgess, R 120 

Burke, J 227.302 

Burke, L 232 

Burke, R 302 

Burkhardt, J 277 

Burky, W 302 

Burlingame, B 197 

Burlingame, J 143 

Burnett, D 302 

Burnett, G 256 

Burnett, J 276 

Burnley, P 303 

Burns, B 120 

Burrow, T 303 

Burton, D 124 

Burton, L 161 

Bush, B 303 

Busony, B 199 

Busony, G 206,303 

Busson, T 303 

Busta, T 303 

Butcher, J 303 

Butler, G 132,268 

Butler, J 132 

Butler, S 213,283 

Butterfield, S 103,261 

Buttlar, R 123 

Byerly, K 144 

Byers, L 119 

Byrne, E 303 

Byrne, M 256 

Byrne, M 128,129 

Byrne, T 256 

Cadez, J 124 

Cain, J 193 

Cain, S 103,303 

Caldwell, R 121.303 

Caldwell, R. M 303 

Calhoon, J 284 

Call, K 129 

Callahan, P 234 

Colo, V 117,303 

Campanella, M 303 

Campbell, C 213 

Campbell, C. E. ... 120.125. 

Campbell, D 104,228 

Campbell, G. . . . 128.270.288 

Campbell, J 191 

Campbell, L 213,303 

Campbell, P 237 

Campbell, R 240 

Campbell, S 131 

Campbell, W 240 

Candow, L 198,210,276 

Cannon, L 138 

Cantwell, R. .. 98.134,303,357 

Canzonetta, L 122,303 

Capatosta, V 241 

Carano, M 225,303 

Cordelia, V 241 

Cardina, F 303 

Carducci, D 230 

Careway, H 130 

Carey, B 303 

Carleton, J 303 

Carleton, R 120 

Carlin, C 213,303 

Carlson, L 217,303 

Carlson, M 220,303 

Carmichael, L 144,167 

Carnahon, B 172,208 

Carnigoi, A 218 

Carosello, T 303 

Carothers, M 303 

Carpenter, G 244 

Carpenter, S. E 284 

Carpenter, S 144 

Carroll, D 128 

Carson, C 269 

Carstens, M 288,303 

Carter, J 303 

Carter, P 104 

Carter, R 191 

Carter, R. L 254 

Caruth, T 107 

Casey, J 137,304 

Cassidy, J 304 

Castillo. K 304 

Castor, J 127,286 

Cassano, T 187 

Catterson, W 248 

Cavanaugh, P. .. 120.121.304 

Cavender, G 304 

Cellone, R 126,227 

Centa, D 304 

Cerny, K 104 

Cervenak, K 304 

Cetto, W 304 

Chaleff, B 143 

Chalfont. L 304 

Chambers, G 304 

Champa, R 123 

Chandler, B. ... 116,232,273 

Chandler, M 228,304 

Charlton, C 304 

Chase, A 304 

Chase, C 142 

Chatlos, M 282 

Chen, R 141 

Cheney L 268,288,304 

Cheroso, R 104,304,357 

Cherry, M 270.304 

Chesnes, M 229, K 169 

Chickiris, M 356 

Chilelli, J 191,238 

Chiple, M 129 

Chipps, E 134 

Christensen, H 257 

Christison, K 208 

Christman, R 213 

Chunat, W 132 

Churchill, J 304 

Cich, B 279 

Cichocki, F 250 

Cika, Y 304 

Cipriano, J. E 304 

Cipriono. J 113.304 

Clark, B 117,144,173 

Clark, C 304 

Clark, H 208,304 

Clark, J 104,271 

Clark, Y 304 

Clatterbuck, N 229,304 

Clay, R 268 

Cleave. M 220,291,304 

Clements, T 144,161 

Clift, P. .. 96,111,208,261,304 

dinger, N 238 

Clingerman, G 304 

Clinkscales, T 183 

Clotts, L 304 

Clupper, J 284 

Coad, P 136,139 

Cobb, C 124 

Cobbin, W 131 

Cochran, D 131 

Coco. J 126 

Cocuzzi, P 117 

Cogan, C 122,124,305 

Cohen. D 254 

Cohen, H 214 

Cohen, S 142,305 

Cohoon, D 222 

Coie, D 234 

Colangelo, J 104 

Colavecchio, G 104 

Colbow, B 121,126,254 

Coleman, C 144 

Coleman, C 305 

Colin E 144,172 

Collins, B 305 

Collins, J. K. ... 119,266,305. 

Collins, J 257 

Collins, D 241 

Colonna, W 125 

Cornelia, K 305 

Compton, J 271.305 

Condron, K 225 

Conley, P 116.129 

Conley, S 144,193,195 

Connavino, M 116 

Connell, J 305 

Conners, K 135 

Contini, M 257 

Conway, T 268,288 

Cook, B. ... 112,121,126,254, 

Cook, C 117 

Cook, D 125 

Cook, 1 243,269 

Cook, J 118 

Cook, R 218,263.305 

Cook, S 119 

Coole, J 248 

Cooper, C 305 

Copeland, J. ... 103,163,305 

Copp, P 127 

Copp, W 305 

Coppola, T 227 

Corbitt, G 305 

Corbusier, K 123,305 

Cornelius, F 241 

Cornelius, G 120,121,305 

Corrigan, P 124.305 

Corsley, P 244 

Corso, P 124 

Costello 305 

Costick, L 129 

Couch, L 305 

Covington, B 161 

Cowan, C. .. 118,196,217,305 

Cowan, A 104,220 

Cowden, J 144,217 

Cowles, S 305 

Cowperthwaite, L 206 

Cox, B 122 

Cox, R 227 

Cox, T 281 

Coxon, P 305 

Coyle, B 279 

Cozine, S 124 

Craft, M 124.305 

Crofton, R 126,254,305 

Craig, F 148 

Craig, L 305 

Crambo, A 237 

Cranston. M 139 

Crawford. C 104 

Crawford. K 227 

Crawford. T 129 

Crawmer, J 305 

Creel, J 129 

Crislip, R 131 

Crispin, T 305 

Croskey, C. 305 

Cross, J. A 356 

Cross, J 232,282 

Cross, J. A 306 

Cross, K 217 

Crossen, N 136,139,305 

Crowe 1 1, R 257 

Csonka, A 306 

Cubon, E 306 

Culig, S 306 

Culp, S 275 

Cummins, K. . 113 

Cunningham, J 268 

Cunningham, K 183 

Cunningham, M 139 

Cunningham, R 306 

Cuppet, K 123 

Curran, T 306 

Currington, B 306 

Curry, N 167 

Curtis, K 284 

Curtis, L 229 

Cushing, E 306 

Cushing, J 133.306 

Custead, N 116 

Cuvo A 270 

Cvetkovich, C 306 

Czajkowski, L 306 

Czar, J 306 

Czerewko, S 306 

Daily, P 108,208,306 

Dale, C 306 

Daly, D 116,119 

Dando, J- 306 

Dangerfield, K 259 

Daniel, S 306 

Dannemiller, J 306 

Danner, R 213,289 

Danzey, M 131 

Daramus T 306 

Dardenne, V 229 

Dauer, K 116,129 

D'Aurora, L 306 

Davelka, S 248 

David, A 112 

David, J 220 

Davidson, F 177 

Davidz, A 141 

Davis, C 131,142 

Davis, D 232 

Davis, D. J 208 

Davis, M 123 

Davis, M 306 

Davis, M 306 

Davis, M. K 94.220 

Davis, N. ... 119,229,275,306 

Davis, P. J 306 

Davis, P 257 

Davis, R 244 

Davis, S 124 

Dawes, H 191 

Dawson, J 306 

Dayton, R 306 

Deames. K 129 

Dean, C 229 

DeBuino, M 280 

Decker, T 104.229 

DeCorps B 108,128.229 

Dedrick, W 123 

Deeter, W 222 

Deel, H 226 

Defozio. A 125,306 

Deffenbaugh, J 273 

DeForest, J 1 13.307 

DeFrange, T 132 

DeGray, D 208 

Dehm, J 284 

DeHoff, R 116 

Deibel, R 123 

Deiderich, A 104 

Deimel, G 130 

Delaplane, D 307 

Deleo, T 307 

Dellefleld, C 220,280 

DeLong, C 143 

DeMarco, A 307 

DeMartini, B 137 

DeMass, B 115 

Demczuk, N 142 

Dengler, R 143 

Denlinger, C 104 

Denne, S 128,283 

Dennis, G 307 

Denny, T 307,357 

Denorcy, M 307 

Depenbrok, R 307 

DePriest, T 241 

Detoro, A 222 

Detrow, C 131,307 

DeVoult, D 244 

DeVore, B 127 

Dioniska. S 143,144,198, 


Dias, A 133,307 

DiBartolomeo, F 307 

DiBianca, P 132 

Dick, J 246 


Dickerson. C 224 

Dickey, J 127,195 

DiDente. S 129 

Dieringer, B 283,307 

Dietrich, R 187 

Dietz, P 208 

Dielz, R 129 

Difford, J 273,307 

DiGillo. A 227 

Dillon, K 286,289,290 

Dimitroff, N 231 

Dimily, W 206 

Dimond, C 131,307 

Discenza, A 241 

Diser, S 210 

Dlugos, J 232.307 

Doan, T 307 

Dobbius, W 129 

Dobra, W 307 

Dodds, V 217,307 

Dodez. G 126 

Doeberling. J 278,279 

Doherly, N 307 

Doksansky, L 208 

Dolhun. J 131 

Doll, B 183 

Doll, W 112,121,307 

Domanico, J 268,307 

Domer, J 288 

Domin, R 161 

Donolo, T 191 

Dorn, M 307 

Dorr, K 169.246,263 

Doslal, L 279 

Dougherty, D 254 

Dougherty, J 282,307 

Douglas, K 144 

Douglas, W 120 

Douglass, H 138 

Downey. S 232,286 

Downing. K. ... 232,282.289. 

Downs, B 114 

Downs, D 192 

Doyne, R 307 

Drabik. R 229.261,307 

Drayer, C 117 

Drda, M 122,307 

Dreger, S 193 

Dresmich, R 227 

Drew, C 308 

Drew, M 117 

Drew, M. A 244 

Drown. N 130 

Druckenmiller, D 125 

Drullard. L 103,229,308 

Drum, B 193,196 

Dryoolcher, W 187,240 

Dubberly, T 132 

Dubbs. J 268 

Dubetz, M 137 

Dubraretz, L 250 

Duchan, E 256 

Duckert, G 142 

Dudas, J 285 

Dudley, R 308 

Duffy, M 283 

Duffy, R 308 

Dunford, P 308 

Dunham, D 308 

Dunkel, D 220 

Dunlap. J 285 

Dunn, J 112 

Duolage, B 191 

Durkee, D 129 

Durst. B 107 

Dustman, R 285 

Dwyer, B 199 

Dye, J 308 

Dye, S 129 

Dygert, C 308 

Dyke, S 96.108,145. 

Dyson, L 208 

Eagle, B 105,308 

Eagle, D 218 

Earle, L 272 

Easterday, S 123 

Eberhard, D 128 

Ebert, R 139 

Ebling, N 103.213 

Eckord, G 161 

Eckdahl, V 308 

Eckholdt, B 213,308 

Eckman, J 308 

Eddy, J 357 

Ede, 1 103,237.261 

Edgerton. A 280 

Edler, J 276 

Edwards, R 240 

Egan, L 148,280 

Eger, H 108,308 

Ehas, D 227 

Ehrhart, P 272 

Eichel, R 107,308 

Eichorn, S 308 

Eichorn, N 281 

Eisenhardt, J 124 

Eisner, M 167 

Elbert, R 308 

Elbrecht, C 210 

Elder, D 237,273 

Eldon, J 120,125.308 

Eldridge. J 308 

Elek, C 143 

Eley, R 115,308 

Elias, F 308 

Elicker. F 257 

Elkins, B 191 

Elkins, T 308 

Elligott, W 253 

Elliott, L 143 

Ellsworth, J 308 

Els, R 137 

Elsom, K 108.220 

Elwood, P 143,254.308 

Ely. J 220 

Emerson. M 196 

Emig. R 238,308 

Endrizzi. S 244.281 

Engleright, C 144 

Engroff, J 127,144,195 

Enzion, J 237 

Epstein, R 308 

Erdelyi, J 308 

Erickson. H 308 

Ervin, J 309 

Erwin, C. . .. 130.131,231,309 
Erwin, K. ... 117,122,277,309 

Eschenauer, J 122,309 

Eschlimon, D 115 

Eshelman, D 222 

Esposito, R 309 

Estadt, M 216,309 

Etling, V 309 

Eton, G 187 

Euretig, J 252.309 

Evans, D 125 

Evans, R 309 

Everett, L 122,124,309 

Everett, P 128 

Everhart, S 128 

Everson, R 248 

Eyman, H 123,309 

Eyman, K 309 

Faasse, L 309 

Fobritius, R 137 

Faccinto, R 231 

Fahlstrom, K 225 

Fain, P 142 

Fair, G 231 

Fair, J 137 

Fairman, N 241 

Faisal, A 309 

Fakult, J 135,309 

Faler, R 125 

Falick, D 309 

Folk, S 309 

Foil, J 137 

Farinacci, A 227 

Farinacci, W 227 

Farizel, R 244 

Farley, D 132 

Farnsworth, L 129,283 

Farnsworth, S 309 

Fassinger, N 120,309 

Fast, J 213 

Faucett, B 309 

Fawcett, C 309 

Featheringham, G. .. 197,309 

Fechter, J 227 

Feeney, J 309 

Feketekuty, Z 177,206 

Feigum, B 124 

Feiler, E 129 

Fenger, M 268 

Fenn, R 227 

Ferdinand, D 129 

Fergus, M 130 

Ferguson, D 285 

Ferko, B 114 

Ferko, J 118,269,309 

Ferradino, M 217,309 

Ferrier, M 285,309 

Fertig, J 218 

Feterle, L 130 

Fetherson, N 277 

Fettermon, C. ...... 104,266 

Feudner, J 309 

Fichter, M 283 

Fields, E 309 

Fifer, T 271 

Figurski, G 102,257,310 

Fike, J 271 

Filipovich, M 275 

Finn, J 131 

Finneran, K 128,309 

Finzer, Don 107,268 

Firestone, G 234 

Firis, J 244 

Firkins, R 172 

Firman. J 286,289 

Firsenbarn, N 215 

First, M 214 

Firzlaff. J 144,172.310 

Fisch, R 142 

Fischer, D 132 

Fischer, J 163 

Fischer, J 191 

Fish, W 310 

Fisher, B 193,310 

Fisher, C 136,139 

Fisher, G 122 

Fisher, J. R 310 

Fisher, J 199 

Fisher, K 116 

Fisher, M 129 

Fisher, P 145 

Fisher. W 149 

Fishman, R 214 

Fisk, J 218,310 

Fitzgerald, K 310 

Ftizenrider, S 217 

Fitzgerald, D 161 

Fitzgerald, K 113 

Fitzgerald, P 195 

Fitzpatrick, R 310 

Fiyut, P 261.310 

Flack. S 215 

Flask, J 227 

Flechtner, V 208 

Fleischer, S 284 

Fleiststra, T 238 

Fleming, P 129 

Flemming, M 127,197 

Fletcher, S 269 

Flocken, K. .. 97,106.261.310 

Florian, C 129 

Flory, D 310 

Floyd, J 310 

Flynn, M 310 

Flynn, W 226,310 

Fogg, R 126,134,310 

Fogg, R 310 

Fogle, J 225 

Foley, P 144,192 

Foose, S 258 

Ford, R 192 

Foroughi, K 141 

Forrest, M 1 95 

Forringer, S 310 

Foster. L. ... 111,125,277,310 

Foster, S 310 

Fostyk, D 310 

Fournia, M 241 

Fox, D 227 

Fox, J 229 

Fozouni, F 141,177 

Fraenkel. D. ... 121.126.254, 

Frakes, W 244 

Fraley, L 161 

Frame, M 310 

Francis, J 107,120,268. 


Francis, M 217,310 

Francisco, D 248 

Frank, C 310 

Franklin, S 139,193,275 

Franzen, P 141 

Franzen, S 310 

Froser, A 144,229 

Frate, P 259 

Frayer, D 137 

Frazee, B 129 

Frazier, B 234 

Frazier, M 310 

Freda, P 237 

Freed, J 244 

Freel, P 124 

Freeman, J 310 

Friedman, E 242 

Frlich, W 144,161 

Froom, J 198 

Fry, J 124,311 

Frye. P 113,232.311 

Frye, L 283 

Fryer, J 257 

Fuchs, C 280 

Fuhrig, T 123,206 

Fuller, M 311 

Fuller. W 129 

Fulop, B 191 

Fulop, L 206,311 

Furrh, G 285 

Fusco, C 311 

Gabert, J 114,139,311 

Gabler, G 210 

Gaiffe, M 131 

Gainar, R 134 

Galanese, M 131 

Gale, G 130.206.276 

Gall, S 104,236,261,311 

Gallagher, D 272 

Gallagher, N 311 

Gallino, M 104,122 

Gallo, D 311 

Galloway, T 187 

Galvin, P 229 

Gambol, M 118 

Gansler, K 311 

Garbarini, C 117 

Garber, T 269 

Garcia, E 311 

Gardner, B 115,311 

Gardner, G 244 

Gorgon, F 161 

Garms, K 116 

Garris, A 311 

Gary, E 119,311 

Garzone, F 244 

Gasper, C 132,246 

Goss, L 193 

Gates, C 129 

Gatewood, L . . . 144.161.169 

Gauer, C 143 

Gaydos, M 217,311 

Gayer, W 195 

Gazer, R 311 

Gearhart, J 278,279 

Gearinger, S. .. 195.217 261 

Geary, E 104,229,287 

Gee, A 231 

Geel, S 130,208 

Geib, T 206 

Gelini, D 104 

Gemlich, F 244,311 

Gemlich, 1 234 

Gendler, R. . 117,144.187,311 

Gennett, S 225,311 

George, D 279 

George, K 237.287 

George, N 104,217 

Gerald, R 210 

Gesaman, T 
Gest, K. . . 
Getman, D. 
Gettig, K. 
Getz, R. . . 


mo. S. 

bbons, M. . 

bbons, W. 
bbs, C. ... 
bson, A. . . 
bson, D. . . 
bson, J. . . 
bson, R. . . 
dders, D. . 
Ibert, B. . . 
Ibert, R. .. 
Ibo. O. 

II. R 

Ilespie, H. 
Ililand, R. 
Imore, E. . 
Imore, K. . . 
Imore, P. . 
Ison, S. 
mbel, L ... 

ssendaner, F 
udici, J. .. 











.. 111,213,190. 


.. 206,278,279 











.. 135,290,291 







S 266 

. 144,161,167 







Glanzer, E 312 

Glass, M 193,196,312 

Glausser, L 
Glotzbach, J. 
Glowacki, R. 

Glover, W. 
Glownia, J. 
Glownio, D. 
Goard, D, . 
Gochnour, E. 
Godley, G. . 
Goeller, K. . 
Goettel, J. . 
Gogler, C. . 

Gogul, D 312 

Golash, < 161 

Goldner, M 237.287 

Goldstein, B 312 

Gombert, G. ... 128,282,291 

Gooch, R 169 

Gooden, H 120 

Goodlin, L 312 

Goodman, L 116,208 

Goodman, M 312 

Goodman, N 312 
















Gougler, C. 
Grabiak, E. 
Gracie, P. 
Grady, L. 


. 312 
. 129 
. 132 
. 312 
. 193 
. 312 
. 312 

Grady, P 241,312 

Graft, M. 312 

Graham, A 132 

G 103.312 

Grant, J. 
Grass, E. 
Grasso, B 
Grau, R. 
Graven, R 
Graves, S. 
Gray, D. 
Gray, N. 
Gray, S. 




1 29 











Grealis, M 313 

Greco, C. 
Gredecki, E. 
Green, C. . 
Green, G. 
Green, J. . 
Green, K. . 
Greene, M. 

... 313 
... 313 

Greene, N 215,313 


Gregg, L 



Greuloch, C. . 


Grgurich, B. . . 


Griffin, B ... 

Griffin, G... . 


Griffith. G. ... 

213 313 

Griffin, G. ... 


Griffin, L 



144 187 


Grimmett, D. . 


Grinham, G. . 


Grisola, J. . . . 


Grissom, A. 


Gross, R 


Grover, J. ... 



Grube, D. ... 


Gruccio, D. . . 


Gruver, R. 


Gryvnak, C. 


Grywalski, A. 

. 104,281,288 

Gucciardo, P. 


Guenther. D. 



Guenther, J 126 

Guisinger, J 232 

Gulmi, K 266 

Gunton, L 313 

Guy, C 129 

Guy, J 241 

Guyette, P 313 

Gynn, S 129,313 

Gysegen, J 112 


Haas, F 313 

Habberfield, C 229 

Habeck, N 140,277 

Habenschuss, A 313 

Habtemariam, M 141 

Hackbert, S 196 

Hackett, P 313 

Hackett, S 104,116,229 

Hackman, W 125 

Hadley, S 217,269,291 

Hagen, A 210 

Haggberg, N 313 

Hailey, J 313 

Hale, S 139,143 

Hall, C 220 

Hall, E 177,313 

Hall, H 313 

Hall, L 313 

Hall, M 313 

Hall, R 206 

Hall, R 254 

Hall, S 313 

Halpern, R 215 

Halter, J 135,229,277 

Halter, P 121,313 

Hamilton, B 103,313 

Hamilton, J. ... 102.126.313 

Hammer, L 314 

Hammett, C 104,134 

Han, C 314 

Hancock, D 218,279 

Handler, J 208 

Hanko, J 314 

Hann, B 314 

Hannah, J 284 

Hannah, R 113 

Hanson, K 314 

Hanson, S 220 

Hanyak, M 196 

Harala, D 268 

Harbage, G 192 

Harbart, L 117 

Harcar, R 129 

Hardy, A 314 

Hardy, S 134 

Harlan, K 129 

Harpe, T 191 

Harper, F 314 

Harper, M 314 

Harrigan, C 213 

Harrington, N 314 

Harris, D 131,222 

Harris, H 177,314 

Harris, J 112 

Harris, J. A 314 

Harris, L 161 

Harris, M 116,118 

Harris, S 144 

Harrison, D 131 

Harrison, D 220 

Harrison, G 225 

Harrison, R 250 

Harrod, T 104 

Harst, J 231 

Hart, J 281 

Hart, L 116 

Hart, R 131,314 

Harter, J 314 

Hartman, G. ... 148,149,314 

Hartman, K 96,110,120, 


Hartman, L 144 

Hartsock, J. ... 130,220,261, 

Hortzell, D 96 

Hartzell, K 137 

Harwat, H 227 

Hassfurther, D 287 

Hatch, M 177 

Hath, J 129 

Hathaway, C 314 

Hathaway, P 206 

Haubert, J 177,279 

Havrilla, F 314 

Hawk, F 112 

Hawkins, J 103,241 

Hawkins, P 129 

Hawkins, W 314 

Haworth, R 172 

Hayek, K 314 

Hayes, A 132 

Hayes, K 314 

Hayes, R 132 

Hazlett, L 105,125,143 

Hazlett, M 104 

Head, A 270 

Head, P. A 266,314 

Head, P 143 

Headley, R 257 

Headley, T 314 

Hearrell, M. ... 104,122,314 

Hedblom, C 314 

Hedges, R 104 

Hedrick, M 281 

Heffner, J 104,127,220 

Hegarty, M 284 

Heichel, W 314 

Heidel, V 314 

Heiges, B 126,210 

Heimbrod, R 279 

Hein, D 217 

34 8 

Heinamon, D 104 

Heine, B 281 

Heinemon, J 241 

Heisel, G 254 

Heiser, R 115.314 

Heisler, H 115,315 

Heil, J 126,315 

Helbling, V 315 

Held, E 230 

Heller, E 286,287 

Hemker. M. ... 122,124,315 

Henderson, D 213 

Hendrix, R 283 

Hengle, N 197 

Henkin, S 108 

Henninger, D 127 

Henninger, S. .. 123.199,206 

Henry, N 116,208 

Henshaw. C 232.282 

Henz, M 135,284.315 

Herbert, W 144,187 

Herchler, D 106,315 

Herington, L 148 

Herman, M 315 

Herr, D 241 

Herrington, S 104,232 

Herrman, L 227 

Herron, F 315 

Herskowitz, W 315 

Hertiage E 187 

Hertzig, R 139,232 

Hess, J 103,241 

Hess, R 248 

Hettler, P 195 

Hetzer, R 279 

Heumann, L 214.263 

Hido. B 161 

Hildebrand, K 315 

Hill, H 110,315 

Hill, N 315 

Hill, R 128,205 

Hill. T 235 

Hille, B 103,148 

Hillyer, D 126 

Hilson, H 250 

Hilton, C 315 

Hiltunen, L 210 

Hinckley. C 315 

Hirsch, D 315 

Hirschberg, J 284 

Hittle, S 315 

Hizer, C 129.130 

Hladik, N 137 

Hoagland, C 232 

Hoogland. S 315 

Hoagland. T 241.315 

Hobbs, C 114,315 

Hocevar, J. ... 116,124,144 
Hochstetler, K. . 126.315.358 

Hockman, D 315 

Hodder, J 129 

Hodgson, T 222 

Hoehn, L 220,315 

Hofer, B 281 

Hoffee, E 115.129,315 

Hoffman, J 103.110,244 


Hoffman, S 104,229 

Hofling, G 132 

Hogan, T 219,315 

Hogarth, S 315 

Hoke, J 114 

Holden, R 315 

Holdener, M 227 

Holko, B 315 

Hollingsworth, D 279 

Hollingsworth, R 315 

Holmes, B 129 

Holmes, D 283 

Holmes, G 177 

Holt, J 120,316 

Holz, J 316 

Homan, B 127 

Homan, J 221 

Homison, P 210 

Hoogenboom, B 283 

Hooks, C 316 

Hoover, A 316 

Hoover, R 161 

Hope, A 225,316 

Hopfgartner, R 316 

Hopkins, J 280 

Hopkins, P 124 

Horch, J 316 

Horevar, J 266 

Horkay, E 113,316 

Horlacher, P 279 

Horn, B 128 

Hornack, R 131 

Hornak, J 316 

Hornberger, S 143 

Horner, L 183 

Hornyak, M. .. 118,127,193, 


Horstemeyer, P 135 

Horton, L 112,289,316 

Horvath, L 229 

Horvath, J 132 

Horwttz, S 195 

Hose, B 242 

Hoskms, C 250 

Hosmer, D 210 

Hott, M 316 

Hottensmith, D 129 

Hovonce, L 116 

Howard, R 272,316 

Howard, T. ... 133,206,316 

Howieson, G 276 

Hoyne, R 161 

Hrabal, A 316 

Hrabal, M 316 

Hren, T 125 

Hrovat, R 131 

Hruska, M 316 

Hubbard, D 133,219 

Hubbard, S 217,261 

Huber, H 284,289 

Huberty, A 249,316 

Hubiak, R 268 

Hudacko, A 316 

Hudok, M 235 

Hudec, R 172 

Hudock, P 122,143 

Hudson, H 112 

Huebner, C 105 

Huelsman, N 316 

Hufnagle, R 120 

Hughes, E 250 

Hughes, R 123 

Hughes, R. T 249 

Hughes, R. M. . 126,167,254 

Hulbirt, B 269 

Hull, T 241,316 

Humes, J 208 

Hummel, E 316 

Hunston, D 110 

Hunt, J 116 

Hunter, J 235 

Hunter, P 129 

Hurchanik, B 284 

Hurd. D 129 

Hurley, R 316 

Hursey, D 128,316 

Hursh, D 276 

Hurst, C 104.225 

Hutcheson, C 222,316 

Hutchison, V 143 

Hutchinson, H 232 

Hutter, G 316 

Hyde, T 231 

Hyslop, J 235 

Ice, D 316 

Ifflond, B 138 

Ignac, R 124,316 

Ignatz, D 210 

Ignizio, C 317 

Iklodi, C 317 

llitzky. N 116 

Immel, T 317 

Inoma, J 241 

Ingold, D 124 

Ingram, E. 317 

Irwin, B 161 

Isacco, J 225 

IsMad. D 258 

Iswarienko. A 177,222 

Ita, C 282 

Ivanovich, M 137 

Jackson, L 144 

Jackson, L. M 123,243 

Jackson, P 126 

Jackson, S 317 

Jacobs, C 108 

Jacobs, J 124,317 

Jacobs, T 104 

Jaeger, R 317 

Jaffe. G 123,317 

Jakopic, J 255 

Jameson, J 124 

Jancura, L 116 

Janecek, F 143 

Janson, K 104 

Jarc, A 126,317 

Jarkins, G 285 

Jarus, B 225.266 

Jaskol, E 283 

Jasper, S 277 

Jeidel, L 104,283 

Jendrisak, 1 222 

Jenkins, E 122,124,317 

Jenkins, J 243 

Jennings, F 219,317 

Johnson, B. J 122,317 

Johnson, B 116 

Johnson, B. C 317 

Johnson, B. D 115,281 


Johnson, C 237 

Johnson, C. L 122,284 

Johnson, C 222 

Johnson, G 217,317 

Johnson. J.E 191 

Johnson, J 229 

Johnson, K 317 

Johnson, 1 317 

Johnson, L 221 

Johnson, M. L 317 

Johnson, M 230 

Johnson, R. M. ... 276,317 
Johnson, T. ... 144,161,317 

Johnston, J 197,229 

Johnston, M 317 

Johnston, P 225,317 

Joiner, R 231,317 

Jones, C 161 

Jones, F 222 

Jones, G 136,137,317 

Jones, J 198 

Jones, J. 1 116 

Jones, L. .. 122,124,221.317 

Jones, N 317 

Jones, S 317 

Jones. T 317 

Joniak, P 318 

Jonseof, E 161 

Jordon, N 221,318 

Joy, C 143 

Jucaitis, A 318 

Juliano, B 221 

Kockstetter, K . 104.228.261 

Kadas, J 318 

Kager, P 288 

Kohl, E 318 

Kailes, R 215,318 

Kain, M 104,271 

Kallio, R 318 

Kalonick, A 122 

Kalter, K 122 

Komm, 1 123 

Kane, R 255 

Kane, T 281 

Kanemori, V 122 

Kannel, S 116,118,232 

Konuckel, L 107,318 

Kaplan, D 318 

Kara, D 135,318 

Karash, T 238 

Karda, T 120 

Kareithi, P 141,318 

Karpi, K 104,113,266 

Kascak, C 208 

Kaser, P 318 

Kason, N 122 

Kasperavicius, V. .. 128,129 

Kassebaum, H 285,318 

Kastein, D 232 

Kaszei, B 104 

Katy, S 140 

Kotz, E 225 

Katz, S 215 

Katzman, C 272 

Kautsman, R 235 

Kawalek, R 131 

Kawecki, E 318 

Kay, D 318 

Kaye, M 275 

Kaye, S 288 

Keaveney, N 318 

Keefer, R 132 

Keeney, J 318 

Keevan, K 144 

Kegley, C 167 

Kegley, C 129 

Kehrli, J 143 

Keim, J 102 

Keister, B 282 

Keith, C 138 

Keith, D 193,196 

Keith, J 279 

Kekic, T 318 

Kellar, J 236,290.318 

Keller, C 232.318 

Keller, K 210,263 

Kelley, A 115,318 

Kelley, L 318 

Kelly. M 110,206,262 

Kelso, C 222 

Kelso, S 213 

Kemp, M 318 

Kennedy, J. C 163 

Kennedy, J. A 97,232 

Kennedy, P 268 

Kerbel, D 279 

Kerr, P 229 

Kesler, S 208 

Kessel, D 318 

Kessler, P 242 

Ketchum, L 120,125 

Kettler, R. . 131,222,263,318 

Kettunen, G 318 

Keyser, B 191 

Kibler, D 106,227 

Kiefer, G 318 

Kiiek, J 123 

Kikel, K 237 

Kile, G 276 

Kimberly, D 246 

Kindsvatter, K 129 

King, H 318 

King, R. D 319 

King, R 120 

King, V 161 

King, W 319 

Kirchhofer, J 319 

Kirk, D 319 

Kirsch, B 135 

Kirtley, M 241 

Kirtland, S. ... 104,217,291 

Kistler, J 285 

Klauka, J. . 118,127,193,197 

Klein, J 284,319 

Kleinhenz, W 319 

Klekota, D 273 

Klepcyk, R 271 

Kliman, M 215 

Kline, C 104 

Kline, D 210 

Kline, D 131 

Kline, J 319 

Klingensmith, J 123,130, 


Klir, J 238 

Klohr, P 122,319 

Kloskoski, J 191 

Kloskoski, K 191 

Klug, A 197 

Klukan, D 238 

Knob, S 217 

Kneeland, B 319 

Knize, A 129 

Knight, S 246 

Knoch, S 319 

Knowles, C 113,319 

Knupp, P 193,196 

Koenig, L 132 

Kohen, R 140 

Kohut, B 319 

Kokodyniak, R 142,177 

Kolbrenner, M 210 

Kollar, G 244 

Kominic, T 248 

Komiati, P 104 

Kindra, D 257 

Koplan, D 280 

Koplow, P 128 

Korenewych, J 142 

Korenstein, R 319 

Korner, P 319 

Korniet, J 319 

Korszolosk, J 244 

Kosar, M 196 

Kosey, J 270 

Koss, D 122 

Kottatich. C 237 

Kotun, C 119,208,261 

Kouba, E 237 

Koury, J 238 

Kovach, B 129 

Kovacs, J 217 

Kovanes, W 319 

Kovolyan, J 123 

Kowalla, K 258 

Kowalski, J. ... 128,129.219 

Kowalsky, R 142 

Kowar, T 123.281 

Kraft, M 319 

Kragel, R 123,131,199 

Krahl, J 239.319 

Krahl, W 132 

Kralik, M 129 

Kramen, C 114,319 

Kromer, J 229 

Kramer, S 221,280 

Krankovich, G 319 

Kreeger, L 235 

Krectner, R 102 

Kreps, S 213,319 

Krieger, K 131 

Krieger, L 319 

Kriss, K 193 

Krolak, W 319 

Kroll, S 127,195,319 

Kron, R 276 

Kronenthal, J 319 

Kronenthal, V 319 

Kronheim, M 242 

Krstich, J 183 

Krumroy, T 193 

Krupa, J 135,319 

Krutky, A 208 

Krysiak, J 271 

Ksenich, R 320 

Kub, E 255 

Kubach, K 122,277 

Kubichek, K 140 

Kucha, H 320 

Kucyk, C 124 

Kuczynski, C 283 

Kuhn, E 169 

Kuhn, R 255 

Kulikowski, C 118,320 

Kuntz, R 285 

Kuntzman, C 161 

Kuras, T 161 

Kurtz, R 163 

Kuse, J 210,320 

Kusyner, A 183 

Kuten, C 320 

Kutine, J 255 

Kutz, C 320 

Kuzma, J 167 

Kwalazi W 141 

Kwiecien, C 320 

Kynyk, K 142 

Labont, R 257 

Lackner, L 217 

Ladrach, R 320 

Ladwig. H 268 

LaFountaine, P. ... 114,217, 

Lagoszniak, 142,320 

Lahl, N 280,138 

Lahola, 1 142 

Laine, C 116 

Lake, L 104 

Lakota, S 230 

Lamb, S 141 

Lambrou, B 137 

Lamden, B 140 

Lampe, F 356 

Lampe, G 192 

Lamperth, G 320 

Landfeld, D 104,320 

Landis, B 161 

Landis, D 161 

Landolfo, J 213 

Landolph, D 320 

Landolph, R 250 

Lane, E 320 

Lane, G 320 

Lane, J. ... 95,103,112,115, 

Lane, P 237,320 

Lane, R 128 

Lane, W 144,172 

Lang, C 237 

Lang, J 285,288.320 

Langa, S 126 

Lansdowne, J 320 

Loppin, B 191 

Lardie, M 283 

Larson, D 206 

Larson, D 320 

Larson, L 320 

Lashuay, T 206 

Lasinis, J 251 

Laske, S 237 

Lasser, B 215 

Lassie, L 134 

Lassman, H 192 

Latchem, A 275 

Latessa, L 104 

Latona, F 130,276 

Laucher, P 272 

Lavanish, P 199,320 

LoVelle, D 235 

Lavin, W 222,268,288 

Lawrence, J. .. 120.125,320 

Lawrence, L 283 

Layer, K 116 

Layshock, P 132 

Lazar, P 232,261 

Lazor, R 161 

Leath, M. . 128,142,277,320 

Leber, M 241 

Lee, D 124 

Lee, M 320 

Lee, M. D 131 

Lee, R 235 

Leedy. B 113,320 

Lege, L 138 

Lehman, W 219,257 

Lehmiller. M 206,320 

Leiser, J 221 

LeLoup, S 144,195 

LeMoine. C. . 97,221,261,320 

Lena, W 120 

Leon, A 251,321 

Leonardi, J 126,321 

Leop, F 237 

Lepo, F 124 

Lepola, L 321 

Lepola, S 127,266 

Lerman, R 276 

LeRoy, R 277 

Lesher, D 210 

Lesko, R 321 

Lesser, S 177 

Leszynski, E. ... 121.126.321 

Levant, W 250.263 

Levenson, L 279 

Levitt, L 193 

Levy, 1 141 

Lewandowski, R 321 

Lewis, D 285 

Lewis, D. C 221.321 

Lewis, G 124,321 

Lewis, J 286 

Lewis, L 222 

Lewis, R 217 

L'Hommedieu, D 321 

Liberman, M 215 

Licate, B 241 

Liccaardi, D 241 

Licht, S 144 

Lide, J 321 

Liebhart, S 233 

Liggett, E 123,271 

Lincoln, P 142.269 

Lindak, B 130,321 

Lindenbaum, C 187 

Lindenberg, D 177 

Linderman, L 275 

Lindsay, M 114,321 

Linger, J 130,207 

Lint, J 129 

Lipak, T 161 

Lisson, C 233,321 

Liston, C 199,321 

Lisy, R 122,277 

Littler, J 227 

Lively, G 116,229 

Livingston, H 215 

Lizak, B. .. 113,129.137.143, 

Liyut, P 237 

Llewellyn. A 129,273 

Lloyd, J 237,361 

Lloyd. R 142,281.321 

Lobos. C 225,273 

Locke, R 137 

Locurto, P 122,124 

Loesch, L 207,279 

Loescher, R 219 

Loffman, F 321 

Loffman. H 241 

Loffman, J 241 

Logan, J 199,321,258 

Logue, J 321 

Lohr, J 104,225 

Lomaka, M 131 

Lombardo, K 321 

Long, J 282,283,291 

Long, M 275 

Loomis, P 237 

Loomis, R 321 

Lopatich, D. M 172 

Lopatich, D. K 284 

Lorah. P 116.183,321 

Lorandeau, P 144 

Lorandeau. P 167,173 

Lord, B 217 

Loree, C 116 

Lorentzen, P 321 

Lorson, E 321 

Losch, J 321 

Lott, S 210 

Louche, R 222 

Louden, C 225 

Louden, J 128 

Louis, M 141 

Love, C 128,321 

Love. G 222 

Lovell, M 237 

Lowden. E 321 

Lowe, G 247 

Lowe, M 241 

Lower, T 107,321 

Lowry, R 237,321 


Lucas, S 123,322 

Lucas, W 322 

Lucha, J 125 

Luchette, A 322 

Luchin, D 210.322 

Lucick, G 139 

Lucsick, S 322 

Luikart, J 283.322 

Lukosavich, P 113,322 

Lumm, C 322 

Lurz, T 268 

Lusk, R 322 

Luther, M 116 

Lutsch, D 161 

Lulsky, S 322,357 

Lullner, P 143 

'Lutz, P 117 

Lilz, R 268 

Lutz, T 227,271 

Luzio, P 322 

Lynch, K 322 

Lyon, J 279 

Lyons, J 322 


Maas, G 235 

Maceiko, N. ... 122.127,323 

Mack, K 323 

Mackey, J 323 

Mackil, J 227 

MacRae, L 323 

Madden, A 323 

Madden, P 116,275 

Madeley, J 323 

Mader, J 323 

Maenpao, E 271 

Magalotti, J 259 

Magazzing, T 207 

Magee, G 210 

Magee, R 271 

Magel. K 323 

Magid, M 235 

Magnuson, R 129 

Mahl, T 167,323 

Mahon, M 225 

Mahony, L 113,323 

Maich, L 144,161,323 

Maimone, W. 241 

Mains, L 127 

Mainwaring, D. ... 123,207 

Mainwaring, J 323 

Major, M 268 

Maioros, F 283 

Mala, W 130 

Malbasa, R 227,281 

Malone, J 210,323 

Moloney, D 134 

Mamula, M 137 

Mancini, B. ... 272,291,323 

Mandzia, M 142 

Mangan, L 192 

Mann, J 141 

Manson, P 323 

Manzari, R 128.129 

Manzeo, M 241 

Marchiono, N 241 

Marcinko, J 251 

Marco, S. .. 117,135,208,261, 

Marek, M 255 

Margherio, M 126 

Marhoefer, G 209,261 

Morionek, D 120,323 

Marinacci, J 210 

Markiewicz, J. . 116,242,261 
Markiewicz, J. . 116.242,261 

Marko, H 128 

Markovich. P 119 

Marks, R 268 

Marks, S 217 

Markulis, S 323 

Morsh, D 128 

Marsh, T 288 

Marshalek, A 222 

Marshall, E 221 

Marshall. G 230 

Marshall, J 142 

Marshall, W 251 

Marsico, N 225 

Martin, C 284 

Martin, E 241 

Martin, E 210.324 

Martin, F 112,324 

Martin, J 324 

Martin, J 259 

Martin, L 284 

Martin, R 210 

Martin, R 324 

Martini, L 217 

Martof, T 324 

Marty, K 324 

Maruca, F 275 

Marvett, R 324 

Marx, R 113 

Mascara, W 276 

Masick, S 324 

Masloski, S 324 

Mason, C 324 

Mason, C 257 

Mason, J 207 

Mason, M 225 

Mason, R 211 

Mason, R 245 

Masguelier, C 116,118 

Massaro, P 227 

Mast, L 118,209,324 

Masterman, R 257,324 

Masters, P 132 

Masterson, P 198.324 

Matasy, E 209,324 

Matchey, J 324 

Matis, M. . 118.128,217.269 

Mather, M 138 

Matjunas, M 324 

Matos, R 120,125 

Matson, M 324 

Matthews, K 324 

Matthews, S 104,124 

Matz, W 247 

Matzelle, C 284 

Maughan, M 213 

Mauk, L 324 

Maurer, P 324 

Mauro, A 247 

Maus, S 213 

Mayer, C 208,324 

Mayer, C 324 

Mayers, D 129 

Maziek, T 245 

Mazur, J 266 

Mazza, N 191 

McAfoose, R. . . 126.255,322 

McBride, D 322 

McCain, M 122 

McCall, L 322 

McCann, K 322 

McCarthy, E 322 

McCouley. P 223 

McClain, L 139 

McClain. M 322 

McClatchie M 233,283 

McCleary, F 123 

McClure, C 322 

McConaugha, N 116 

McConihay, C 129 

McConnell, A 127,196 

McConnell, E 322 

McCormick, M 276 

McCoy, B 191 

McCoy, C 322 

McCoy, D 120,322 

McCrea. J 279 

McCready, G 322 

McCullough, R 268 

McCurdy, K 322 

McOoniel, R 245,322 

McDermott, T 132 

McDonald, C 322 

McDonald, R 126,322 

McDonnell, J 142.285 

McDowell, S 233 

McElwee, R 270,323 

McGinnis, B 110 

McGown, D 132 

McGrail, D 104,235 

McGrath, W 253 

McGreevey. J 222 

McGrevey, B 191 

McHugh, K 216 

Mclntyre. K. ... 113,142,323 

McKee, A 124,139 

McKee, J. A 323 

McKee, J 143 

McKeever, W 231 

McKeon, M 114,323 

McKinney, L 143 

McKinney, L. L. ... 112,280, 

McKinney, R 323 

McKinnon. J 219 

McLaughlin, J 125 

McLean, D 126 

McLinn, N 128 

McMahon, P. D. ... 104,107 

McMahom, P. D 233 

McMahon, T 251 

McMullen, C 253 

McMullin, R 128 

McNair, W 247,323 

McNamara, W 248,323 

McNeil, D 323 

McNeill, L 105,213 

McNutt, P 229,323 

McQuiston, G 235 

McSherry, R 126,323 

Means, J 275,324 

Medved, E 143 

Medved, J 279 

Medved, R 249,279 

Meeks, P 233,275 

Mehaffey, M 124 

Meier, S 229,277 

Meislik, J 324 

Melching, G 211 

Melichar, L 117 

Melito, C 124 

Mellis, M 215 

Melly, T 131 

Meloy, L 236 

Melvin, L 237 

Merchok, R 134 

Merchir, L 144 

Merell, G 221 

Merrick, H 245 

Merrick, L 116,324 

Merrill, S 116,117 

Merrifield, J 324 

Merryman, A 225 

Mershon, W 238 

Mertz, M 122,124 

Messam, L. . 124.216,261,324 

Messier, A 324 

Meszaros, J 207 

Metcalf, R 256 

Metsker, M 143 

Metz, F 104,325 

Metz, 1 277,325 

Metzger, C 280 

Mezga, D 325 

Michalec, J 217 

Micholuk, J. .. 144,161.325 

Mickel, P 143 

Mickevicius, C 325 

Miedi, E 122,325 

Mihalik, R 227 

Mihlfried, J 217 

Miklos, C 104,209 

Mikolanda, G 129 

Mikoy, J 255 

Milburn, P 282 

Mild, R 285,288 

Millar, A 104,284,291 

Miller, A 213 

Miller, C 221,282,325 

Miller, D 117,325 

Miller, J 325 

Miller, J. D 255 

Miller, L. D 219 

Miller, L. H 143 

Miller, L. A 221,325 

Miller, K 283 

Miller, M. A 272 

Miller, M. C 128 

Miller, M 120,125,271 

Miller, M. J 325 

Miller, P 284 

Miller, R 271 

Miller, R. M. .. 114,117,121, 

Miller, S 325 

Miller, W. L 271 

Miller, W. M 227.325 

Miller, W. K 219.325 

Milli, C 217,325 

Milliken, G 325 

Millikin, M 282 

Mills, H 223,325 

Mills, S 325 

Miner, N 325 

Mineweaser, L 249 

Minnich, B 253 

Minor, W 231 

Minsterman, J 213 

Minth, B 128,325 

Minlz, L 325 

Mirabell, J 325 

Mirima, H 141,325 

Mischak. R 129,223 

Misevic, D 104,143 

Mitchell, B. L 325 

Mitchell, B. B 124,325 

Mitchell, D 259,276 

Mitchell, K. E 209,325 

Mitchell, K. L 225,291 

Mitchell, H 127 

Mitchell, J 126 

Mladek, K 283 

Moats, W 115 

Moeller, D 325 

Moenk, J 122.129 

Modugno. T 209 

Mohler, E 326 

Mohr, B 326 

Mohr, J 326 

Molli, A 213 

Mollric, R 144.161,326 

Molnar, C 129,237 

Molnar, J 106,212 

Molnar, M 277,291 

Moneypenny, A 326 

Monks, S 135,326 

Monroe, S 127 

Montgomery, R 207 

Montrella, D 161 

Monty, C 251 

Moody, J 326 

Moore, G 143 

Moore, J 326 

Moore, L 272,289,290 

Moore, P. . 135.213,269,289, 

Moore, R 113,235,251 

Moorhead, W 210.236 

Moors, P 223 

Moran, J 116 

Moran, M 272 

Moreland, B 284 

Morgan, F 247 

Morgan, G 326 

Morgan, J. A. . 225,272,291 

Morgan, J. T 133 

Morgan, J. D 115 

Morgan, K 195 

Morgan, L 209 

Morgan, R 187 

Morgan, S 129,233 

Morlan, P 326 

Morley, T 326 

Morocco, N 225,326 

Morris, L 140 

Morris, D 123 

Morrison, F 120 

Morrow, A 129 

Morton, V 326 

Mosher, R 249 

Mosher, S 229,287 

Moshi, Z 268 

Moss, J 326 

Mossmon, T 211 

Mountz, E 113,326 

Mowen, M 326 

Moyers, D 131 

Muehlboch. 1 213,326 

Mueler, S. J 237 

Mueller. S 284 

Muenze, C 129 

Muldowney, J 227 

Mulkern, K 192 

Mullett, S 134 

Munson, B 217,284 

Munyasya, T 141 

Murdock. E 235 

Muren, R 124,326 

Murfin, K 326 

Murin, C 326 

Murin, W 135,276,326 

Murman, J 238 

Murphy, C 129 

Murphy, J. E 172,326 

Murphy. J. R 326 

Murphy, J. W 246 

Murphy, K 268 

Murphy, R 199,207 

Murphy, R 239 

Murphy, R. S 326 

Murphy, R 126 

Murphy, S 130.209 

Murray, G 177,257 

Murray, H 126 

Murray, W 326 

Murtough, F 326 

Mussari, T 103,135 

Musbach, E 161,326 

Musch, G 219 

Musonda, M. .. 141,177,327 

Musser, R 327 

Muth, J 177 

Myers, J 327 

Myers, L 195 

Myers, P 237,287 


Nadzan, A 187 

Nagel, J 327 

Nahmi, R 139,327 

Nahon, M 104 

Nakoneczny, W 259 

Naley, W 207 

Nalley, B 273 

Napier, R 257 

Nardo, T 161 

Nash, N 139 

Nasse, G 191 

Nathaniel, E 232 

Naylor, C 238 

Nedved, B 122 

Neely, M 221 

Neeson, J 235 

Negarty, M 217 

Negron, E 327 

Nehrer, J 123,131,327 

Neitzelt, R 144,177 

Nelson, J 143 

Nelson, P 142,268 

Nelson, S 327 

Nemecek, F 134 

Nemeth, J 227 

Nerard, N 225 

Nestor, B 282 

Nestor, N 233 

Neubacher, L 269.327 

Neubauer, R 219 

Neusser, J 327 

Neuter, P 104 

Neuzil, K 327 

Nevard, N 280 

Newcomer, J 24] 

Newell, D. E 137 

Newman, D 215 

Newark, R 327 

Newsome, L 196 

Nichols, D 276 

Nickerson, N 287 

Niederpruem, M 327 

Nieding, N. 327 

Nilson, E 104,225 

Nino, E 327 

Nittskoff, D 140 

Nixon, B 123 

Nixon, J 251 

Nolder, N 223.327 

Nordwall, M 327 

Norman, W. ... 136,139,327 

Norton, L 327 

Norton, M 327 

Norton, R 227 

Novak, J 241 

Novak, L 327 

Novosel, N 183,327 

Nowac, T 253 

Nowak, C 327 

Nowak, R 251 

Nowlin, S 127 

Nurmi, P. .. 97,103,213,261, 


Nye, A 172,241,327 

Oaks, J 132 

Oakleaf", D 245 

Obarski, J 247 

Obee, N 143 

Oblak, R 327 

Obreza, E 106 

O'Connor, M 327 

O'Donnell, T 278,279 

O'Farrell, M 213 

Ogilvie, D 113,327 

Ogle, B 233 

O'Grady, S 327 

O'Hara, D 130 

O'Laskey, J 143 

O'Leary, K 113,225 

Olecki, K 122 

Oliver, D 328 

Oliver, D 268 

Oliver, S 117,139 

Olm, C 193 

Olsen, G 257,328 

Olsen, K 266 

Olson, D 124 

Onderdonk, R 126 

Onderein, G 328 

Onyebuchi, U 141 

Opalek, C 328 

Opperman, D 328 

Opperman, T 134,328 

Orlaff, W 177 

Orlando, E 328 

Orloff, W 328 

Orlowski, J 328 

Orr, B 122,124,328 

Orr, P 243 

Orr, R 125 

Osborn, S 127.209,328 

Osella, W 126,227 

Ostrander, N 277 

Oswald, F 107 

Ott, W 115,129 

Overbay, M 144,228 

Overmyer, L 217 

Owendoff, S 110,328 

Pachuta. J 132 

Packard, P 273 

Page, N 138,221 

Painter, J 275 

Palcic, R. P 129 

Palcic, R. L 223 

Palermo, C 229 

Pallante. J 135 

Pallone, R 328 

Palmer, J 105,227 

Palmer, R 237,328 

Palmer, T 328 

Palusci, P 328 

Pamer, M 328 

Panagopoulos, V 221 

Poncoast, S 328 

Paneallo, J 328 

Pankiw, M 142 

Papas, E 129,233,286 

Papp, K 124.328 

Pappos, J 268 

Paradise. K 328 

Parfitt, P 118.197,209 

Pargot, D 104.221 

Park, J 208,261,328 

Parker, B 223 

Parkinson, D 134 

Parks, C 116 

Parks, K 257 

Porks, R 128 

Parrish, J 161 

Porsh, S 129,191 

Paskert, R 172 

Paskey, R 199 

Pastirick, J 235 

Patla. G 121,126.255 

Patriarco, K 328 

Patrick, B 328 

Patterson, M 104 

Patterson. P 283 

Patterson, R. G 137 

Patti, W 122 

Patton, J 143 

Patton, R 191 

Paulett, K 328 

Paulin, H 120 

Paulus, W 328 

Pavelka, A 104 

Pavelka. S 108 

Pavel, L 291 

Pavlish, A 328 

Pavluk, P 328 

Pazderski, L 129 

Payne, J 329 

Peabody, M 140 

Pearsall, C 97,289,290, 


Peck, G 329 

Pedulla, F 273 

Peeling, W 329 

Peiffer, F 123 

Peiler, G 104 

Pekrul, E 329 

Pello, B 142 

Peltoma, T 131 

Pemberton, C 138 

Pembrook, G 137 

Penca, G 329 

Penfield, G 329 

Pennetti, L 282 

Penny, P 241 

Peoples, J 104 

Perko, D 104 

Perrill, W 249.281 

Perrine, D 126 

Perry, W 241,329 

Perunko, E 172 

Pesich, J 137 

Pete, B 255 

Peterman, A 329 

Peters, G 129,329 

Peters, R 237 

Peters, W 329 

Petersen, A 268 

Peterson, D 139 

Peterson, D. M 137 

Peterson, M 215,329 

Peterson, N 129 

Peterson, R 134 

Pethtel, C 237 

Petitti, P 329 

Peto, J 329 

Petrak, K 329 

Petrauskas, B 252 

Petri, L 104,213 

Petric, C 135 

Petrich, R 211,285 

Petrick, P 122 

Petrisek, R 257 


Petrus. G 131 

Pettegrew. B 329 

Petti, P 329 

Pettibone. R 211 

Peugeot, L 329 

Pfeifer. S 128,139 

Pfelffer. R 245,327 

Pfouts, L 237 

Pfouts, N 144,275 

Pfouts, S 291 

Pflug, E 329 

Phelon, K 233 

Phelon, M 112.114,117, 


Phelps, M 275,291 

Phillips, C 329 

Phillips. F 227 

Phillips, H 126,329 

Phillips, J. M 128 

Phillips, J 123 

Phillips, P 329 

Phillips, T. C 137 

Phillips, T 116,118,283 

Phillis, B 329 

Phipps, R 234 

Piatrowski, S 229 

Piazza, C 129 

Piccione, P 233,283 

Pickett, M 104 

Pickett, S 329 

Pickle. P 329 

Pickton. M. . 95,106,111,114, 

Pickup, R 249 

Pietila, C 124 

Pintner, A 329 

Pippin, P 237 

Piro, R 241 

Pittenger, M 221,330 

Pittenger, M 330 

Pitts, R 144 

Pituch, < 231 

Pitzer, E 167 

Pivonka. R 207,330 

Pixley. B 281 

Pizzuti, R 126 

Planchon, P 276 

Planisek, R 276 

Plant, J 255 

Plos, D 330 

Pdooll, P 195 

Polachek, J 191 

Polasky, D 330 

Polen, S 114 

Politsky, J 219 

Polka, C 276 

Pollack, W 330 

Pongibove, R 276 

Poole, R 129,330 

Poor, G 330 

Pope, L 330 

Popp, D 123,330 

Porowski, R 253 

Porter, G 191 

Portis, C 143 

Portno, R 215 

Powell, R 227 

Powers, W 132 

Pralle, R 330 

Pratt, B 144,285 

Pratt, C 207 

Pratt, D 144,196 

Pratt, S 103,217,330 

Preston, D 191,227 

Price, D. A 257 

Price, D. A 279 

Price, G 121,255 

Price, K 280 

Price, M 330 

Price, S 117 

Princehorn, T 259,263 

Prinz, D 330 

Pritchard, J 140 

Pritchard. L 269,291 

Pritchard. M 330 

Pritchard, R 220 

Pritt, N 134,330 

Procaccio, P 330 

Pruitt, D 330 

Pryce, D 131 

Ptak, W 330 

Pugach, N 140 

Pugel, C 211,330 

Purvis, T 183 

Puskarcik, J 213,284 

Pyle, J 122,277 


Quaranta, L 280 

Quigley, M 330 

Quinn, C. .. 122.124.289,330 

Quinn, T 104 

Quintiliani, G 330 

Rabe, S 229 

Raber, N 113,330 

Rafferty, J 142 

Rafferty, R 253 

Rail, T 94,103 

Ramicone, J 330 

Ramsey, B 221,330 

Ramsier, K 122,143 

Randall, 219 

Randall, J 330 

Ranta, H 138 

Ranzenberger, M 195 

Rappaport. J 242 

Rarick, K 207,330 

Rastetter, R 330 

Ratliff, C 331 

Raub, J 122.282,289 

Rauer, C 135 

Ray, J 331 

Ray R 331 

Raymond, D 167,173 

Raymond, N 209 

Raynovich, B 129 

Recchio, T 116 

Recker, R 331 

Reed, D 227 

Reed, G 268 

Reed, J 143 

Reed, P 331 

Reed, W 131 

Reeder, E 257 

Rees, S 275 

Reese, C 135 

Reese, D 331 

Reeves, A 331 

Regan, N 331 

Reicosky, D. ... 118,135.282, 

Reid, L 249 

Reigelman, M 331 

Reidenbaugh. R. ... 161,285 

Reinartz, P 268 

Reinert, P 133 

Reinig, K 129 

Reitenbach, W 238 

Relic, J 229 

Reltz, G 223 

Relyea, K 284 

Rentschler, C 104 

Repass, J 331 

Reppart, J 122,275 

Resseger, C 251 

Ressler, N 331 

Rexroad, N 104.221 

Reynolds, B 217,331 

Reynolds, C 209,331 

Rhode, R 131 

Rhodes, M 225,331 

Rhodes, V 209,282 

Rhule, S 131 

ans, hi 

ch, B 

ch, N 

ch, T 

chard, E. ... 
chords, K. . . 
chardson, D. 
sheson, C. . . 
chey, D. J. 
chey, D. A. 

ck, C 

ckard, G. . . 
ckard, R. . . 

der, J 

eke, W 

eneckert, R. 
eneckert, R. 

es, C 

es, R 

eske, J. . . . 
etz, J 

gby. s 

ngle, P. ... 
nehart, R. 








.. 130.213 











.. 211.331 






lipsce, G 233,261 

iipple, B 272 

list, D 331 

litchie, M 225 

itenbaugh, L 332 

iithander, S 213 

iizzi, M 114,225,332 

iisso, G 332 

Roach, D 268 

Roach, J 122 

Roach, S 225,273,291 

Roberts, D 126,134,332 

Robertson, H 113 

Robinson, H 239 

Robinson, J 275 

Robinson, L 129,213 

Robinson, M 332 

Robinson, R. ... 126,211,332 

Robison, S 117,282 

Rochus, P 332 

Rockwell, M 284 

Rodey, B 209,290 

Rodimer, S 207 

Roehl, D 209 

Rogan, C 235 

Rogoach, R 211 

Rohal, J 137 

Rohrer, D 238 

Rohrich, R 144 

Rohn, T 132 

Roller, K 332 

Romaniw, C 130,229 

Romano, D 268 

Romigh, K 114 

Romito, L 191 

Roney, W 332 

Rosche, L 144,172,332 

Rose, J 285 

Rose, N 134,332 

Rosenall, R 215 

Rosenberg, A 131 

Rosenberg, J 215 

Rosenberger, J 134,280 

Rosenman, J 113 

Rosewicz, J 207 

Rosey, J 207 

Ross, J 143 

Ross, M 122,237,332 

Ross, T 187 

Rossiter, R 134,332 

Rosso, L 209 

Roth, A 127,237 

Roth, A 143 

Roth, J 120,125 

Roth, M 332 

Rouscher, S 247 

Rowland, S 221 

Roys, S 191 

Rozycki, S 144,172 

Rubeck, R 332 

Rude, D 117 

Rudick. P 215 

Rudy, B 241 

Rufas, J 231 

Ruip, A 277 

Rummel, P 332 

Runser, C 284,290 

Ruple, T 276 

Russ, E 191,235,332 

Russ, M 332 

Russell, J 257 

Russell, M 213.286,291 

Russell, P 132 

Russell, W 276 

Rust, M 275 

Ruszkai, S 332 

Rutherford, J 213.332 

Rutman, V 332 

Rybar, S 133 

Ryberg, L 129 

Rydorowicz, K 209 

Rynearson, R 223 

Rzasnicki, G 198 

Saalfield, R 257 

Sabadas, K 127,196 

Sabados, R 121,332 

Sabaii, M 332 

Sabo, C 332 

Sabo, T 227 

Sabol, K 104 

Sabol, R 253,332 

Sabula, B 332 

Sacco, G 332 

Sada, R 235 

Sadauskas, R 224,332 

Sadler, W 169 

Sahrie, S 275 

Saiani, S 94,212,333 

St. George, J 337 

Sallot, J 216 

Salovaro, J. ... 278,279,333 

Samblanet, D 333 

Sample, M 104 

Samsa, J 129,284 

Samuel, C 333 

Samuels, J 333 

Sanders, D 191 

Sanderson, P 333 

Sanfilippo, C 191 

Sanford, K 333 

Sanow, S 333 

Santana, A 333 

Santangelo, L 122 

Santora, J 172 

Santos, W 333 

Santuro, C 287 

Sandvik, J 209 

Sargeant, W. .. 96,110,206, 

Sarle, S 217 

Saron, D 235 

Sasaki, M 333 

Sauerbrei, W 333 

Savarese, P 241 

Savory, M 118,129,333 

Savoy, P 333 

Sawicki, G 228,333 

Sayers, J 163 

Scaf.di, C 333 

Sconlan, M 213 

Schaffer, B 333 

Schaffranek, R 191 

Scharf, J. .. 112,114,216.333 

Schaposchnic, L 141 

Schatz, G 270,288 

Scheafer, H 333 

Schector, D 255,233 

Schedel, S 333 

Scheible, K. ... 104,122,233 

Scheiring, J 131,223 

Schell, R 107.333 

Schick, C 333 

Schick, J 183 

Scheir, G 259,263 

Schier, T 333 

Schikowski, B 333 

Schill, J 197 

Schilling, V 187 

Schindler, R 133 

Schlegel, S 114,333 

Schmid, V 129 

Schmidt, S 223 

Schmidt, T 271 

Schmittgen, J 333 

Schmotzer, W 251 

Schneeberger, R 131 

Schneider, K 334 

Schneider. P 217 

Schofer, T 334 

Schorr, E 334 

Schott, R 240 

Schroder, D 334 

Schray, C 129 

Schriner, T 235 

Schroer, R 123,334 

Schromen, M 334 

Schubeck, M 334 

Schubert, J 129 

Schuller, P 287 

Schuller, S 127,273 

Schultz, B. ... 117.233,334 
Schultz, G 207 

Schulz, H 334 

Schulz, J 126 

Schulz, J. H 246,263 

Schulz, K 134,334 

Schumacher, E 125 

Schurdell, D 187,271 

Schurk, K 275 

Schurk, R 271,334 

Schurr, I 129 

Schuster, R 334 

Schwamel, J 281,334 

Schwartzenberg, L 192 

Schwarzenwalder, B. ... 105 

Schwerkolt, E 251 

Schwolow, H 125,356 

Schwonberg, R 334 

Scibona, A 334 

Scocos, P 285 

Scott, J 334 

Scott, L 334 

Scott, M 218 

Scott, M 114,334 

Scott, N 132 

Scoville, F 334 

Scoville, T 250,334 

Scudiere, M 219 

Seaman, D 143,334 

Seanor, D 144,183,281 

Seors, D 223 

Sechrist, J 113,250 

Secrest, D 334 

Seiavitch, M 334 

Seimetz, J 114,334 

Seither, G 161 

Seitz, B 209 

Sell, N 145,217,284 

Sellers, M 132 

Seman, R 112 

Semicek, S 334 

Semon, G 211 

Semon, H 270 

Sems, D 276 

Senders, D 251,262 

Sengpiel, T 132 

Sensenich, N 144 

Seredick. M 128 

Sergi. D 334 

Sernka, C 334 

Seryak, J 276 

Sessions, H 252 

Severino, J 129 

Severn, S 124 

Seward, D 334 

Sferra, A 214 

Shade, N 335 

Shaffer, D 121,254,335 

Shaffer, W 335 

Shamp, J 129,297 

Shank, C. K 104,221 

Shank, C. M 225 

Shankleton, S 335 

Shankman, M 124 

Shannon, E 116,148 

Shanower, J 125 

Shapiro, T 235,263 

Shardell, W 335 

Shaw, B 228 

Shaw, K 281.288 

Shea, R 335 

Sheehy, B 120 

Sheets, D 241,335 

Sheets, R 134 

Sheibley, J 126,149.227, 


Shepherd, J 282 

Shepperd, M. .. 141,282.283 

Sherrange, S 277,291 

Sherriff, L 104 

Sherry, G 113,335 

Sherwood, J 335 

Shichtman, M 107 

Shie, D 113 

Shiffer, B 227,335 

Shilling, M 208,335 

Shimmin, J 245 

Shindell, E 215 

Shipley, C 233 

Shipman, K 335 

Shipman, S. .. 193,196,266, 


Shirk, G 211 

Shively, D. E. . 120,125,128, 

Shively, D 280 

Shively, K 238 

Sholl, D 268 

Shomanda, W 231 

Shoop, J 129 

Shope, G 196 

Shostak, N 279 

Showers, M 193,217 

Shriner, P 283 

Shuck, D 211 

Shufelt, R 123,335 

Shumaker, P 213,273 

Shumyla, J 120,125,335 

Shurilla, J 120 

Shutovich, J 142,177 

Shutts, J 119,142,335 

Sickinger, C 220 

Siculan, K 255 

Sieber, T 207 

Siedlecki, P. ... 144,172,335 
Siegel, M. .. 133,198,271,288 

Siegenthaler, M 335 

Siegriat, E 234 

Sielatycki, C 237 

Sikora, S 143 

Silenius, S 104,122 

Silva, D 335 

Silva, L 335 

Simcox, L 128,283 

Simione, R 277 

Simmons, L. ... 114,117.335 

Simmons, M 142 

Simms, D 238,335 

Simon, L 242,261 

Simons, C 275 

Simpson, M 139,335 

Sims, D 183 

Singer, J 275,289 

Singer, K 282,283 

Sinicrope, T 335 

Siple, M 266,289 

Sippola, J 335 

Sitbon, P 335 

Sitler, R 199 

Sitler, R 199 

Skelton, J. . 116,117,140,283 

Skidmore, P 115 

Skidmore. W 115,335 

Slabe, D 116 

Sladky, T 247 

Slavick, D 104 

Sleeman, M 336 

Slicker, J 124,129 

Sloan, K 209,273 

Slover, V 233,336 

Slusarski, P 336 

Small, J 131 

Smee, D 336 

Smetts, C 336 

Smilanich, J 125,130. 


Smith, A. H 336 

Smith, A. D 336 

Smith, B 124 

Smith, B 125 

Smith, C. A. ... 94,112,113, 


Smith, C 105,217,261 

Smith, D 106 

Smith, D 139,336 

Smith, F 207,336 

Smith, G 148,227,336 

Smith, H 104 

Smith, J 222 

Smith, J. E. ... 118,128,286 

Smith, J. K 119,336 

Smith, J 251 

Smith J. E 221,273 

Smith, J. E 128 

Smith, K. E 336 

Smith, K 233 

Smith, K. R 123 

Smith, K. R 131 

Smith, L 124 

Smith, M 103 

Smith, N 124,336 

Smith, R. W 238,336 

Smith, R. J 220 

Smith, R. C 120 

Smith, S 102,148,149, 


Smith, T 172 

Smith, W. D 336 

Smith, W. F 336 

Smolsky, K 336 

Smoothie. J 258 

Smuts, C 268 

Snedden, L 129 

Snelling, E 113 

Snow, T 126 

Snyder, D 104,132 

Snyder, J. G 138.143 

Snyder, J. L 336 

Snyder, L 221,273 

Snyder, R 223 

Snyder, S 255 

Soeder, W 125,336 

Soika, Y 336 

Sokolik, J 336 

Sollberger, J. .. 111.212,336 

Soltis, B 191 

Soltis, E 336 

Soltis, J 144,161 

Soltis, T 241 

Sommerfield, L 247,338 

Sonen, B 191 

Sorensen, J 229 

Sorine, J 259 

Souser, S 213 

Southard, D 336 

Soychik, R 227 

Sparks, A 161 

Spasic, J 177 

Spence, D 192 

Spencer, M 233,336 

Sper, B 117,221,337 

Sperry, R 207 

Spetz, C 104.257 

Spice, L 337 

Spiesman, L 103,284 

Spiess, A 337 

Spokes, P 253 

Spooner, S 275 

Springer, G 255,337 

Springer, M 337 

Spurgeon, L 337 

Squire, F 269 

Srsen, D 128,219 

Staats, J 223 

Stachura, R 129 

Stafford, J 337 

Stafmski, C 116,135 

Stainer, B 337 

Stalley, D 231 

Stancato, E 337 

Stamman, D 138 

Stana, E 238 

Standen, R 235 

Standerwick, W 244 

Stanec, J 249 

Stanko, T 126 

Stanbery, K 124 

Starkey, W 255 

Starlin, J 337 

Starn, M 126 

Starr, D 245 

Starr, J P 337 

Stars, J 123,337 

Staudt, S 280 

Stec, A 337 

Steel, H 237,337 




Steel, R 227 

Steele, D 167 

Steele, D 337 

Steels, P 177,259,337 

Stefanik, C 217 

Steffey, J 337 

Steidl, F 132,223 

Steiner, S 213,195,337 

Steinriede, W 135,144, 


Stelma, C 337 

Stephen, R 281 

Stephens, G 219 

Stevens, M 286 

Stevens, R 138,227 

Stevens, R. D. . 134,337,357 

Stevens. R. M 337 

Stevenson, G 245,281 

Stewart, C 195 

Stewart, K A 266,290. 


Stewart, R 257 

Stewart, S 144 

Stewart, V 122 

Stigliano, V 140 

Stikes, C 161,267 

Stimson, R 192,211 

Stine, W 272,291 

Stinson, L 337 

Stirgwolt, N 124,287 

Stofflet, P 276 

Stoiber, M 279 

Stakes, P 337 

Stokes, P 337 

Stolfo, J 123 

Stoll. D 112 

Stone, D 210 

Stone, J 262 

Stone, L 263 

Stone, S 122.337 

Stonebearer, S 229 

Stoner, L 337 

Storm, S 338 

Stover, K 277 

Strachan, S 338 

Strausbaugh, D 338 

Strauss, M 127 

Strausser, L 139,338 

Strausser, P. ... 121,134,139 

Streich, R 338 

Strickler, S 338 

Stringer, R 259,338 

Strizzi, A 257 

Strunk, S 338 

Stuart, S 225 

Studley, W 231 

Sturdevant, C 129 

Sturm, R 338 

Sturznickel, W 241 

Stutz, R 245 

Suchy, G 279 

Sudomir, J 229 

Sulea, R 338 

Suleskl, R 124 

Sullivan, J. M 231 

Sullivan, J. L 143 

Sullivan, J. L 104,229 

Sullivan, L 287 

Sullivan, N 338 

Sumilas, C 277,338 

Sundholm, L 338 

Supina, D 338 

Supinski, C 338 

Susdorf, J 114,338 

Sutley, D 280 

Sutliff, S 338 

Sutphen, R 225 

Sutter, M 219 

Svoboda, J 114 

Swaddling, P 338 

Swaisgood, A 338 

Swan, J 128,129 

Swartz, R 161 

Swasey, R. ... 123,130,144. 

Sewwney, J 338 

Sweet, C 338 

Sweet, R 338,357 

Swettenham, C 338 

Sydansk, f 207 

Syverson, D 143 

Szabo, B 129,135 

Szabo. K 237 

Szabo, S 120 

Szerdy, E 272,338 

Szoka, R 131 

Tokacs, C 117 

Tokahashi, T 141 

Talcott, K 338 

Tollon, J 284,338 

Tanski, T 231,339 

Tarasuck, R 245 

Tarbox, R 132 

Tarle, S 161 

Tartabini, R 251 

Tarulli, N 339 

Tossli, J 118,127.191, 


Tassone, T 239,276 

Tate, A 161,339 

Tate, J 131 

Taulbee, W 132 

Tausch, E 339 

Taylor, J. A. . . 106.235,339 

Taylor, J. G 137 

Taylor, J. A. .. 136,139,339 

Taylor, R 129,134 

Taylor, R. E 339 

Tedrick. E 339 

Teffner, M. . . : 284 

Teichman, J 339 

Telisman, G. ... 94,108,339 

Tener, B 119,134 

Tenfour, N 258 

Tennebar, H 161 

Tercek, B 104,129,130 

Tercek, T 120 

Tesar, B 339 

Testa, M 339 

Theis, J 124 

Theobald, S 127,191 

Thiele, K 131 

Thigpen, D 142 

Thomas, A 135,275 

Thomas, C 217 

Thomas, D 132 

Thomas, E 142 

Thomas, J 134 

Thomas, L. L 105,237 

Thomas, L. J 128 

Thomas, N 233 

Thomas, R 238 

Thompson, D 116 

Thompson, G 268 

Thompson, N 209,290 

Thompson, P 259 

Thompson, S 339 

Thompson, T 126 

Thomson, L 237,339 

Thornberry, G 133,339 

Thornburg, M 339 

Thornburgh, B 104,221 

Thorne, M 233 

Thornton, B 339 

Thorpe, C 339 

Thorsell, E 339 

Tibbs, E 198 

Tiber, S 339 

Tichy, D 278,279,288 

Tidrick, D 124,339 

Tihansky. D 339 

Tilden, C 339 

Tilk, J 128 

Tilton, C 229 

Tilton, J 339 

Ting, J 339 

Tippens, J 173,339 

Tisci, G 104,221 

Tishko, J 104,339 

Titunik, S 238 

Titus, J 116,129 

Titus, M 129 

Todor, J 217 

Todt, D 235 

Toll, B 132 

Tolle, W 113 

Tolliver, W 140,143 

Tomasino, R 245 

Tomko, E 108.229,339 

Toms, J 126,148,356 

Tomsik, T 235,262,340 

Toner, W 340 

Toney, K 340 

Tonkery, N 340 

Tontarski, R 256 

Toperzer, J 340 

Toth, R 207 

Town. K 226 

Townhill, J 221 

Townsend, H 207 

Townsend, J 233 

Townsend, T 281 

Trabert, K 129,139 

Trapnell, C 124 

Traxler, J 340 

Traxler, J. 340 

Treleven, R 104,276 

Trethewey, P. . . 237,280,289 

Trickett, J 104,225 

Trilsch, N 233 

Tripodi. M 118,127,340 

Tritchler, L 282 

Troiano, K 104,221 

Trotter, M 122,141,280 

Trough, M 209.340 

Truby, R 115 

Trusso, J 211,340 

Tryon, T 131 

Tucker, J 268,356 

Tucker, W 219 

Tullys, M 340 

Turinsky, B 124 

Turner, J 340 

Turner, R 211,276 

Turner, V. M. .. 118,128,340 

Turner, V. L 340 

Turney, C 144,237,286 

Turon, J 340 

Turoso, G 1 44 

Tuskes, R 278,279 

Twining, K 340 

Tylek, J 235 

Ulrich, S 127,193,195 

linger, H 105.340 

Unger, S 199 

Unroe, P 104,209 

Urban, F 340 

Urbanick, D 340 

Urchek, J 285 

Urda, G 340 

Urdzik, J 104 

Urig, D 340 

Urso, M 340 

Uthe, R 122 

Vaccariello, L 266,340 

Volenti, J 196 

Valiga, G 226 

Valk, F 231 

Vallecorsa, R 177,278, 


VanAudenhove, V 285 

Vance, M 135,340 

Vance. R 268,341 

Vanek, R 341 

Van Horn, M 341 

Van Keuren, L 221 

Van Orman, B 135 

Van Orman, W. ... 120,341 

Van Saun, K 341 

Van Valkenburg, B. ... 161 

Van Winkle, B 341 

Vargo, J 341 

Vargas, A 141 

Vargas, J 141 

Vargo, A 341 

Vargo, C 233 

Vaughan, G 227 

Vaughan. P 247 

Velkavar, E 341 

Velkaver, K 233 

Verlenich, J 273 

Vessels, D 113,272 

Viancourt, W 247,341 

Vicchi, F 192 

Vidoni, V 237 

Vielhober, K 233 

Vielhaber, W 131 

Vincent, C 259,341 

Vinson, J 129,341 

Virus, B 341 

Visci, L 341 

Visher, B 128 

Vitale, S 341 

Vitina, J 113 

Vogel, B 242 

Vondrasek, I 341 

Vondrasek, M 341 

Voorhees, J 129 

Voytas, R 341 



Ugran, M 340 

Ulle, K 116.266 

Ulm, R 268,340 

Ulrich, B 193 

Ulrich, J. A 340 

Ulrich, J. H 120,340 

Waddell, B 225.341 

Waddle, J 285 

Wade, J 269 

Wade, P 104 

Wager, M 127,195 

Wagner, B 341 

Wagner, D. M 217 

Wagner, D. E 282,283 

Wagner, M 241 

Wagner, V 143 

Wake, J 207 

Walchko, J 341 

Waldenmyer, S 341 

Wladman, D 191 

Walentschak, E 341 

Walker, B 123,193 

Walker, J. L 341 

Walker, J 191,238 

Wallace, A 341 

Wallace, J 257 

Wallingford, K 269 

Walsh, A 97,341 

Walt, M 114,117,341 

Walter, C 341 

Walters, L 129 

Walters, S 129 

Wanchick, N 342 

Wands, B 128 

Ward, L 136 

Warden, F 279 

Wargo, L 209,284 

Warner, J 235 

Warren, C 273,289 

Warren, M 342 

Wason, P 129 

Watson, J 342,356 

Watt, K 212,342 

Watts, L .. 118,191,197,342 

Wotts, M 124,282 

Weaver, C 342 

Weaver, D. D 342 

Weaver, D.E 342 

Weaver, P 282 

Weaver, R 121,254 

Weaver, T 133 

Webb, P 342 

Weber, C 113,342 

Webster, J 211,342 

Weidner, W 206 

Weigel, D 276 

Weiler, L 104 

Weinberg, G 238 

Weiner, G 214 

Weinheimer, J 241 

Weiskopf, W 112 

Weissberger, E 242 

Welch, M 342 

Welch, R 131,223 

Welcher, C 342 

Welsenbach, G 244 

Welsh, K 342 

Welsh, S 342 

Welter, E 237,342 

Wencko, S 135,342 

Wendel, D 117 

Wendling, S 282,342 

Wenger, C 255 

Wenger, N 271 

Wentzel. D 342 

Wentzel, J 342 

Werner, H 191 

Werner, J. M 342 

Werner, J 235 

Wernet, L 221,261 

Wertman, R 342 

Wessel, M 127 

West, K 139 

Westcott, T 132,140 

Westcott, W 238 

Westfall, K 342 

Wettach, E 122 

Wetzel, K 223,268,288, 


Weygandt, J. .. 96,106.111. 


Wharton B 199 

Whealdon, P 283 

Wheatley, F 271 

Wheeler, J 231 

Wheeler, L 117 

Whipple, M 279 

Whitaker, D 342 

White, H 231 

White, J 342 

White, L 342 

White, R 211 

Whitehouse, J. ... 104.129. 


Whitehouse, S 143 

Whiteman, A 229 

Whitman, T. ... 115,223,342 

Whitmire, J 121,255 

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